If you want to know the 25 reasons why Lexus is the best luxury car brand, don’t hesitate to read this article. If you agree, before buying a Lexus model, you could rent it at one of the luxury car rental companies in your area to test it.

Here, we help you discover the 25 reasons why Lexus is the best luxury car brand without driving the car too. Many online articles present the manufacturer’s best features and discuss different Lexus models. However, keep in mind that driving a Lexus tells more about this brand.

This article is the most complex online piece on the 25 reasons why Lexus is the best luxury car brand. Read it if you’re seriously thinking about buying or renting a Lexus. You will find out everything you need to know, including the history of Lexus, building technology, and much more.

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Reasons Why Lexus Is The Best Luxury Car Brand

1. History

Lexus is made in Japan and has become the country’s premium car manufacturer. It was created in the ’80s when Honda and Nissan started developing their Acura and Infiniti divisions. The first model was a sedan. The company started making convertible, SUV, and coupe models after. Then, the home market didn’t adopt Lexus as a brand until 2005, when Lexus added the RX crossover version.

After reorganizing from 2001 until 2005, Lexus started operating its manufacturing, engineering, and design centers. The famous Lexus LFA supercar was developed back in 2009.

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2. Unmatched Reliability

According to consumer reports, the Lexus car is one of the most reliable in the world. Just like with other vehicles, there are some issues reported now and then, but there’s nothing you should concerned about.

According to studies and reports, Lexus offers more reliability than Toyota. It seems the car can last for 17 to 20 years, with a lifespan of 150,000 – 200,000 miles without a major breakdown, given you maintained it well. Therefore, investing in a Lexus is a good decision.

Potential buyers should benefit from the reliability, and luckily, Lexus blends this with superior craftsmanship, performance, and comfort.

3. High-Quality Interiors

The Lexus with the highest-quality interior is the Lexus LS. This luxury model offers not only comfort but also extraordinarily advanced technological features for a more pleasurable driving experience. If you want to travel in style and feel perfect in your car, get a Lexus.

For decades, this manufacturer has been obsessed with quality, especially when it comes to interiors. The Lexus cabin experience is incredible, whereas the finishes give you a feeling that you can go anywhere and feel comfortable.

Some would say that the infotainment system is not the best, compared to a European rival; however, we shouldn’t forget the glitches that come with other shiny infotainment systems.

4. Superior Driving Performance

To begin with, the Luxury driving performance is classy. Second, it’s safe. You could also take a Lexus to a race if you want. The vehicle is rapid enough to help you win.

If you want to get to your destination without getting lost, you have the most advanced navigation system available. There are many upgrades to the car’s driving systems if you want performance and adaptability to road conditions.

When you are in a Lexus, you are sure to have a superior driving experience, no matter where you are going.

5. Advanced Safety Features

Safety is more important than anything else when it comes to driving. Luckily, Lexus offers you safety because it has a solid build.

The Lexus Safety System features Pedestrian Detection and a Pre-Collision System. In other words, you can’t hit pedestrians when driving this car. The Pre-Collision System helps you prevent accidents that involve two vehicles.

Choose a Lexus if you want not only to feel safe on your trips but also to get to your destination without unfortunate events. Moreover, this car doesn’t have any problems with the safety system.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

If you call Lexus with a problem, someone there will answer your calls and be nice to you. You will get an answer fast, and your issue will be solved sooner than you expect.

Note that not all Lexus models are as reliable as most Lexus models, so you may experience some problems with your vehicle. However, the quality of services offered by customer support is very important for car manufacturers, and Lexus has good people running them. You can count on this company to get your issues solved in time.

7. Cutting-Edge Technology

Lexus is the first manufacturer to introduce Pedestrian Detection System, Advanced Parking Guidance System, and Driver Attention Monitor.

Technology at Lexus is like a catalyst when it comes to creation. The manufacturer relies on technology to build the most advanced systems and make your driving experience unforgettable.

You also have Hybrid technology if you are someone who cares about the environment and doesn’t want to cause harm to our planet. In other words, when getting a Lexus, you get a car that offers cutting-edge technology.

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8. Sustainable And Environmentally-Friendly Practices

First, Lexus is built with maintenance in mind. It is a sustainable car that helps you feel good on the roads. It’s easy for its owners to stick with its service intervals, and the car is sure to remain in the best condition, even after you drive it for long.

Lexus is always focused on the environment and comes up with environmentally friendly systems. What’s even more interesting about these systems is that they’re not only efficient, but they also don’t break that often.

