A luxury car is beyond expensive. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have access to luxury cars. Here we list 15 Cheap Luxury Car Rental Companies in Australia which offer you the option of renting a luxury car at an affordable fee.

Most of these luxury car rental companies let you hire luxury cars for a day, a week, or even for months.

You can rent a luxury car for numerous events or reasons, including summer road trips, dates, anniversaries, birthday parties, newborn baby celebrations, reunions, marriage proposals, business meetings, and many more.

Luxury rental car companies are flourishing in the market as renting a luxury car is considered trendy. Choosing the best, most authentic, and cheap luxury car to rent is the point.

To help you out, here we list the top-notch luxury car rental companies in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Get ready to brim your mind with a few useful tips too.

Cheap Luxury Rental Car Companies in Australia – Adelaide

This section contains the best rental car companies in Adelaide.

Let’s have a look at them.

1) Rent A Prestige Car

Rent A Prestige Car offers a flexible and cost-effective way to experience a stunning luxury car without even dealing with the frustration and difficulties of luxury car ownership.

The customers only have to tell the luxury car rental company about themselves and their rental car choices. Following that, the company will present you with available options, and you can then book your prestige rental car.

The prominent luxury cars they offer include:

a) Lexus IS300

From $300 per day

b) Audi A3 Sedan

From $280 per day

c) Lexus NX300

From $360 per day

d) Lexus CT 200h

From $200 per day

e) Porsche Macan

From $450 per day

Rent A Prestige Car offers self-drive luxury car hire, luxury car tours, and luxury car chauffeur services in Adelaide, South Australia.

The most satisfactory thing about the company is that they deliver a rental car directly to your home or any place you wish only for your comfort and convenience.

The additional services they provide include ceremony hire, luxury car hire, airport pickup and drop-off, and luxury tours.

2) Europcar

Europcar is a luxury car rental company known worldwide and also operates in Adelaide.

They have a robust partnership with numerous car manufacturers and provide express pickup services, seasonal offers and discounts.

Europcar has a simplified rental car booking process in the following way:

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a) First, you must choose the car you need.

It can be the best selling, electric & hybrid, etc. In the “Car Category” option, you can choose Compact, Full-size, Intermediate, Luxury, Premium, or Standard as per your needs.

b) Then, five significant options further help you choose the suitable luxury car for your trip.

The options include


This option helps you choose the car based on the number of people who will accompany you on your trip.


This option helps you choose the car based on the number of bags you want to carry on your trip.


You also get to choose the car based on the number of doors.


If you are environment-conscious, then CO2 options help you choose the car based on its emission levels.


Last but not least, you get to decide if you want to drive an automatic, manual or other types of transmission.

Some luxury cars offered by Europcar include BMW 5 Series 3.0 and Mercedes Benz E Class.

3) Platinum Car Hire 

Platinum Car Hire provides exclusive tours, wedding car hire, car hire for special occasions, and corporate transfers.

The company is also an expert in corporate chauffeuring services to leave customers satisfied.

Celebrities and conference/seminar attendees are usually given high-star treatment at the hands of highly-trained chauffeurs.

Let’s glimpse the services the Platinum Car Hire offers…

a) Corporate Transfers & Cars For Adelaide

Whether you want to hire a luxury car for an important meeting or a roadshow, the company will ensure that the chauffeur reaches your desirable location on time.

You can receive services including airport transfers, seaport transfers, dock transfers, railway transfers, diplomatic services, and participate in road shows, events, etc.

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b) Exclusive Tours Adelaide

Exclusive tours include the following

-McLaren Vale Winery Tour:

From $65 per hour (1-4 people allowed) or from $75 per hour for 7 people.

-Victor harbour & surrounding areas:

Drive to Victor Harbour in your free time, and stop at local wineries and strawberry farms on your return.

-Adelaide local tour:

It’s around 5 hours, and locations cover Mt Lofty, Clealand National Park, Historic Glenelg, etc.

-Historic port Adelaide:

You get mind-blowing museums & dolphin tours.

-Adelaide Hills & Handorf:

You get to see the mesmerizing views of Stirling and Handorf. It’s about 4 hours.

-Barossa Valley:

The tour is about 8 hours.

c) Car hire for Special Events

Rental cars are available for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, hens & buck nights, just because you are deserving. This list continues as they also provide transport solutions for Christmas work functions, corporate dinners and wedding proposals too.

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d) Wedding Car Hire

The company offers outstanding services for your wedding plan. You will be presented with highly professional chauffeurs available for you during the entire event.

Cheap Luxury Rental Car Companies in Australia – Brisbane

This section contains the best luxury rental car companies in Brisbane. Let’s have a look at them.

1) Exotic Car Travels 

Exotic Car Travels offers vehicles of high calibre and top-notch brands for a variety of occasions so that you can stand out among the crowd.

The cars they offer for rent include Mercedes-AMG C43 and Ford Mustang GT.

