Airport transfers come to play when you need transportation to your pre-booked destination after arriving at an airport. For example, transportation from the airport to your hotel or rent-a-car booth is an airport transfer. In addition, you can pre-book your luxury airport transfer depending on where you go from the airport.

This article covers luxury airport transfers for small groups available from major cities in Australia.

Here a small group means when there are less than 5 people in your travel group. For example, when you are travelling as a family.

Let’s define luxury airport transfer services better, so we all are clear on what it really means.

What Is A Luxury Airport Transfer?

In layman’s language, airport transfer resembles a type of a ‘taxi service’, but there is a significant difference in it from taxis or regular airport transfers, which commonly come as a free-of-charge service.

However, in a world ‘nothing is free’, you actually receive such an airport transfer because you booked another service, for example, a rent-a-car, hotel, a connecting air ticket…etc.

As said earlier, there are different types of airport transfers:

1) Regular Airport Transfer

2) Luxury Airport Transfer

Regular airport transfers are pretty stra0ight forward, as most of us have been on them, so I will not explain them here.

Let’s turn on to Luxury Airport Transfers now…

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If the service you booked is ‘luxury-grade’, you may also be entitled to a luxury airport transfer.

For example, if you have booked a Luxury Car Rental, then the airport transfer you received to that rent-a-car pick-up point will likely be a luxury transfer.

In contrast, through luxury airport transfer services, you could book a luxury car service online to pick you up at the airport and drop you at your destination.

Now, let’s first see the benefits of airport transfers, regardless they have been regular or luxury ones.

Top 4 Benefits of Airport Transfers

1) Much Better And Comfy Than Public Transport To Your Destination

People with less patience and too many preferences may find it difficult to travel via bus, taxi, or metro. Simply put, regular public transport services are nothing close to the comfort you are after.

On top of that, if you are in an unfamiliar place, public transport can be confusing and extra challenging. You may not know where to head, the finest services, accommodation, etc.

On the flip side, dedicated airport transportation services such as airport transfers make your journey from the airport to your destination easier, more secure and more pleasant.

2) Reliable And Authentic Drivers

Since airport transportation services have a reputation, they hire drivers after careful background checks and evaluations.

If the luxury transfer services are chauffeured, you will have peace of mind throughout your journey.

Chauffeurs are highly trained, well-mannered, punctual, confident, and calm individuals. What else do passengers want? –A sense of safety and comfort.

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3) Saves Time

If you pick up regular transport services, the driver will follow the pre-defined route, and it will take a lot of time to reach your destination. They will focus on more passengers, and you will never be their centre of focus.

Contrarily, luxury airport transfers will take you to your destination on time, with a 100% focus on your needs.

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4) 24×7 Availability 

Fortunately, most airport transfer services are available all the time. Technically, if the airport is open, the transfer service should be open too. You won’t get this convenience with normal public services.

Raise a booking through the website or the company’s official app, and your chauffeured luxury car will be present at the airport for your service in your time of need.

5) Mode Of Payment

Most likely, you don’t need to pay out of pocket for a luxury airport transfer if you receive the service as a part of a booking. For example, luxury rent-a-car booking.

However, if not, to give hassle-free service to passengers during airport transfers, luxury chauffeur service providers accept all well-known national and international credit and debit cards for payment. You don’t need to use cash at all. You might even be able to pay with your own currency.

Regular Airport Transfer vs Luxury Airport Transfer – What Is The Difference?

Choosing the right airport transport can save you time and money. It can help you set the air for the entire journey.

Large group shuttles are deemed more economical than luxury airport transfers. But with luxury transport, you will be greeted by your professional driver and escorted directly to your accommodations. Sometimes you may even be treated with complementary gifts.

On the flip side, with group shuttles, you have to search through the crowd to find the shuttle, rush into the back seat of a bus, keep waiting in the parking lot, and then move from Stop A to B, then Stop B to C and so on until you reach your final destination.

In short, if you want to save money and have plenty of time, you can go for a group shuttle or a regular transfer service from the airport.

Contrarily, if you prefer privacy and sophistication, and have an urgency to reach a particular location, then luxury airport transfer is for you. They are a dedicated service for you.

