If you live in Adelaide or are visiting Adelaide, renting a luxury car at the Adelaide airport comes with many benefits. You will enjoy many conveniences if that option is available for a reasonable charge.

For example, if you book a taxi, you don’t get much freedom and independence. So, if you are to land at Adelaide airport, the first thing you will ever look for is rental car companies at or near the airport. But, do they really have luxury cars on offer? When they do, are their prices reasonable?

In this blog, we have listed numerous rental car companies at Adelaide airport, some of which may have luxury cars on offer. However, most don’t!

So, let’s begin by identifying popular rent-a-car companies based at Adelaide Airport or serving from nearby.

Rent A Car Companies At Adelaide Airport

1) Rent A Prestige Car – Adelaide

Rent a Prestige provide self-drive luxury car hire, luxury car tours and luxury car chauffeur services in Adelaide, South Australia.

They are a go-to place for high-end manufactured prestige cars from Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi brands.

They can deliver the prestige rental car directly to Adelaide Airport, your home, event or hotel in Adelaide for added convenience. They also provide airport car hire, so your luxury car will be waiting for you as you walk out of the terminal.

Note, they don’t have a desk or office at the Adelaide Airport.

Give yourself an unforgettable memory by experiencing one of Prestige Rentals Cars.

2. Koala Car Rentals

Koala Car Rentals is located 2.5 km from Adelaide airport and is empath and friendly. The company offers both short-term and long-term rentals and a spectrum of packages according to your choice and budget.

The company is the major supplier of commercial vehicles to the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide as well as support vehicles for the Clipsal/ Adelaide 500.

You will be glad to know Koala Car Rentals even work on weekends to satisfy your personal needs.

The cars they rent include KIA Picanto, Hyundai Accent, Mazda 2 Neo’s, Mazda 3 Neo’s, and Mitsubishi ASX. However, their luxury fleet is closer to non-existence.

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3) East Coast Car Rentals

East Coast Car Rentals offers a plethora of vehicles, including economy, compact, intermediate, full size, intermediate SUV, family SUV, 8-seater minivan, and a 12-seater minibus.

You can have easy access to a rental car at Adelaide airport that to them, specially at the cheap end of the market.

When you visit their official website, you will see drop-down menus on their home page. The drop-down menus include pick-up location, pick-up date, pick-up time, drop-off date, drop-off time, age, and promo code (if any). With the help of these menus, you will be able to find a vehicle.

However, again, their luxury fleet is close to non-existence.

The company also offers the following schemes:

a) Prepay & save

You can cancel 7 days before pick up for a full refund and no cancellation fee.

b) Long-term deal

Under this scheme, you get a 10% discount on the competitive car rental rates for monthly car hire.

c) Business saver

With the business saver scheme, you get the following benefits:

  • Significant savings on all business saver bookings at all places, all year round
  • Central and dedicated booking hub for all employees & employers
  • Skip the queues with pre-saved driver information
  • Competitive prices with no extra Airport surcharges
  • Shuttle service
  • Car rental is charged to one corporate credit card with no security bond required
  • Complimentary rental advancements
  • Cancellations without any heavy fees

d) 15% off on a premium car rental package

With this stunning package, you get a premium loss damage waiver, premium roadside assistance, and windscreen and tyre coverage under one ceiling and rate.

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4) Enterprise

Enterprise is a well-known car rental company that lets you reserve a vehicle using features such as pick-up and rental location, pick-up and return time, the renter age policy, and vehicle class.

They are one of the 6 companies that have a desk at the Adelaide Airport.

You also get to choose from plenty of deals and promotions at Enterprise.

Let’s have a look at a few of their special offerings:

a) Book a fortnight and get 2 days of free rental in Australia

b) Get 15% off the base rate of your next more than four days rental in Australia

c) Get to explore many attractions with this offer, starting from the sun to snow

To make sure that you get the best offer, you have to keep an eye on Enterprise’s website frequently.

They have a limited luxury fleet with less than 5 luxury cars, which are mostly unavailable to book.

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They are one of the 6 companies that have a desk at the Adelaide Airport.

SIXT is a stunning rental car company that aims to offer the best service, rates, and best-ever experiences to its customers.

