Here we will discuss long-term car rentals, the differences between short-term and long-term car rentals, and why the long-term ones are popular.

Further, we will explore the best long-term luxury car rentals in Australian cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne etc.

So, let’s get started.

Long-term luxury car rentals allow a person to own the luxuries of premium cars for a specific long-term period. It is an impeccable concept that some car rental companies in Australia deliver to their customers.

People have many reasons to rent a luxury car. For instance, whether they need to attend a meeting, an executive ball or go on a travel. Thus, renting a luxury car means they are ready to experience style and comfort without the hassle of using regular transport.

A hired car is a better option than depending on public transport. Absolutely! It will make your commute more accessible, and you don’t have to pay expensive taxi fares. Top of that, did you know that choosing a long-term car rental package is the best instead of short rental packages?

There are many perks that people can get with long-term car rental packages. Read on to learn more about long-term luxury car rentals and the options you have in Australia.

What Is A Long-term Car Rental?

One of the world’s most reliable and trustworthy transportation systems is rental cars. They exist for many decades.

Some people cannot afford an expensive car, so they consider long-term car rental. Long-term car rental is a way of accessing any vehicle without committing to a long-term or fixed contract or high cash outlay. A long-term luxury car rental is the best if you need a car for an extended trip or several months of work. It gives you a sense of vehicle ownership at a lower price.

Best to understand this by defining the differences between short-term and long-term rentals…

Short-term vs. Long-term Car Rentals – What Is The Difference?

In a country like Australia getting a long-term car rental than a short-term car rental makes much more sense in many ways. Both have advantages and disadvantages and are pretty different.

The duration of your car rental is the primary deciding factor between short-term and long-term car rentals. However, you must know the reason in the first place why you are renting a car and how often within a month or year you are planning to use a vehicle.

The following are some essential differences between short-term and long-term car rentals.

Short-term Car Rental Long-term Car Rental
The agreement for a car in a short-term car rental is for a few weeks max. The agreement for a car in a long-term car rental is for a month or more and involves a regular commute.
A short-term car rental is costly per day if you need the car for a month or a year. Long-term car rental options are cost-effective and cheaper when you calculate the cost per month or year.
It involves additional charges and hidden costs. It is unlikely to involve any additional charges or hidden costs.
You may be responsible for unforeseen maintenance such as tyre punches and cracked windscreens. You don’t have to worry about unforeseen maintenance. They are commonly the responsibility of the car owner.
Better choice of cars. Less choice and range of cars.

In short-term car rental, you can choose and drive various cars. Thus, it gives you the freedom to test drive many cars, including unique and new car models. On the contrary, you may not get much freedom of choice in long-term car rental.

When it comes to a point where you need to choose between short-term and long-term car rental, then keep two things in mind. The first one is the total cost, and the second one is the period. Then finally, according to your requirements, you can choose between short-term or long-term car rental.

For example, you could pay $7,500 to rent a Porsche Macan for 3 weeks as a short-term rental as opposed to paying $15,000 for renting it for 3 months as a long-term rental. This means you get to ride 6 weeks for free by renting the Porche as a long-term rental. That’s essentially a 50% discount.

Why Are Long-term Luxury Car Rentals Popular?

We all know that a luxury car provides comfort and outstanding performance at a higher price than a regular car. These cars can come in many faces, such as prestige cars, premium cars, and sports cars too.

The global luxury car rental market will grow from $49.4 billion to $71.4 billion at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.3% in 2028. Hence, it is for a forecast period from 2021 to 2028.

Long-term luxury car rentals are popular because they have significant benefits, especially in Australia. Be it Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane or Gold Coast, using long-term luxury car rental is the best choice in many ways, if you can afford the money.

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Reasons Why Long-term Luxury Car Rentals Are Popular

Below are some of the reasons why long-term luxury car rentals are popular in Australia.

1. Better Discounts

Due to longer duration, long-term car renters pay more, getting better and more discounts. The rental company doesn’t mind that as they minimize the holding cost and new customer acquisition costs.

Ultimately, you, as the renter and the company, as the car owner, both win!

2. Simpler Upgrades

Upgrades in long-term car rentals are not only simpler but cheaper as well. This is when you have built trust and a relationship with the rental company as a long-term luxury car renter.

For instance, if your family is visiting you so you can upgrade to a larger SUV. Moreover, you can only pay the price difference. However, this is not possible in short-term car renting.

3. Flexibility In Payment

There will be greater flexibility in payments which is beneficial for long-term car renters. Thus, people can easily manage their budget.

On the other hand, this is not always the case for flexibility in payments in short-term rentals.

4. Best Fleet On Offer

Long-term car renters use the cars for an extended time, and car rental companies provide the best car models. In other words, long-term clients receive a premium service from the rent-a-car companies.

5. Cheaper Per Month Cost

Besides other reasons, long-term car rentals are also popular because of their reduced costs. Similarly, you can also drive safely in a private vehicle. It is the best to rent a car long-term and use it if you travel outside the city or country.

6. Convenient

Long-term car rentals are popular because it is a convenient and hassle-free option.

7. Loyalty Offers

Long-term luxury car rental companies offer considerable discounts to their loyal customers. This can result in many benefits and unexpected threats from the rental company.

A car that gives you a comfortable feeling in a budget-friendly way never feels old or outdated. Those who rent luxury cars for the long term feel the essence of class, vibe, aura, and style.

Now let’s turn into the best luxury rent-a-car companies in Australia that offer long-term rental arrangements.