Therefore, Lexus got the number one hybrid model range on the auto market.

9. Wide Range Of Models And Options

There are many Lexus models you can choose from. You have Lexus 450e, Lexus TX, Lexus NX, Lexus RX, Lexus GX, and more. All Lexus models are well-built and make it easy to drive them.

Depending on what you prefer, a sports car, a sedan, or a luxury model, Lexus always offers you something performant and interesting to drive. You have high performance for every model, and the manufacturer builds better cars than BMW and even Porsche. (Just think about the number of breakdowns a European model would experience per year after it hits 50,000 km ODO)

When choosing your Lexus model, decide on what offers you the features you want. With Lexus, you have the option to be picky.

10. Global Recognition And Awards

If you want to drive a car that impresses you, choose Lexus because the brand is globally known. Lexus received the Auto Express New Car Award for two years in a row. It also received the Mid-size Premium SUV Award and many other honours.

Further, it announced 4 winning entries for the Lexus Design Award 2023 and entered the international design competition to recognize its creators. Lexus believes in designing for a better tomorrow and stands for advanced technology features. What’s also more interesting about the brand is that it pushed design boundaries.

11. Value For Money

Lexus also offers value for money, as its cars are not that expensive when compared to what they offer. Lexus still supports its next-generation creators and wants to build the most advanced cars in the world for good prices. However, not everyone can afford a Lexus because the car is still in the luxury category.

The company has supported young innovators ever since 2013. It has always focused on creating the most advanced car models for people who can afford them. Keep in mind that new Lexus cars are available for sale only at representatives (i.e. dealers).

12. Strong Resale Value

If you invest in a Lexus, you can resell it at a good price compared to every other luxury car in the market.

To clarify, when you buy this car, you pay a lot of money, but still, you would be able to sell it for good money later. The more expensive the model you get is, the more money you will get back later. That mean’s the depreciation is much better with Lexus, compared to a European rival.

Before buying your Lexus, keep in mind that the maintenance costs for this car are higher than a regular car, for example, a Toyota. Timely log book maintenance is extremely important and could be costly; however, a good record of maintenance will keep the vehicle working and make the resell easier.

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13. Attention To Detail

Lexus pays a lot of attention to details when it comes to building its vehicles. Because of this, the car is like an orchestra that operates all the time. It’s easy to drive it for long distances.

Since it gives a lot of attention to every little building detail, Lexus is also quiet when running. For instance, its engine doesn’t make much noise at all. There are plenty of reasons to love Lexus, and the car is appreciated in the entire world.

People are willing to pay a lot of money for this engineering masterpiece!

14. Luxury Features And Amenities

Lexus is an expensive car because it has a lot of luxury amenities and features. When building this car, engineers and workers always pay attention to test not only its mechanical parts, but also its interiors, switches, and buttons.

Some of its best features include a rear-wheel drive midsize platform that the third-generation Lexus GS introduced and an anti-lock braking system. The same platform was used for the Toyota Mark X and Toyota Crown.

Lastly, Lexus is committed to investing in quality control. All models are luxurious and reliable.

15. Performance Hybrid Models

Lexus also boasts the most performant hybrid cars in the world. These models are not only comfortable but also safe and greener. You can count on them for reliability too.

Some might think that hybrid cars are not that performant, but this is not the case with Lexus. They also have driver-assist features for people who are not that experienced behind the wheel.

Every hybrid Lexus model scores on safety, technology, mpg, driving mode, and value. Some variants even come in sports mode, for example, in the F Sport range.

There are also hybrid Lexus SUVs for those who want to drive terrain cars that are electron-fueled. While hybrid cars can usually be not that performant, this is not the case with Lexus. A hybrid Lexus will always work and perform flawlessly on the road.

Which Are The Lexus Hybrid Models?

Since Lexus is a prestigious brand, its car models are exclusive. There are many hybrid options you can choose from.

For instance, you can choose a 3-row luxury SUV or a cheaper subcompact crossover. Lexus hybrid models have the same powertrains as Toyota models. There are 3 types of hybrid cars at Lexus: plug-in hybrid, all-electric, and hybrid.

The Lexus RZ is the most performant hybrid Lexus, but if you want something that has a more powerful battery, you can opt for the Lexus plug-in hybrid that features the NX 450h+.

16. Exclusivity And Prestige

Lexus is a prestigious company that sells vehicles exclusively. If you want to feel important when driving, don’t hesitate to buy a Lexus.

Prestige is very important, especially if you are a businessperson or rich. For example, if you have worked hard for your money for years and want to show everyone that you deserve a good life, drive a Lexus. This car shows that you have success and what it takes to go on with your life the same way.