You just have to put forth your rental car needs, and their professionals will help you at every step. Put the pick-up location on their website, and your work is done.

One of the largest vehicle fleets in the industry is operated by SIXT, which includes a variety of automobiles, utility vehicles, trucks, buses, 4WDs, vans, and vehicles designed specifically for mining operations.

The SIXT fleet presently numbers over 17,000 cars. Isn’t it fascinating?

The gap is in their luxury car fleet, which consists of less than 5 luxury cars, which are mostly unavailable to book.

6) Europcar

Europcar is one of the oldest and top-notch car rental companies in the world, founded in 1949. Europcar has offices in Australia, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean.

They are one of the 6 companies that have a desk at the Adelaide Airport.

You will find plenty of vehicles, from basic sedans to a few high-end luxury or sports cars.

To book their car, you have to visit their website. When you do so, you will notice a section that has contents such as type of vehicle, pick-up & return location, pick-up date & time, return date & time, age, and place. With the help of these contents, you can search for the best rental car for yourself.

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Here’s a tip for you:

Before you make a reservation with Europcar, have a look at some of the reviews for the location you are planning to rent from to gain some insights into customers’ experiences. The customer experience at the Adelaide Airport Europcar desk is not too bad, though.

The hindside is their luxury car fleet consists of less than cars, which are mostly unavailable to book.

7) Budget

Budget is an American rental car company that originated in California in 1958. Fortunately, Budget
offers rental car services in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia too.

On their website, you will see the pick-up location and date, return location and date, age, place, customer number, discount code, and vehicle type. From compact zippy cars for a quick trip, larger sedans for family road trips, SUVs for a trip down the coast to people movers for moving larger groups, Budget has it all.

However, Budget does not have a luxury car fleet, so if you are after a luxury car their a no place to go.

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8) Hertz

Hertz car rental company is an American car rental company that is spread across 12,000 corporate and franchise locations, both domestically and internationally.

Just like other rental companies, you have to mention your pick-up location, date, and time to get your rental car.

The vehicles they rent include Toyota Haris, Skoda Fabia, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Hyundai i30, etc.

They also have a desk at Adelaide Airport.

Their luxury and prestige car fleet is limited to under 5 cars, which are mostly not available.

9) Avis

American vehicle rental corporation Avis has its headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey. The Avis Budget Group includes the brands Avis, Budget Rent a Car, Budget Truck Rental, and Zipcar.

Avis Budget Group runs the Avis brand in South Africa, North America, South America, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

They are one of the 6 rent-a-car companies with a desk at Adelaide airport.

To book a rental car with Avis, enter your pick-up location or zip code on their website along with the date and time, and you are all done.

The cars they offer include Volkswagen Jetta, Chrysler 300, Ford Mustang Convertible, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Edge, Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz C300, GMC Yukon Denali, Range Rover Velar, Jaguar F-PACE, Chevrolet Express 15-Passenger Van, and more.

Explore their website to learn about their protection and coverage policies and miles, points, and partners.

Although they have a limited luxury car fleet, the challenge is most of the time; those cars are not available for booking.

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Challenges With Renting a Luxury Car At Adelaide Airport

So far, you have known the top-notch rental car companies near or at Adelaide airport. However, there can be challenges you may face while renting a luxury car at Adelaide airport.

Let’s discuss those challenges now.

1) Luxury Cars Not Available

The luxury car market is such competitive with a high cost of running and maintenance. The ultimate result is high demand with a minimal stock available for renting.

To avoid disappointment, is you are suggested to book your car at least 3 months in advance. If you in a rush, that means nothing guaranteed unless you are with some luck.

2) Overbooking

Car rental companies indulge in overbooking. Of course, who doesn’t want quick money?

The problem with the company’s overbooking is that when you reach the rental car company to pick up your car, you may find that car isn’t available at all.

Now, imagine the inconvenience you have to face from that moment onwards.

This is a common scenario, especially if you are late picking up your car.

3) Poor Customer Service

Some car rental companies may not care about customer service at every step of the process. Not all companies, of course.

The best way to avoid such situations is to read reviews. Reviews say a lot about a particular company.

4) Lack Of Expensive Cars

Some rental car companies may not have the car you’re looking for.

In such a situation, you can either go for the car a rental company has on the spot or you can further look for another company if you are keen to rent the car of your dreams.

