Uber Rent vs. Uber Carshare, are they the same? Many ask themselves this question, and most people think Uber, Uber Rent and Uber Carshare are all the same, and some even don’t know what they got into. If you are also one of those people who doesn’t know much about these Uber car services, look online. You will find thousands of answers to your questions, which might make you even more confused.

The short answer is Uber Rent is not the same as Uber Carshare. If you do not know what Uber Rent and Uber Carshare are yet, imagine they are the services of Uber similar to ‘car rental company’ in the modern-day gid economy. Unlike traditional Uber, you can ‘rent’ any type of vehicle, Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes S-Class, and even Lamborghini, through Uber Rent and Uber Carshare.

If you want to know if Uber Rent and Uber Carshare are the same, or if different, how different are they, don’t hesitate to give this article a read. You will be fascinated with how many differences there are between these two types of services. Moreover, you will learn what rides are more convenient.

What Is Uber Rent?

Uber Rent is an Uber sub-company that makes reservations after you compare cars. When booking, you pay only once and with just a few taps in the Uber app. The good news is that you also have free cancellation available.

You can choose many vehicles, and your driver will be at your door when you ask for the car.

Make sure to have a stable internet connection when booking. But don’t forget that Uber Rent can be quite an expensive service.

With Uber Rent, you can go anywhere you want.

The user uses their phone to order a vehicle instead of waiting at the rental lot for it to arrive. In other words, you have plenty of flexibility at great prices.

Is There An Uber Rent Traveling Condition?

There’s no condition to your reason to travel with Uber Rent. You could order a vehicle to run an errand, go on a trip, or take a weekend off. Have enough money on your credit or debit card if you don’t want to end up stranded.

What Is Uber Carshare?

Uber Carshare is based in Australia. The company facilitates peer-to-peer vehicle rentals. It means you can rent cars that are privately owned for an hour, a few hours, or a few days.

Now, Uber Carshare operates only in a few countries, including Australia.

However, it plans to expand to other locations in the country, so you can expect to use its services more. Uber Carshare is a service that allows you to borrow cars from drivers for a few hours or days. It collaborates not only with customers but also with car owners.

Just like with Uber Rent, you can go anywhere you want with Uber Carshare. There’s no condition when it comes to destinations and pickup locations. You only need to use the company’s official website or the app to book a ride, so enjoy.

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Who Sets Prices For Uber Carshare Vehicles?

Under Uber Carshare, vehicle owners set their prices, and you need to be an Uber member as the driver. But take note that prices may vary according to what type of vehicle you rent. For example, the BMW and Mercedes models are more expensive than the Nissan and Toyota models.

Range Of Vehicles Available – Uber Rent Vs. Uber Carshare

If I were you, I would use Uber Rent and Uber Carshare depending on what type of vehicle I need. For instance, Uber Rent cars are more expensive, but for Uber Carshare vehicles you pay less. Both services have expensive cars in their fleets, but Uber Rent is more select.

Uber Rent Range Of Vehicles

This service offers a very wide range of expensive vehicles, including EVs and SUVs. All Uber Rent cars are well-maintained and equipped with the most advanced technology. For instance, you could rent even a Jeep, a Mercedes S-Class, a BMW X6, and a Nissan Infiniti.

With Uber Rent, you have Go Rentals, Sedan Rentals, and XL Rentals available. The Sedan Rentals option usually has luxury vehicles you can take to special events and classy parties. XL Rentals is for vans or SUVs that can be used for various jobs around the home or to help someone.

Uber Carshare Range Of Vehicles

With Uber Carshare, you can rent less expensive vehicles too. However, this doesn’t mean Uber Carshare cars aren’t well maintained.

Some are just in the mid-price category when acquired. An Uber Carshare ride can be a Subaru Legacy, a Hyundai Elantra, or an Audi A6.

Note the models may not be the latest, depending on what you choose. If you opt for the Uber Comfort option, you don’t get a luxury model vehicle like you would with Uber Lux. What’s most interesting is that you also have the UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, Uber Black, and Uber Black SUV options.

Booking Processes – Uber Rent Vs. Uber Carshare

The booking process at both Uber Rent and Uber Carshare is very simple. You can use the companies’ official websites or download their apps in Google Play or the App Store. Know what you are looking for and type the company’s name correctly.

Uber Rent

After downloading Uber Rent in Google Play or the App Store or entering the company’s website, tap Car Rental. Enter the address of your destination and your pickup location.

Don’t forget to select when your reservation will start or for how long you need to rent the vehicle. After finishing your trip, take the car to the agreed-upon location.

An Uber Rent driver will pick it up, and you will no longer have to worry about anything. As soon as you have dropped the vehicle, you no longer have any responsibility for it.

Uber Carshare

With Uber Carshare, the renting process is quite the same. You benefit from FREE membership, so you pay only if you need a vehicle. Don’t forget that you need to complete the system’s registration process before you can ask for a car.

Enjoy your trip with your friends or family. But don’t forget to take the vehicle to the location you have agreed on for company pickup. If you don’t leave the car at the agreed-upon location, the company will track you down to recover it.

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Cost Analysis – Uber Rent Vs. Uber Carshare

Now it’s time to move further to the cost analysis for both Uber Rent and Uber Carshare. Learn more about how much you should pay when renting from one of these two companies. Note that reputation is also a factor that influences prices.

Uber Rent

As mentioned, Uber Rent has more expensive cars in its fleet. You can rent them whenever you want to enjoy a special ride.

However, make sure you have enough money on your credit card or in your wallet. You can rent weekly for about $260 before tax.