17. Advanced Technology

Lexus is also technologically advanced. Its cars have many features, depending on the model you choose.

For instance, you can opt for a sports model, or you can opt for an SUV that’s easy to drive and performant. The car is almost flawless because it uses systems for supporting driver awareness, vehicle operation, and decision-making.

Its advanced technology features depend a lot on many factors, including weather, vehicle conditions, and road. You can use proactive driving assist if you want to be safe while speeding.

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18. Comfortable Amenities

Lexus also offers the most comfortable amenities for those who want to drive in style. The car is elegant and sleek. Its designers didn’t make any compromises when working on its interior. When driving it, you get to your destination fast and comfortably.

As mentioned, Lexus is a luxury brand. Its interiors are usually leather-free because the manufacturer is interested in making eco-conscious consumers happy. Its steering system is advanced, and its seats are built for superior comfort.

Some Lexus models have ambient lighting, as you can access the Thematic Ambient Illumination Feature.

19. Incredible Driving Experience

When driving a Lexus, you get to enjoy life behind the wheel most incredibly. Luckily, the car helps you make good decisions because it has the technological features for this. You don’t need the best driving skills to take it to multiple destinations and over long distances. You also have parking assistance for when you need to parallel park or park in a bay.

The cockpit is driver-focused, and you have ventilated and heated front and back seats for more comfortable rides. For example, the Lexus ES interior includes next-level features and dimensions.

20. Economic To Drive

Driving a Lexus is also economical. You can take this car anywhere you want without spending too much money on fuel.

In conclusion, you enjoy the best driving experience on a budget. Moreover, you also save on battery because its electrical systems don’t consume that much energy since they work in synergy.

The best news is that buying a car like a Lexus and driving it allows you to spend your money on other things. This is very important if you want to enjoy luxury driving and not end up without money. Specially if you can comfortably purchase the car without breaking the bank.

21. Extraordinary Looks

Lexus also boasts great looks. The car has a unique design that impresses everyone. If you have a keen eye for straight lines and appreciate simplicity, then Lexus is for you. It looks good on the inside too, but it can be said that its interior design matches its exterior design.

You can take it to any kind of event, especially at weddings or classy parties, because it looks fit for any type of occasion. Some would say that Lexus is a lot like Toyota when it comes to looks. But it’s not like that at all.

22. Outstanding Reliability

If you want the most reliable car for your trips in the country and abroad, opt for Lexus. This car is made with the most advanced materials and uses advanced technology that lasts in time.

When driving a Lexus, you don’t have to worry that the car will break when you need it the most. You won’t have to take it to service all the time like other car models because reliability is the word best used to describe it.

In other words, a Lexus takes you on the road for as long as you need it, and then it works for another ride without any problems.

23. Good Reviews From Drivers

Many drivers in the entire world have only good things to say about Lexus. As you can see above, there are many great things about this manufacturer. For this reason, you should get a Lexus from a representative (or dealer) in your area and test drive it before you start loving it.

Knowing that this car has very good reviews from people who drove it, you can trust to buy it. Check online or ask around to see what everyone has to say about it. You will be amazed by the reviews.

24. Elegance And Class

Lexus is a very elegant and classy car. The good news is that you don’t only enjoy comfort when driving it, but you also get to travel in style and impress others.

You can drive a Lexus regardless of gender, age, or taste. However, it can be said that this vehicle is more suitable for those who have a rather expensive lifestyle and want a classy ride no matter where they are going. To clarify, get a Lexus if you are a businessperson or need to attend classy events.

25. Pros And Cons

To better understand what makes Lexus one of the best cars in the world, let’s see its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Advanced engineering High price
Appealing design that stands out from the crowd Limited customization options
Many technologies and features Huge front grille


If you want a technologically advanced car, that doesn’t use a lot of fuel, and offers reliability, don’t hesitate to buy a Lexus. You will be proud to drive it and enjoy the experience behind its wheel and not risk any accident.

Lexus is made in Japan and one of the best cars in the world. On the other hand, it’s rather expensive for some buyers. Hence, buy a Lexus only if you can afford to pay for it. Go to a representative (or dealer) in your area and ask about how much it costs. Maybe you will get a better price than you expected.

You can also rent a Lexus if you want to test the car for a few days before buy and see how it works. Buy it only if you like the way it drives. Some people say there are no downsides to this car, and you should believe them.

The good news is that there are also hybrid Lexus models for those who want to protect the environment.