As said earlier, luxury car hire companies are a few, and they have higher demand from prestige car enthusiasts.

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5) Limited Discounts

Surely, all the rental car companies offer plenty of discounts and attractive schemes. But if you are thinking about how to maximize the discounts, you may have to face disappointment.

You have to adjust according to the company’s policies and rules. And, due to the demand, the discounts you could get is minimal.

However, most commonly, the longer you rent, the per day cost is dropped, which is something you should get the advantage of.

6) Heavy Paperwork

I haven’t come across someone fond of paperwork. It is indeed monotonous and daunting. Unfortunately, and similarly, booking a rental car requires a lot of paperwork too.

You will feel as if you are applying for a mortgage rather than hiring a rental car. No matter what, if the situation requires you to hire a rental car, you have to bear the heavy paperwork.

7) Hidden Fees

Some rental car companies offer low rental rates on their websites but end up charging you extra fees out of nowhere.

They do so to lure a large number of customers. Once you end up signing a deal, they may come up with some extra charge, which you didn’t anticipate of.

This is why you should read the complete Rental Agreement and consider all the possibilities before signing up for renting.

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5 Alternate Options To Rent A Luxury Car Closer To The Adelaide Airport

Traditional car rental companies are not the only option to reach your destination from Adelaide airport.

In this section, we have listed 10 alternate options to rent a luxury car, specially if you have a tight budget and the luxury car you are after is not available for renting.

1) Ride-hailing

Uber or Lyft will never leave your back in any situation. If you don’t want a rental car, booking a rideshare can be the next option.

You need to have a phone, an Uber or Lyft app, and a good Internet connection to book a cab.

For your information, rates of the cab can vary depending on your location within South Australia and the time of day. Briefly, before booking a cab, you should do some proper research based on the plans for your trip.

2) Borrow A Friend’s Or Family’s Car

If you have any friends or family members in Adelaide, ask them if you can borrow their car for a day or two.

Of course, it’s a responsibility to fill the tank of the car. You also have to take care of the car while you drive around.

In the end, make sure to pay thanks to your friend or family in the form of dinner at a restaurant or anything creative you can imagine. In that way, everyone wins!

3) RV (Recreational Vehicles)

A recreational vehicle is a motor vehicle or trailer, which includes immense space for accommodation. There are different types of RVs, such as motorhomes, campervans, coaches, caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, and truck campers.

The best advantage of this RV vehicle is that you don’t have to spend extra money on the hotel or resort stay. It is because you can stay in your RV comfortably.

In our opinion, it is the best alternative if you don’t wish to hire a rental car. Here are some famous RV rental websites:

a) Rocky Mountains Campervans

b) Britz

c) Jucy

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4) Public Transportation

Many large cities, including Adelaide, have well-established public transportation systems.

So, you don’t need a vehicle to reach your destination. You can use the subway, metro, or bus to travel around the city. Hence, if you are planning to visit a large city, you should carry out some painstaking research to find a good transportation system.

Furthermore, there are several benefits of public transportation, which are mentioned below:

a) Improves community health

b) Economic benefits to the community

c) Improves fuel efficiency

d) Reduced air pollution

e) Road Congestion

5) Turo – Carshare

Carshare platforms such as Turo and Uber Carshare are a top-notch car-sharing marketplace that lets you choose the car you want. You can even get a pet-friendly car.

The best thing about Turo-like platformas is their flexibility – either you can pick a car from the host or you can ask them to deliver it to your location for a fee. The prices are obviously dependent on your location and host.

You can also cancel your car up to a day before your trip starts. However, you need to be above 18 years old to rent a car, and if you are under 21 years or 25 years old, you have to pay the young driver fee.

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Many companies let you rent a car at Adelaide airport, but when it comes to luxury car hire options in Adelaide, Rent A Prestige Car is our pick for you.

You may face some challenges while renting a luxury car at Adelaide airport. Sometimes car rentals can be expensive, and you may not want to hire a rental car from Adelaide airport. Most commonly, most of their luxury car fleet is not available.

In such a case, you can also try alternatives such as Uber, RV, public transportation, etc., with some disappointment as you will miss all the perks of luxury cars when you do so.

Thanks for reading!