Here we will be looking at Things To Consider When Renting a Luxury Car.

Driving a luxury car will make your travel experience better–thanks to its advanced features. We should often travel in a luxury car to make our trip more comfortable. You can rent a luxury car for a day, or even months-it depends on the nature of your trip.

Things To Consider When Renting a Luxury Car

But, there are a few things to keep in mind while renting a luxury car. That is exactly what we will discuss in today’s blog!

1) Knowledge and awareness are the keys.

Explore many rental companies and select one, and carry out reservations well in advance before your big day.

There are too many rental companies in the market; however, luxury car rentals are only a few.

Every company presents itself to be superior to its rivals. But it isn’t about presentation. Companies shouldn’t offer much cry and little wool. So, plan, investigate, and reserve beforehand.

Besides, you don’t want to start your business trip in a boring hatchback or a leftover prestige car.

Do proper research and self-introspection too. Ask yourself what you want to do with a car. And, choose the car wisely…

2) Don’t forget to ask for a car’s model guarantee from the rental car company.

The luxury car you booked should match the luxury car you get. Imagine how you will feel if you don’t get to start your trip in your dream car.

Of course, you will feel blues out of the blue. It might spoil the essence of your business or family trip.

However, you can avoid such a problem by asking a rental car company for a car’s model guarantee. You can always shun uncertainty by asking for certainty in the beginning.

3) Consider your luggage now.

Would your dream rental luxury car be able to accommodate your luggage, if any?

Most luxury cars have limited space, and you don’t want to miss your luggage. Before booking a particular rental luxury car, ask your rental car company if the luxury car can accommodate your luggage or not. Is there enough boot space? This way, you can get a luxury car that supports your luggage.

However, if you have already decided to complete your business trip in top-notch Mercedes, you can plan your business trip as a loop. You can come back to the hotel for your big luggage.

To your knowledge, most rentals allow Porsche and Ferrari 488 can carry a maximum of two pieces of luggage.

4) Be mindful of one-way car rental.

When you reserve a one-way car rental, you will be dropping your luxury rental car at a location different from where you picked it up.

There are two ways to book a one-way rental luxury car – Domestic and International.

Domestic trips can have a fee, or you can get it waived due to partnerships the rental car company has with other suppliers.

International trips usually have a fee related to them.

It is advised to avoid one-way rentals, where possible. The reason is simple after you drop the luxury car at the final destination, that rental car company has to deliver the same car to its source rental company, at some point.

The return process implies more delivery expenses, which you will have to pay during the initial reservation. Therefore, don’t hire one-way rentals to cut delivery expenses. In other words, all those extra costs will be coming from your pocket.

5) Hire from your closest main city or city of your arrival.

If you want to save some money, you should hire a rental luxury car from one of the major cities – in other words, from the closest city to you or at your destination.

Now, what does it mean, and why does it matter? If you hire a car from a major city and return it to the same source, then you don’t have to bear the burden of delivery fees. However, if your situation demands you to rent a car in one location and drop it in another, then you should do accordingly.

6) Before you rent a luxury car, think of how many miles you need to cover.

Some rental car companies allow you to drive particular miles in a day, and if you exceed the miles, you may have to pay extra.

So, if you want to avoid additional expenses, plan your mileage. For instance, if you exceed the mileage limit of your rental Ferrari, it may cost you about $30 per kilometer. If it is a Lexus, you only pay about $5 per extra kilometer.

7) Check your travel insurance coverage.

See if your travel insurance company covers rental cars or not. It is always recommended to travel with enough insurance coverage.

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Ask your credit card issuer if costs for damaged incurred would be covered by travel insurance or not.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that luxury rental car companies ask you to make payments through a card like any other rental car company.

So, if you use the same card to guarantee your deposits and bond, make sure your balance is high enough to cover all the costs associated with your trip.

8) Who says no to extra services?

You should accept and take full advantage of the extra service that comes with a luxury car, if especially those services are complimentary.

You can shun airport taxes and get your rental car delivered to the door of your home.

If you have never driven a luxury car before, it is important to ask for driving instructions from the car agent. You don’t want to miss any fancy features on your exotic car. Who knows what feature can make your trip entertaining?

Well, all cars have basic features. But, do you know a Porsche can have an injection located on the left of its steering wheel, or Ferrari has a start button on the right top of its steering wheel?

Now imagine if you didn’t know about this earlier; how embarrassing it would be?

Also, ask them about how to open the fuel cap on the exotic car to avoid time wastage and strange stares from the gas station workers.

And don’t forget to learn how to close the car roof on a rainy day. Enjoying a convertible car is not simple as you think…

9) Take enough pictures of the car at the pickup

You shouldn’t be held accountable for the damage you didn’t cause to the car, and most luxury car rental companies take care of this fact.

However, before taking a rental car on a trip, don’t forget to examine it properly. Who knows if a luxury car has a dent already before your hiring, and your carelessness may cause you many bucks?

