It’s important to know about the Uber Carshare vs. traditional luxury rental booking process if you want luxury rides from time to time. Just check the official Apps or websites of these services to learn more about booking, which can be very confusing. It may be difficult to understand this process at first, but I’m here to help and guide you here about the booking process of Uber Careshare compared to other rentals.

I have vast knowledge about the Uber Carshare vs. traditional luxury rental booking process, as I have used both services. From experience, I can say that it’s easier to book a rental with Uber Carshare. However, traditional luxury car rental companies are more efficient in the big picture.

To learn more about Uber Carshare vs. traditional luxury rentals, give this article a read. I will discuss what booking for special events involves and what additional services you can benefit from.

Without any further ado, let’s jump onto the subject. But, don’t forget that this article is only a part of a series of articles comparing Uber Carshare vs. Traditional Luxury Rentals. Other articles cover the below topics…

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OK, let’s get on with this article, the booking process comparison between Uber Carshare vs. Traditional Luxury Rentals.

Booking Process Via App – Uber Carshare and Traditional Rentals

Both Uber Carshare and traditional rental companies run apps for their booking processes. You can download these apps from both Google Play and the Apple Store online, for free. Uber Carshare asks to pay a membership fee, so prepare to pay it using your credit/debit card or another payment method.

Uber Carshare

For Uber Carshare, just like Uber Rideshare, you should create an account linking your mobile phone number. Come up with a strong password and make sure that no one knows can guess it. After paying for membership, you can enter the app and book a car whenever you feel like.

Traditional Car Rental Companies

Moving further to the booking process via apps with traditional car rental companies, everything runs smoothly as well. All you need to do is decide on the company you prefer and look for its app in Google Play or the Apple Store. Download the app and start using it according to what the instructions say.

However, don’t forget that some car rental companies still offer you to book over the phone or email. As most of them have a branch at or closer to airports, you can collect cars at a breeze too.

Booking Process via Computer Desktop – Uber Carshare and Traditional Rentals

Uber Carshare

On the Uber Carshare official website, it’s necessary to create an account and book online using that account and allow them to verify you before you book a car.

However, the good news is you can request a car 24/7 using Uber Carshare. It’s not sure you will find a car or the brand/model you want, but you will get to book one if you are lucky.

Traditional Rentals

If you don’t like using Uber Carshare apps, visit the car rental company’s website and book, as reservations there are more accessible.

All traditional luxury car rental companies have websites where you can book your car for free. At least you can request a quote online. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you prefer; you will most likely find it.

Car rental companies usually have big fleets, and booking with them through their official website is very easy.

Opposed to Uber Carshare, most car rental companies don’t ask for an account but only for you to fill in your details when booking. Depending on how you prefer to use a website and protect your privacy, opt for one of these booking processes.

Booking Ease And Accessibility

Uber Carshare And Traditional Rentals

Booking a vehicle using Uber or car rental companies’ websites and apps is now easier than ever. Programmers work hard to create accessible sites and apps, not to mention that they keep them maintained well to promise you the best outcomes. If you want to book fast and without any hassle, download the apps and book your rides through their websites.

With websites, things may get a bit more complicated if you have poor internet or reception. You may need to wait for pages to load, whereas the payment process could take longer or get stuck in the process. For instance, when waiting for a page to load, you can lose the booking and may have to start all over again.

This issue is applicable, regardless of both kinds, if you want to book solely via the Internet.

On the other hand, apps don’t load pages and are all about using technology at a more advanced level. If you’re not the tech-savvy type of person, rely on websites or give traditional car rental companies a call. Either way, you must know a thing or two about technology if you want to rent online or via apps.

Traditional Rentals

What we like about traditional rental companies is that you are still welcome to call or email them to receive a dedicated service, before you take your wallet out.

User Experience And Platform Navigation

Uber Carshare

Both Uber Carshare and traditional luxury rental platforms’ navigation should be easy for smartphone and computer users. You could ask someone to help you if you haven’t ever booked or bought anything online. But if you like technology, you will be very happy with how the Uber Carshare website and app work.

Traditional Rentals

Car rental companies are usually more discreet when it comes to booking through their websites or apps. They guide you through their booking processes, but you must have some understanding of what this means. In other words, you should know how to use a mouse and type your info into the required fields…etc. as the process requires a little more effort.

Overall, navigating through the platforms or apps of traditional car rental companies or Uber Carshare is easy and fun. You have the services offered displayed, so what you must do is click or tap on what you need.

Customer support and breakdown services are usually available 24/7 if you get in trouble.

Using The Apps And Websites

The Uber Carshare and car rental companies’ apps won’t work if you haven’t installed them correctly (Obviously!).

Also, they don’t work on older mobile phones, so you can use them only on recent smartphones. When it comes to installing these apps, wait for your phone to finish the process.

Uber Carshare and other similar apps work on both Android and iOS. There’s no need to have a special smartphone to use one of them. They are created to run on both operating systems, as Uber and car rental companies want more customers.

Don’t panic if it takes longer for a car rental app or website to find you the ride you want. Sometimes, many people are looking for a vehicle. During busy times, apps or websites may freeze, so you only need to restart them and then try booking again.