Let’s start with South Australia…

2 Best Long-term Luxury Car Rentals in Adelaide, SA

The two best companies for long-term luxury car rentals in Adelaide, SA, are the following.

1. Rent A Prestige

If you want long-term prestige, rent a car in Adelaide, then Rent a Prestige is one of the best companies. They provide long-term luxury car rentals to cooperate- as well as non-corporate clients.

Customers can rent cars monthly as they provide flexible and cost-effective options to experience luxury cars.

They also organize tours to the Adelaide Hills or anywhere within SA in a luxury car and chauffeur services too.

2. Prestige Rentals

Prestige Rentals provide car rental services in cities like Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, etc. They offer prestige, sports, and convertible cars.

Some cars they provide for long-term rentals include Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. Most importantly, they offer long-term discounts to customers, but the good thing is that these rates can be negotiable.

2 Best Long-term Luxury Car Rentals in Brisbane, QLD

In Brisbane, QLD, you can find the best long-term luxury car rental companies mentioned below.

1. Luxicar

Brisbane residents can choose some of the top car models for long-term rental from Luxicar. Undoubtedly, the best thing about Luxicar rentals is that there are no maintenance, depreciation-related costs, or hidden costs.

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Some of the cars they have include Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, etc.


CARGO provides its services in Brisbane City, Australia, at affordable rates.

The Mercedes C Class is the cheapest luxury car they provide for long-term rental. Most of the vehicles they provide are comfortable and come with modern technical innovations. Renting a car for the long term is the best for them as they provide 24/7 customer service.

2 Best Long-term Luxury Car Rentals in Gold Coast, QLD

Below are the two best long-term car rentals in Gold Coast, QLD.

1. Queensland Luxury Car Rentals

Queensland Luxury Car Rentals on the Gold Coast, QLD, offers sports cars, prestige SUVs, and supercars.

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Furthermore, they provide stress-free long-term rental service with their new collection of vehicles. The company also gives discounts to their customers.

2. Halo Rentals

Halo Rentals provides luxury cars in both Brisbane and Gold Coast. The fleet of cars which they offer is luxurious and comfortable. Moreover, their distinctive range of luxury hire cars comes with innovative and new features like temperature-controlled seats, cozier cabins, quality interiors, etc.

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3 Best Long-term Luxury Car Rentals in Melbourne, VIC

We can find many rental companies in Melbourne and VIC, but the following 3 are the best among them.

1. Unique Car Rental

Unique Car Rental in Melbourne provides the best long-term luxury cars as they have a large fleet of cars, making it easy for customers to choose their favourite vehicle at an affordable price.

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They provide fantastic service, and their staff is courteous. Some popular cars include BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

2. Supercars of Melbourne

Supercars of Melbourne is one of the most reliable and reputable rental companies that provide exotic and luxury rental cars.

Although the company is private, its mission is to offer customers the best and finest vehicles. If you want to experience style and luxury, you better get rent cars from this company.

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The most popular rental vehicles they provide include McLaren, Mustang, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc.

3. RedBalloon

RedBalloon provides one of the best long-term luxury car hires in Melbourne, VIC. Through them, you can get famous cars with stylish interiors and comfort, from Ferrari to Lamborghini. Moreover, you can get vehicles from RedBalloon at different prices according to your budget.

2 Best Long-term Luxury Car Rentals in Perth, WA

Australian city Perth, WA, has some reputable car rental companies but below are the two most reputable rental companies.

1. Northside Rentals

Northside Rentals is Perth’s best-priced luxury car rental company, with many old and new car models. Thus, you can choose from Jaguar, Audi A8, Infiniti Q70, etc.

You can request a quote online or call them to arrange your booking.

2. Burswood Car Rentals

Burswood Car Rentals recently started their operation in Perth and became the leading car hire provider. They offer the best vehicles at the cheapest rates.

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The company even offers no hidden fees or damage excesses, so your ride becomes stress-free. Moreover, they also provide roadside assistance.

3 Best Long-term Luxury Car Rentals in Sydney, NSW

The largest city and vibrant capital of Australia that is Sydney has many different luxury car rentals.

Below are the 3 most famous long-term luxury car rentals in Sydney, NSW.

1. Ultimate Rentals

In Ultimate Rentals in Sydney, you can find all the stunning vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, etc.

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Ultimate rental’s primary aim is to maintain excellent customer relationships by providing them with the best car rental service.

2. DriveMyCar

The car rental of DriveMyCar is safe and secure for customers. It is Australia’s first peer-to-peer car rental service provider.

DriveMyCar long-term car rentals are the best as they offer deals where customers can save more money if they rent a car for six months or more. This car rental company makes finding a cost-effective car in Sydney more straightforward.

3. Baywater Car Rental

Baywater Car Rental’s long-term car rental option gives the best model vehicles with complete roadside assistance. Apart from that, renting the car for 28 consecutive days will automatically get the best rates from them.

They are available in Sydney and Perth, so you can get a quote online or call them to book your favourite car.


Long-term luxury car rentals are good as one can save a lot of money in the long run. The packages of car rental companies who offer vehicles for the long term are generally cheaper. In addition, they also give a lot of discounts. Another great benefit of renting a long-term luxury car is travelling with the utmost comfort. The payment plans of long-term car rental companies are pretty flexible.

Now, if we talk about some specific car rental companies in Australia, we find some differences. Nevertheless, among all the companies mentioned above, Rent a Prestige Pty Ltd in Adelaide is one of the best car rental companies because they pride themselves on their impeccable commitment to excellence.

All of the cars they provide are top-of-the-range vehicles that come from the most renowned car brands from all over the world.