This article is about Australia’s best luxury electric car rentals. Here we list the best places and companies where you can rent a luxury electric car.

Australia is a place that has breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife. It is a top destination for travellers seeking adventure and luxury. The popularity of electric cars is increasing due to their eco-friendly nature, innovations and exceptional performance.

Another reason is that people are becoming more aware of reducing their carbon footprint and embracing sustainable travel options. Australian best vehicle companies offer an impressive range of luxury electric car rentals to those seeking the ultimate blend of luxury and eco-consciousness.

For any business trip, special occasion, or indulgent vacation, renting a luxury electric car is a good option, especially if you can afford to do so. Above all, it offers unparalleled luxury and environmentally conscious travel.

This article will explore the premier options for luxury electric car rentals in Australia. Most importantly, we will highlight sleek electric sedans, powerful electric SUVs, and Teslas. Fortunately, all these vehicles provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

But before proceeding further, we must first understand a luxury electric car. How different they are from a regular luxury car…

So, let’s get started…

What Is A Luxury Electric Car?

A type of car that combines the benefits of electric power with high-end features and luxury amenities is a luxury electric car. They provide a premium driving experience with top-of-the-line performance.

Luxury electric cars come with advanced technology and cutting-edge design elements. These vehicles offer spacious and comfortable interiors with premium materials and luxurious seating. Moreover, they include high-tech entertainment and connectivity options.

In terms of performance, just like most luxury cars, luxury electric cars have impressive acceleration and long-range capabilities. Most of them come with fast charging capabilities. Thus, it allows for quicker and more convenient charging times.

You need to turn a key or to get the fuel flowing in a petrol car. While there are many unique features, Luxury electric cars are ready to go once the electricity is on, as they don’t have keys or a start button.

Some examples of luxury electric cars include Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Riviana, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Compared to regular vehicles, the price of a luxury electric car is relatively high due to its luxury features and brand reputation.

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Now, let’s turn into the best luxury electric rentals in Australia. In other words, from where can you rent a luxury electric car?

10 Best Luxury Electric Car Rentals In Australia

Luxury electric vehicles are the future of motoring, although some do not seem to believe in them yet. They are the most significant cars on the road that provide excellent comfort to customers. In addition, these luxury electric vehicles are highly exclusive. Many famous companies in every major city of Australia offer these vehicles for rent.

If you’re looking for luxury electric car rentals in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a sedan or Mercedes for any business trip or other occasion, these luxury electric car rentals will fit the bill.

Check out our selection and reserve your best luxury electric car today!

1. Rent A Prestige – Adelaide

One of the best companies renting luxury cars in Adelaide is Rent A Prestige, which offers high-end manufactured cars from Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi brands. You can hire luxury electric cars for any event, including weddings and corporate events.

Rent a Prestige can deliver electric cars directly to the customer’s home, event, or hotel in Adelaide.

Key Differentiators

  • This company provides exclusive tours in Adelaide. Customers can explore Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, Riverland, McLaren Vale, and Barossa Valley.
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off.

Rent A Prestige Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Key Features
Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 gives you a smooth and stylish ride.

·       Five seats

·       Three suitcases

·       Five doors

BMW i3 BMW i3 is available with an optional range extender.

·       Range of up to 153 miles

·       Four doors

·       Four seats

Customer’s Reviews

One said, “Rent a Prestige Company in Adelaide is an exceptional car rental service that exceeded my expectations. The car I rented was immaculate, inside and out, and drove like a dream. It was evident that Rent a Prestige Company takes great pride in maintaining its fleet to the highest standards.” (Sam)

Another said, “Their dedication to customer satisfaction sets Rent a Prestige Company apart. Finally, Adelaide has a reliable place to rent luxury electric cars easily.” (Alexander)

One unsatisfied person has said, “The company has a smaller fleet, and they focus on long-term rentals, which results handpicking who they rent their luxury cars to.” (Rich)


SIXT has one of Australia’s best and most extensive fleets of luxury electric car rentals. They know the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable driving. Thus, they are helping Australians navigate this transition to a cleaner future.

The Insurance Company NRMA, which is also a leader in Australia’s research, policy, and investment in EV infrastructure, own SIXT. This gives customers some peace of mind as they can access the largest fast charger network. Moreover, they also get free charging from Charge Fox.

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Apart from that, customers of SIXT will get NRMA roadside assistance with all rentals.

Key Differentiators

SIXT Electric Fleet With Their Features

Car Models Key Features
BYD Atto 3


BYD Atto is the newest breakout model in electric cars.

·       480 kilometres range

·       Five seats

·       Five doors

BMW iX3 BMW iX3 offers comfort, plenty of space, and everything you need.

·       Five seats

·       Five doors

·       Two suitcases

Customer’s Review:

One said, “SIXT is a reputable car rental company in Australia with which I recently had a great experience. The process of renting a car was smooth right from the beginning.”