Advanced Reservations and Last-Minute Bookings

Through their respective websites and apps, Uber Carshare and car rental companies offer both advanced reservation and last-minute booking services. Therefore, you can book a vehicle a few weeks or even months before you need it without a problem. However, last-minute bookings are for those who are in a hurry and don’t have an agenda.

There are no differences between booking in advance and last-minute bookings with Uber Carshare or car rental companies. Both processes are similar, and you can learn their steps while booking. Relax, as payments are 100% secure, although some services would charge you extra fees.

YouTube video

Note that Uber charges a fee for booking in advance. Some traditional luxury car rental companies may do the same, and this fee may vary. The same goes for last-minute bookings, so make sure to check in advance what these fees are.

Booking for Special Occasions and Events

Booking a luxury car using carshare or traditional rent-a-car for a special occasion or event is also easy. If you want to make an apparition at a wedding or anniversary, you can by using these services.

On the other hand, note that renting a luxury vehicle is more expensive because maintenance costs for such cars are high. Those high prices will be the case, regardless of the service you end up using, for both Uber Carshare and traditional rentals.

With both Uber Carshare and traditional car rental services, prices, and fees vary depending on location and time of renting. Traditional Car rental services are more flexible when it comes to renting for special events and occasions. You can find great deals, especially if you’re not in a hurry.

Some may say that Uber Carshare is more advantageous when renting for special occasions because you pay with friends. But the same goes for car rental services, as you can rent a luxury vehicle and ask others to contribute. In other words, car rental companies won’t ask you anything about any financial arrangement either.

However, in my opinion, since you can’t afford to have a last-minute change to the booking, when it comes to booking a luxury car for an occasion, you should stick with a more reliable service offer from a traditional rental. Not Uber Carshare!

Additional Services and Customization

Additional services and customization for your car rental can be a child seat, coverage products, navigation, cross border, or one-way charges. Before closing a rental agreement, make sure to review the contract’s “charges” section. To put it simply, customizing your ride will cost you.

There are also other additional services and fees included in prices for both Uber Carshare and car company rentals. For example, you may need to pay extra charges if you are a young or senior driver. If you are under 25, or over 65 and 70, you may need to pay extra.

The same goes if you buy insurance from Uber Carshare or a car rental company. The insurance price can be 30%-40% extra, which is $15-$30 a day. Insurance prices depend on whether you need a collision damage waiver supplement too.

Based on my experience of how traditional rentals and Uber Carshare support you during a real incident, hands down, I will be choosing a reputable traditional car rental company. Of course, both Uber Carshare and traditional rentals will sell their insurance products to you with a hug, but the reality hits when you actually hit something.

Customer Support And Assistance

Both Uber Carshare and traditional luxury rental companies offer impeccable customer support services. Whenever you need assistance with your booking process, contact customer service, and they will guide you. You can do the same if something happens with your rental.

If you contact Uber Carshare or a car rental company’s customer service, you won’t have to pay any extra fee to receive support. Customer support services are included in rental prices, so you shouldn’t acquire any package to benefit.

On the other hand, you may need to pay for roadside assistance; that’s a kind of insurance you shouldn’t be confused about.

Some car rental companies ask ahead if you want to rent with roadside assistance, whereas others don’t. Uber Carshare offers 24/7 roadside assistance to both owners and borrowers during their trips. Most of the time, prices for roadside assistance are included in rental prices. I haven’t required this service yet, so I can’t comment on that; however, my gut is that during a real event, 24/7 roadside assistance wouldn’t be that flashy at all.

User Reviews And Experiences About User Experience And Satisfaction

Looking online at what people have to say about Uber Carshare and other car rental companies, most reviews are generally positive. People are satisfied with how fast they managed to book their vehicles and how simple it was to do so. Some of them keep on renting cars online, so you can do the same.

But one user on TrustPilot says Uber Carshare stole their money, as the company cancelled their booking (without reason) and kept the charge. Another user complains about the fact that Uber Carshare keeps customers waiting for a vehicle during booking. Luckily, many people say the booking process is easy and fast; however, the reality hits from the time you collect the car.

As far as customer experience and reviews for traditional rentals go, the most appreciated companies provide a good service. It seems the Hertz and SIXT apps don’t have any bugs and work flawlessly. Moreover, they find customers rides in only a few seconds and at the strangest locations. However, you should know how to find the best rental company for your location.

If you are in Adelaide, of course, the Rent A Prestige Car is what we recommend to book a car from. You may also consider Uber Carshare alternatives too.

Conclusion – Booking Process of Uber Carshare vs Traditional Rentals

As you probably understand from the article above, Uber Carshare vs. traditional luxury rental booking process is comparable. People who use both these services want to continue using them. Reviews for car rental companies are usually more positive compared to Uber Carshare, so you should try them first.

If you want to use Uber Carshare, note that this service is rather busy and lacks luxury cars for rent. In other words, the Uber Carshare booking process may be easiest; however, the consumers are likely to struggle with the collection or after as the service is still in its infancy.

Overall, car rental companies usually book the types of vehicles you prefer or need in a faster, and more controlled and reliable manner.