Additionally, the cost difference between regular and luxury airport transfers can be significant if you book only a transfer service without relevant booking. E.g. Luxury rent-a-car booking.

Let’s turn on to the most commonly offered vehicles as luxury airport transfer options for small groups.

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Luxury Airport Transfer Options For Small Groups

Here are the commonly used cars in Australia for luxury airport transfers.

  • Mercedes Van Limo

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is an incredibly functional and adaptable luxury van. It completely redefines norms in several critical areas while providing all the safety, quality, and dependability you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz.

In its range, the Mercedes Viano is the top option for vans with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers, providing transportation with unmatched style, safety, and innovation.

  • 24-Seater Luxury Minibus

As the name suggests, this type of luxury mini bus can have 24 luxury seats plus internal luggage space.

  • Lexus RX and NX

These luxury Lexus SUVs have a capacity for up to 5 passengers.

You can even keep refreshments as the truck has refrigeration on board if such add-ons are included in your booking.

A quality sound system with big subs/amps is icing on the cake, regardless you would like to listen to a song on the go or not.

Transfer Options To An Airport vs Transfer Options From An Airport

We have already discussed transport options from the airport to the destination. However, transfers can be to the airport too.

As noted earlier, sedans, minibuses, SUVs, and vans are commonly used as airport transfer options both to and from the airport.

Of course, if you choose a luxury transfer, that means the services you receive will be high-end, with the use of luxury vehicles with a highly trained chauffeur. It’s that simple!

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Non-luxury Transfer Options To/From The Airport

Now, let’s talk about cheap transport options from/to the destination to the airport. Of course, as noted earlier, there is nothing luxury in these options.

  • Train or Bus

Travelling to the airport by train can be a very thrilling journey if you relax and early.

Rail travel offers you the chance to see breathtaking scenery, especially if you travel from a country town to a city airport.

If you want a cheaper option, then you should consider travelling by train or bus.

  • Rental Bike

The most significant benefit of renting a bike is it is convenient and has your back in case of heavy traffic and dead public transportation zones. This is also assuming you have only a hand luggage to travel with.

But when there is rain or if you have a few luggages to carry, you are better off picking up a rental car, a taxi or a rideshare.

  • Rental Car

You can hire a luxury or non-luxury rental car to travel from a particular location to the airport.

There are many cheap luxury rental cars in Australia. You can rent them from these rental companies.

If you are in or visiting Adelaide, Rent A Prestige Car – Adelaide is a go-to place for luxury rentals.

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6 Things To Do If Your Flight Gets Delayed

Delays in flights are common due to several reasons, including weather conditions, security issues, technical issues, employee strikes, waiting for connecting passengers, airport congestion, etc.

These are the things you need to do if you experience a flight delay to avoid extra fees from your airport transfer service.

1) Ring The Airline’s Customer Service

No one can help you better than the airline’s customer service representative. They take your concerns seriously and offer you effective solutions.

Contact them and get a clear picture of the expected delay. At least by doing so you will know no by how many minutes or hours your flight is delayed.

2) Be Well-versed In Your Rights

Educate yourself about airline policies.

Airlines may not compensate you for delays based on federal regulations. However, some airlines would give you a refund or allow you to rebook at no additional cost. The more you know, the more power you have.

And, if you carry travel insurance, that should cover the no-show charges from your pre-booked airport transfer service, rent-car service or the hotel.

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3) You Should Get Social

Although every airline manages its social media channels differently, businesses take their online presence and reputation seriously. Therefore, don’t be shocked if you catch an airline’s attention on Facebook or Twitter.

Reach out to them (again, be polite), and you might be able to acquire the help and attention you require!

4) Credit Card Travel Insurance

Many people don’t consider this, but depending on the kind of credit card you use, you might be able to get appropriately reimbursed despite anything that is outside of the airline’s control.

Learn about the rules of your credit card to understand how travel-friendly they are.

Some credit cards offer free travel insurance. If your flight is delayed for at least three hours, such credit cards will reimburse you for your unexpected travel expenses. You should claim such costs if your credit card comes with travel insurance.

5) Travel Vouchers

The world of vouchers can be complicated. Your chances of receiving hotel/meal vouchers are higher if the airline was at fault for the delay (e.g., technical problems).