Let’s talk about their services now.

a) Corporate

If you wish to travel to or from an airport or for business meetings, Exotic Car Travels will have your back.

b) Self-hire

You can drive a luxury car, provided you fit the company’s age criteria.

You can drive 100 km per day, which is included in their rental feel. However, beyond that, you have to pay additional charges.

c) Drive days

Drive days are limited to weekends and locations such as Gold Coast Hinterland and/or Brisbane.

You can run for 4 hours and get a meal free along the ride. These events are more fun and adventurous.

d) Weddings

The company lets you choose the car you like for your wedding and offer impressive wedding packages.

They also offer personalization services that fit your style and theme.

f) Joyrides

You can choose from the joyrides of numerous durations within the areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

g) Formals

This option involves pick up and drop off at or from venue facilities.

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2) Prestige Rentals 

Prestige Rentals offers self-drive luxury car hire in Australia.

The types of cars that Prestige Rentals offers include prestige cars, sports cars, convertible cars, SUVs, and supercar hire throughout Australia.

Furthermore, their car hire services include luxury car chauffeur, supercar chauffeur, wedding car hire, formal car hire, and supercar drive days.

If you are a company’s long-term loyal customer, you get additional benefits like gift cards, corporate packages, and membership options.

Some of the company’s luxury cars for hire include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Range Rover.

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Prestige Rentals has your back even if you want a luxury car for a longer period.

With long-term rentals, you will be able to save 30% on weekly hires and 40% on monthly hires.

Apart from luxury cars, you can also hire helicopters, motorbikes, private jets, ski boats, and yachts from this company. So, it all comes to your imagination of which power motor you would like to hire to have fun.

3) Five Star Car Rentals 

Five Star Car Rentals is a Brisbane-based car rental company that offers you a luxury car for hire without any hidden costs like most other companies. What you see in their quote is what you exactly get to pay.

In other words, there are no twists and turns in their paying policies. They don’t charge you for Administration fees, Airport levies, Additional drivers, Registration recovery tax, Insurance excess/liability reduction waiver, Surcharge for drivers under 25, and Visa and Mastercard surcharge.

Let’s have a glimpse at their car rental services!

a) Cheap car hire

If you want to hire a cheap luxury car, Five Star Car Rentals has your back and is ready to bargain the prices.

The car you get would have the features such as zoned air conditioning and connectivity via Bluetooth, wifi or USB.

2) Family car hire

If you want to take your entire family around Brisbane, the company has an automatic 4-door sedan or 4-door SUV(5-seaters) with AC, power steering, reversing camera, and Bluetooth connectivity for you.

3) Van & car hire

You can book a van in place of a car if you have many travellers accompanying you.

A standard van Seats 8 people and come with automatic transmission, zoned air conditioning, power steering, and reversing camera and sensors.

4) Airport car hire

You can ring Five Star Car Rentals Brisbane office to book your Brisbane Airport car hire right away.

Cheap Luxury Rental Car Companies in Australia – Melbourne

This section contains the best rental car companies in Melbourne.

Let’s have a look at them now.

1) Cheaper Car Rentals

Cheaper Car Rentals has been offering luxury car rental services within your budget since 1981. The cars the company offer for hire include both luxury and non-luxury cars.

For example, they also hire:

Toyota Corolla SX

MG 3 Auto

MG ZS Small 4WD

Suzuki Swift or similar

Hyundai Imax

Kia Rio

Hyundai Accent Sedan/Hatchback

Hyundai Tucson

Kia Cerato-Hatchback

Nissan Pulsar

Hyundai i20 Auto

Kia Cerato-Sedan

Hyundai i30 Hatchback

Toyota Camry, and

Nissan Serena Hybrid.

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Have a look at the packages offered by Cheaper Car Rentals!

a) Package1

In this package, you get to drive late and current model cars with a 200 km per day quota. You will have to pay a $5,000 Excess and a $500 Bond.

b) Package 2

If you wish to minimize your expenses, you can go for this package as you can drive 300 km per day with a $2,200 excess and a $200 bond.

c) Package 3

Here you can drive 400 km per day with $1,100 excess and a $200 bond.

d) Package 4

Under this package, you can drive as many km as you want and have to pay only $385 excess and a $200 bond. Obviously, this package is the most expensive to rent.

You can also rent a van if you want.

2) Lux Rental 

Lux Rental offers services, including chauffeured drive experiences, helicopter rides, and private jet hires. Regardless of if you want a luxury car for a day, a week, or a month, Lux Rental has your back.