Costs may vary depending on other local taxes and for how long you are interested in keeping the car. According to Uber, this service is much more useful but comparable with Hertz and Avis. If you plan a longer trip, select the number of hours you want to travel for.

Uber Carshare

With Uber Carshare, you get to pay only $5-$25 per day. For 5 hours maximum, you pay $25. Then another $25 for 24 hours if you want to keep the car for the period remaining.

There are also Uber Carshare owners that offer special discounts on their vehicles.

These discounts are available especially if you book the car for 3 to 12 days or longer. The flat booking fee is $6.99, and you need to pay it every time you rent a vehicle. There is also a first trip deposit to pay and some other charges that you should investigate.

Insurance Coverage And Liability – Uber Rent Vs. Uber Carshare

All Uber rides are insured. The company runs a Partner Protection insurance program that protects Uber partners against strains on income and financial costs.

The good news is that insurance costs are included in the prices you pay for cars. Regardless of whether you use Uber Rent or Uber Carshare.

With both Uber Rent and Uber Carshare, you can pay to buy additional insurance. The auto liability is basic, and there’s a lot of flexibility too. Insurance at Uber is $1,000,000 in liability, which is quite a lot when analyzing what insurance other similar companies offer.

What Does Uber Insurance Cover?

Motorist coverage for underinsured or uninsured vehicles is $250,000. The insurance covers not only drivers but also third parties and passengers. Take note that Uber prices include insurance charges too, so prices may vary a lot.

The insurance policy at both Uber Rent and Uber Carshare covers any physical damage to the rented vehicle. There’s also collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage. If involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle, report what happened to the company after making sure everyone is safe.

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Customer Reviews And User Experiences – Uber Rent Vs. Uber Carshare

I wouldn’t advise using either Uber Rent or Uber Carshare without looking into what people say about the companies. There are many online reviews on both services, so go ahead and give them a read.

Uber Rent

For example, one customer is very happy because Uber Rent is available everywhere, in every country. He also appreciates that he doesn’t have to download separate apps to use this service. Everything at Uber works from only one account, which is convenient for those who live fast.

Another customer is not that happy with Uber Rent because he thinks the service is expensive. While he prefers other companies when it comes to pricing, he still uses Uber. The reason why he does so is because this company has a big fleet.

Many other customers prefer Uber Rent because the service offers the smoothest rides. They use Uber Rent for their new and technologically advanced vehicles. Moreover, they’re very happy that using the Uber Rent app is an easy process.

Uber Carshare

One person who rented a vehicle with Uber Carshare was very happy that he came across friendly people here. Whenever he needed help, he didn’t have a problem finding the people he needed to give him advice. This is indeed rare for a company with so many customers.

Another review mentions an Uber Carshare issue. It seems the customer had to wait for too long to change cars after renting and experiencing some problems with the car. At least he got his vehicle at some point and didn’t take the train.

Last, most people like Uber Carshare because they always find a car. This company never seems to run out of vehicles, not to mention that they’re available 24/7. Moreover, according to many reviewers, their services are worth the money too.

Choosing The Ideal Option – Factors To Consider

Now that I explained how Uber Rent is different from Uber Carshare, let’s move further. You can choose to rent from either of the companies, but what factors should you consider before doing so? Let’s see below so that you can make the best decision when traveling.

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Type Of Vehicle

Depending on what type of car you want, you can opt for either Uber Rent or Uber Carshare. As mentioned, the two companies have different fleets, so they don’t offer the same types of vehicles. To sum it up, let’s see what you could get with each.

Uber Rent Uber Carshare
Green vehicles with the most advanced technology Used cars that don’t cost that much to maintain and keep working
Newer Sedans for business meetings Comfortable rides with extra leg room
Cars for which you may never need roadside assistance Some vehicles may not be that well maintained, and you may need to call for roadside assistance

Condition Of The Car

When renting a car, you also need to investigate its condition. You wouldn’t want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere because your engine failed to work. If you don’t have any idea how to evaluate the condition of a car, look online for advice.

Uber Rent Uber Carshare
You can rent brand-new luxury vehicles You could have problems with your car because it carries too many passengers
You may get a damaged car because the service is always busy Some used cars are better than others, depending on the models
There are many options for luxury vehicles You can opt for an SUV if you want something for harsh conditions


Depending on what you want, you pay different prices for your Uber rides. In case you want to go somewhere with your friends without paying yourself for the trip, choose Uber Carshare. Things could be the same with Uber Rent, but their vehicles cost more.

Uber Rent Uber Carshare
You pay by the hour You pay per hour or day
There are some daily fees that you should pay too There’s a distance fee
Insurance costs included in prices may be higher The distance cost includes fuel for vans

Car Rental Terms

Before you rent a vehicle with either Uber Rent or Uber Carshare, make sure the terms of the contract are clear. You wouldn’t want to have any responsibility when it comes to insurance or maintenance costs, so read your contracts carefully.

Uber Rent Uber Carshare
You don’t need to mention where you will travel with the car Same, no one will ask you where you are taking the vehicle
Weather, traffic, and other factors may influence fares The vehicle’s driver should be an “Authorized Driver”
It’s not guaranteed that you will find what you want You may not find a car in rural or unpopulated areas
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Uber Rent and Uber Carshare are two completely different services, even if they have similar offers and vehicles for rent. I would choose Uber Rent for a business meeting or attending a party where I want to make an impression. Their fleet is newer but note you will have to pay more for their cars too.

When it comes to Uber Carshare, this service is perfect when needing a car for emergencies or trips with friends. What’s also great about it is that you can rent vans for different tasks cheaply.

Both services are in the category of car rental. So, decide on which to use according to the above-mentioned factors to consider.