Another said, “The booking platform on their website was user-friendly. Thus, it allows me to easily select the vehicle of my choice and specify the rental duration. Additionally, SIXT offered competitive rental rates, making it an affordable choice for my trip.”

Another said, “I highly recommend SIXT in Australia for its excellent customer service, well-maintained vehicles, and competitive pricing.” (Sarah Purdue)

3. Hertz

Hertz is one of the largest EV hire fleets in Australia from where you can book an electric vehicle. It is a global car rental company offering customers various rental vehicles. They include short-term and long-term rentals.

The company offers Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. Thus, it is a loyalty program that enables customers to earn points and enjoy various benefits. Some of them include faster rentals and exclusive discounts.

Key Differentiators

  • Prioritize vehicle maintenance.
  • Roadside assistance for any emergencies.

Hertz Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Key Features
Polestar 2


The new all-electric Polestar 2 shines through its performance and power.

·       Five seats

·       350 km range

Customer’s Review:

One said, “Hertz is a renowned car rental company in Australia that I would highly recommend. I recently rented a vehicle from them, and my experience was excellent. The staff at Hertz was amiable and professional. They made the rental process seamless and hassle-free.

The vehicle that I rented was well-maintained. The rates offered by Hertz were also competitive and reasonable. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Hertz Australia.” (John M)

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4. Avis

Avis is also a globally recognized car rental company with a significant presence in Australia. It offers a wide range of vehicles for rent, including sedans, SUVs, and luxury electric cars.

Avis provides services at major airports and cities across Australia, offering convenient pick-up and drop-off options.

Key Differentiators

  • They have modern electric cars with affordable range.
  • All types of cars are fit for Australian driving conditions.

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Key Features
Tesla Model Y The excellent boot capacity of the Tesla Model Y is a welcome advantage if you are struggling with luggage.

·       Four doors

·       Five seats

·       Three large bags, and One small bag

Customer’s Review

One said “Avis Rentals luxury electric vehicles are clean and well-maintained as opposed to Uber Carshare. They also offer competitive pricing and flexibility in their rental periods. Throughout my rental experience, I found Avis to be a highly professional and trustworthy company.

I highly recommend Avis Rentals Australia to anyone needing a reliable car rental service in Australia.” (George)

5. Europcar

Europcar is another well-known car rental brand operating in Australia. It offers a diverse fleet of cars, including economy cars, vans, and luxury electric vehicles suitable for various travel needs. Europcar has numerous branches throughout the country, including airports, downtown areas, and regional locations.

There are over 600 charging stations throughout Australia. They let you safely plan your travel.

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Key Differentiators

  • Transparent pricing.
  • The return process is quick and efficient.
  • Minimal fuel costs (80% savings).

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Features
Porche Taycan


Porsche’s groundbreaking Taycan is the best in performance.

·       The fuel type is electric.

·       The drive type is 4WD

·       Five seats

 Customer’s Review

One said, “I recently rented a luxury electric car from Europcar for a weekend getaway, and they have impressive professionalism and customer service. The staff was knowledgeable, guiding me through the rental process and answering all my queries promptly.

The vehicle had all the necessary features, including GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, making my journey hassle-free.” (William)

6. East Coast Car Rentals

East Coast Car Rentals offers affordable options for both short and long-term rentals. It primarily caters to budget-conscious travellers. They have branches in major cities, including Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast.

Key Differentiators

  • Straightforward booking process.
  • Prompt in addressing any issues.

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Key Features
Cupra Born


Cupra Born is a cutting-edge vehicle. It is a carbon-neutral rental option best for environmentally conscious travelers.

·       511 km range

·       Five seats

·       The battery is in the standard range

Customer’s Review

One said “East Coast Car Rentals Australia has many vehicles that cater to various needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a compact car for city driving or a luxury electric car, they have many options.

Their website is user-friendly and provides valuable information about driving in Australia. East Coast Car Rentals is a customer-oriented and cost-effective car rental company.” (Smith)

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7. Evee

Evee is a newer entrant in the Australian car rental market. It is an online platform that connects car owners with potential renters, offering a peer-to-peer car rental experience. People can list their vehicles on the platform, and renters can browse and book the available cars for short-term use.

Key Differentiators

  • Competitive pricing.
  • No hidden fees or surprises at the time of checkout.

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Key Features
Hyundai Ioniq 5


Hyundai Ioniq 5 won multiple awards, including World Car of the Year.

·       400 km range

·       Free, fast-charging

·       Five seats

Customer’s Review

One said, “Evee Rentals Australia is an efficient car rental company. When I booked my car online, their website was user-friendly and gave me multiple options for a luxury electric car. Upon arrival, Evee Rentals’ friendly owner greeted me, making the collection process quick and easy.

Throughout my trip, I found the car to be fuel-efficient and comfortable.” (Anna)

8. Drive Zero

Drive Zero is an Australian car rental company that provides electric and hybrid vehicles. Most importantly, they promote sustainable transport options by renting environmentally friendly cars. Drive Zero operates in Sydney and is likely to expand to other major cities shortly.