The luxury cars they got on offer include the following.

a) BMW 2018 220 M Sport

To hire this car, you should be at least 25 years old. The hiring price starts from $400 per day.

b) Mercedes 2017 C63s AMG

To rent this luxury car, you should be at least 28 years of age, and you can access this car at $990 per day.

c) Mercedes 2011 ML500 AMG

To rent this car, you have to pay $520 per day, and you should be either 25 or above.

d) BMW 2018 428i M Sport

If you are 25 or above, you can hire BMW at a price starting from $350/d.

e) Porsche 2013 Cayenne S

You can hire this car at $300/d, provided you are 25 or above.

f) Ford 2017 Mustang

To lay your hands on this car, you have to be 28 or above. The hiring rates start from $490/d.

Audi, Range Rover, Jeep, Maserati, etc., are also available for rent through Lux Rental.

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3) Advance Car Rental 

Advance Car Rental has many cars for you to choose from, including compact, intermediate, Standard sedans, hybrid sedans, SUV 7 Seaters, standard 8-seaters, prestige sedans, delivery vans, and premium SUVs.

You can browse through their swarm of economy, family, luxury, business, and commercial vehicles, to find the best car rental deals in Melbourne.

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Cheap Luxury Rental Car Companies in Australia – Perth

Have a glimpse at these top-notch luxury rental cars in Perth.

1) Eska Car Rental 

Eska Car Rentals has a lot for you, including compact cars for small families or friends and SUVs that can accommodate a large number of people. They have a fleet of family, small, and luxury cars.

You can rent a car for seven days and get three days extra for FREE. There are 35% discount system going on at Eska Car Rental. What else do you expect?

If you are wondering how much you have to pay for a car in Perth, the amount is around $50 per day, but obviously, renting a luxury car is much more expensive.

Last but not least, to book a luxury car with Eska Car Rental, you have to complete the “Book a Car” form and submit it to the company to accept your request.

2) Car Hire Perth

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Car Hire Rental is a cheap luxury car rental company that has existed since 2010. The company has made the car hiring process convenient and easy for their customers. Also, they are the premier source of cheap car hire in Perth, WA.

They offer both luxury and non-luxury regular cars.

The Car Hire Rental offers contactless pickup, and their charges are as below.

  • Small cars (Hatchbacks) (starting from $29/d)
  • Family cars (Sedans) (starting from $38/d)
  • Luxury cars, SUVs & 7-seater cars (starting from $36/d)
  • 8-seater & 9-seater cars, 12 Seater Mini Buses (starting from $109/d), and
  • Vans.

3) Northside Rentals 

Northside Rentals has a lot to offer, from small cars to luxury ones.

For instance, although not a luxury car, Australia’s one of the most popular cars Hyundai Accent, is available for hire at $25 per day, and you can drive it for unlimited km.

Northside Rentals also allows you to drive a hybrid car such as Toyota Corolla Hybrid Sedan and minimize your carbon footprint.

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When it’s come to the prestige range, you can hire a luxury car such as Infiniti Q50 at $40 per day, excluding extra fees.

Trucks, Utes, Vans, and Plant and Equipment are also available at cheaper rates. Northside Rentals has lower luxury car hire rentals rates compared to Budget, Redspot, and Thrifty.

Cheap Luxury Rental Car Companies in Australia – Sydney

Sydney has a bunch of popular cheap luxury car hire, and a few of them are mentioned below.

1) Eclat Cars

Eclat Cars offers all the luxury car brands under one ceiling. The company is known for its tie-ups with top-notch luxury brands and has a lot of technical knowledge too.

The company tends to deliver an outstanding experience, starting from the selection of vehicles to customer service ethics.

The luxury cars they offer cover Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mclaren, Mercedes, Porsche, And Tesla. Also, you can browse by brand and type.

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2) Drive My Car

Drive My Car is a peer-to-peer carsharing service that allows automobile owners to lend out their vehicles to other individuals.

When compared to typical car rentals, especially for extended rental periods, renters have access to a greater variety of vehicles and save money.

The process to hire a car from DriveMyCar is below.

  1. Do a local automobile search and submit a reservation request.
  2. DriveMyCar checks your credit and confirms your identity.
  3. Use a credit card to make the initial payment and security deposit. Roadside support and collision damage insurance are included in the rental price.
  4. Work with the owner to schedule a handover time and place for collection.
  5. After the rental period is over, return the vehicle to the owner.

3) No Birds Car Rental

You can count on No Birds for the greatest offers and lowest pricing, whether you need a rental car for a day or a month.

When you visit one of their three office locations in NSW, you can be confident that you’re getting the lowest prices possible because they keep their overhead costs low and don’t impose any additional hidden fees.

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You can book the following cars at the mentioned prices:

a) Small hatch: $37 per day

b) Medium hatch: $41 per day

c) Hybrid Corolla hatch: $45 per day

d) 5 Seat SUV: $49 per day

e) 7-Seat SUV Wagon: $62 per day

f) Hybrid RAV4 SUV: $67 per day

g) Toyota Hilux Ute: $62 per day


You can easily find a cheap luxury car rental company to rent a car in Australia regardless of your city. This article lists the best cheap luxury car companies in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

Browse and analyze the companies mentioned above and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

Have a happy ride!