Check the rims and take their photographs. Don’t check a car in a rush. Take plenty of time to do that. At least a good 10 -15 minutes.

10) Consider your brand needs.

What does it mean? Hire a luxury car that matches the essence of your event or trip.

For instance, some luxury cars radiate elegance, royalty, and class, while other exotic cars represent adventure, fun, thrill, and excitement.

Lexus, Audi or Mercedes fits the best when you want to pick up a client from some destination or attend a formal business meeting.

On the other hand, if you yearn to impress your date or go to a bachelor party venue, the best option would be Porsche or a convertible.

The main point is to select a luxury car that matches your brand. Alignment relaxes minds.

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11) Keep your options open.

Your dream luxury car might be Ferrari. You have built many castles in the air regarding the rental Ferrari car. It is not bad to set dreams…

But imagine, what if the chosen rental car company doesn’t have Ferrari available on the spot or if it is out of your budget. Most rental car companies fall short of luxury cars. Uncertainty doesn’t knock on your door before arriving. There is a solution to this uncertainty.

You can either keep your options open or search as many rental car companies as you can. In the first option, if a rental car company doesn’t have Ferrari available, you can hire another exotic car, such as Porsche.

In the latter option, if you have already set your eyes on Ferrari, then you can explore other rental car companies to see if they are renting your dream car or not.

12) Special deals and discounts.

If you are a person who loves to save money, then you should pick a rental car company that offers special deals and discounts.

Oh yes, don’t compromise with the quality to save a few dollars. In the end, you will remember your experiences and not the money spent.

Now, let’s discuss a few tips for choosing the best rental car company!

13) Choose the rental car company that is known for its reliable and high-quality services.

A good reputation means high-quality services, and a bad one implies something is fishy. To ensure that the chosen rental car company is trustworthy or not, read its testimonials and reviews.

14) Do they really value their customers?

What customer care services a rental car company is offering? Do the rental car company pay heed to the needs of their employees?

Politeness and helpfulness are what clients expect from a rental car company. If your rental car company is offering these services, then it’s a big thumbs up, or else, look for the greener grass.

Overall, there are a few of rental car companies that present themselves to be superior to their rivals. Look beyond the surface. Look at what the company offers than what it advertises.

Choosing the appropriate rental car company is important since it will directly affect your travel experience.

The best way to find the correct information about a particular company is to visit their website and search for online reviews.

Look for what its past customers say. Were they happy or complaining? This technique will help you choose the best rental car company.

A Few Luxury Cars to Consider for Renting!

Before renting a Lamborghini, consider the below…

1) Lexus IS300

Lexus IS300 comes with higher horsepower. Higher horsepower implies the output of engines or motors.

If you have up to 2 luggage to carry, consider renting Lexus IS300 since it has a payload capacity of 975lbs. You can rely on this exotic car, and it will surely turn heads on the road.

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2) Audi 3 Sedan

The car with high-performance engines, another worldly comfort, and a stunning interior will set your heart on fire.

If you haven’t driven an exotic car before, you might be hesitating about Audi 3 Sedan, but believe me, this car has easy-to-grasp technical features.

The suspension system underneath Audi 3 Sedan’s body will render you a dynamic driving experience. Overall, this car is worthwhile and brings a lot to the table.

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3) Lexus NX 300

This five-passenger seat exotic SUV car will provide a tranquil ride and an awestruck driving experience.

If safety is your priority while looking for a rental car, you will be pleased to know that Lexus NX 300 has a wide range of safety features, including

Easy traffic sign recognition,

Automatic high beams,

Lane departure alert,

Cruise control with adaptive settings,

A detecting system,

Intervening system in frontal collisions,

Rear cross-traffic alert, and

Blind-spot monitoring.

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4) BMW 320i

The car has stunning looks, a beautiful build, and high-quality engineering. BMW 320i has a 1998 cc engine capacity, 17.61 km/L Fuel Economy (ARAI), 181bhp Power, and 270Nm Torque.

The comfort features include AC, Power Windows, Audio System, Auto headlamps, and Auto Seat Adjustment.

The look, feel, and aroma of the BMW 320i in unmatched and heavenly. Also, acoustics will prevent the passengers from outside annoying noise.

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5) Porsche Macan

This blend of compact SUV and sports car has better visibility and a large luggage compartment.

The 5-seater SUV Porsche Macan has 434.49bhp@5700-6600rpm Max Power, Max Torque 550Nm@1900-5600rpm, 65.0 Fuel Tank Capacity, and 11.24 WLTP Mileage. Porsche Macan is highly admired and respected all around the globe.

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6) Tesla Model 3

This great car has a touchscreen, charging network, an option to update the car’s functions, a card that you can touch on the door side panel to unlock the door, dog mode (for your pet’s safety), sentry mode to keep intruders away, and a lot more.

You can even watch your favourite shows on Netflix. The state-of-the-art safety features of the car will assist you with the daunting aspects of driving.

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Have a happy driving experience!