Key Differentiators

  • Drive Zero gives comprehensive assistance throughout the entire rental process.
  • The company has a user-friendly platform. Therefore, it allows customers to explore various EV models and compare prices and specifications.

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Features
Tesla Model X Tesla Model X 100D has long-range capabilities.

·       400 km range

·       Seven seats

·       Air suspension

·       Five doors

 Customer’s Review

One said, “Drive Zero is a reliable company that offers a wide range of luxury electric vehicles for the Australian market. Their dedication to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options is commendable.

One of the standout features of this company is its commitment to providing accurate information about EVs. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to switch to greener transportation options. Currently, you can rent only in Sydney, though.” (Henry)

9. Ultimate Rentals

 Ultimate Rentals is a global community of supercar enthusiasts and top-tier automobile connoisseurs. The company consistently maintains excellent connections with its clients.

Ultimate Rentals offers high-end vehicles like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches for rent.

Key Differentiators

  • They give customized membership packages.
  • Over 30% of our rentals are repeated customers.

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Features
Tesla Model Y


Tesla Model Y is fully electric.

·       Five doors

·       Air suspension

 Customer’s Review

One said “Ultimate Rentals provides top-notch service, and their range of rental vehicles is impressive. From my experience, they go above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs.

I particularly appreciate their affordable pricing option without compromising the quality of their vehicles or service.” (Oliver)

10. Prestige Rentals

Prestige Rentals provides self-drive luxury car rentals throughout Australia. They provide prestige vehicle hire, sports vehicle leasing, convertible renting, SUV renting, and luxury electric cars.

The locations to which they cater include Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Perth, and Adelaide. Prestige Rentals focuses on providing top-notch vehicles, which are not limited to cars.

Key Differentiators

  • They provide customers with self-drive luxury cars.
  • Offer corporate packages, membership options, and gift cards.

Electric Cars With Their Features

Car Models Features
Porsche Taycan 4S


The Porsche Taycan 4S is an electric car with a luxurious interior.

·       Digital Radio Receiver (DAB+)

·       Four seats

 Customer’s Review

One said “Prestige Rentals is an exceptional company that provides top-notch car rental services in Australia. I enjoyed renting an electric car from them on my recent trip.

Additionally, the pricing was competitive related to their luxury electric cars”. (Emily)

Other Important Luxury Electric Cars

1. Audi e-tron

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  • The Audi e-tron is an all-electric SUV that combines luxury, performance, and sustainability.
  • It features two electric motors.
  • The e-tron has a range of around 200-250 miles.

2. Jaguar I-PACE

  • The Jaguar I-PACE is a high-performance electric SUV.
  • It has a range of approximately 240-250 miles.
  • The car comes with a luxurious interior and cutting-edge infotainment features.

3. BMW i3 Electric Car

  • The BMW i3 is a fantastic compact electric car.
  • It has a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) body that is lightweight and eco-friendly.
  • The i3 offers an electric range of around 160-180 miles.
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4. Mercedes-Benz EQC

  • It has a range of approximately 200-250 miles.
  • One can charge EQC at home or with fast-charging stations.

5. Porsche Taycan

  • The Porsche Taycan is a sporty electric car.
  • It has lightning-fast acceleration and exceptional handling.
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Some Other Essential Things Related To Luxury Electric Cars In Australia

1. Rental Costs

The rental costs of electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia vary depending on the type, region, and rental company. On average, the rental costs of electric cars range from approximately $100 to $500 per day. Electric supercars and hypercars can cost up to $5,000 for a few hours.

Most luxury car rental companies also offer hourly rates.

2. Value for Money

Considering various factors, the value for money can be pretty good for renting an electric car in Australia. With the ever-increasing fuel prices, renting an EV can help save fuel costs.

This is because electric vehicles have lower running costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. However, comparing rental prices and mileage limits is better to ensure you get the best value.

3. Charging Networks

Australia has an expanding charging infrastructure network for electric cars, providing convenient access to charging points. Many charging network providers like Charge Fox, Evie Networks, and ChargePoint exist.

The charging station’s availability varies depending on the specific region within Australia. Planning your routes and considering the charging infrastructure is essential to ensure a smooth experience during your rental period.

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In conclusion, Australia offers a range of the best luxury electric car rental options for those seeking an eco-friendly driving experience. These electric cars redefine luxury on the road because of their cutting-edge technology, impressive performance, and premium amenities.

There are various car choices, from the Tesla Model S and Model X to the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-PACE, Mercedes-Benz EQC, and BMW i8. Thus, all of them are available according to customer tastes and preferences.

With the country’s growing support for sustainable mobility, renting a luxury electric car in Australia contributes to a more sustainable future. So, to make a statement while exploring the stunning landscapes, consider renting a luxury electric car.

In short, it will become your most unforgettable and eco-conscious driving experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article!