The airline is not required to provide vouchers if it’s beyond its control; however, you have every right to ask for them

Some of such vouchers can upgrade you to a luxury airport transfer too. Just be mindful!

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6) Make The Most Out Of The Waiting Time

Don’t forget to take advantage of the waiting time. If you are tired, you should refrain from doing any stressful task. However, on the other hand, if you are feeling fresh, you can carry out the following activities:

  • Work

If you need to get some work done, have a coffee, pull out your laptop, and get to work.

  • Read

Download a new audiobook, visit the airport bookstore, or begin a new book on your Kindle.

  • Take A Nap

Look around for a peaceful area where you can get some rest. Just be careful not to oversleep and become disoriented.

  • Get A Drink

Make your way to an airport bar and get a beverage. Simply don’t go overboard!

  • People Watch

Play a game and makeup tales about the individuals you come across.

  • Meditate

Spend some time clearing your mind.

You can meditate while you’re on the go, thanks to a lot of apps. Resetting your perspective only takes a few minutes.

  • Walk

If you’re travelling with others, ask them to watch your bags while you stroll through the terminal.

  • Give a Call

If you have access to internet or local network, you should try to call to your loved ones as well as upcoming bookings to let them know that your flight is behind. This includes your Luxury Airport Transfer service too.

Earlier they know about your delay in arrival; they can help you better.

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Where To Book Airport Transfers?

Making a reservation on a website is, of course, the very first step you should look at when booking an airport transfer service.

In fact, unlike taxis or other shuttle services, you can’t (or, better yet, you shouldn’t) just hop in an airport transfer car once you get there because most of the benefits (particularly those connected to pricing and availability guarantees) may just disappear.

Many organisations, booking services, and neighbourhood operators offer a website made particularly for booking airport transfers.

There are variations in the “terms and conditions” across operators. Even if you book months in advance, some companies may require payment in full upfront, while others offer more flexible payments made straight to the driver during the trip.

With the same procedure, the same airport transfer companies also provide transfers in the opposite direction, namely from your hotel or apartment to the airport, as well as any other form of transfer from and to train stations and cruise ports.

Now let’s try to identify the best luxury airport transfer services in the main capital cities of Australia.

3 Best Luxury Airport Transfers in Adelaide, SA

  • Rent A Prestige Car – Adelaide

If you are in Adelaide or visiting Adelaide, Rent A Prestige – Adelaide is a luxury rental and chauffeur service you should not ignore. They also offer the best rates in town and a catered service for your indivisfual needs.

They have an extensive range of Lexus brand cars for your service.

  • Maxi Limo

Maxi Limo offers affordable chauffeur services. Their chauffeurs have credentials, a clean record with the police, and insurance.

Their BMW 7 Series is commonly chosen to provide their customers with an unmatched travelling experience to and from the Adelaide airport. Lexus ES hybrids are prized for their plush interiors, roomy interiors, and low emissions too.

  • Limo Hire Adelaide

This business offers Adelaide’s widest selection of limousine rental services.

They keep a large selection of high-end and luxurious automobiles that are sure to catch your attention, and they hire only the best chauffeurs too.

Their vehicles are serviced under a strict maintenance schedule established by the manufacturer, giving you the highest level of dependability without sacrificing their competitive prices.

Well, that all come at a price, but well worth considering!

  • Adelaide Chauffeur Company

With its current partnerships, Adelaide Chauffeur Company offers seamless, secure, discreet, and safe transport throughout South Australia.

Airport transportation is available hourly, on call, as needed for individuals, executives, families, small and large groups, and point-to-point travellers too.

3 Best Luxury Airport Transfers For Small Groups In Brisbane, QLD

  • Milimo

Milimo offers a selection of opulent coaches and buses with capacities ranging from 24 to 58 seats, all with high-quality leather reclining seats. All of the coaches are air-conditioned, comfy, and clean.

To further improve the exceptional comfort of your ride, their fleet is consistently maintained and cleaned to a high quality. All buses are equipped with seat belts and fire extinguishers, making safety the top concern.

Their service is ideal for large groups.

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  • Brisbane Executive Transfers

Among their wide selection of high-end vehicles, Brisbane Executive Transfer’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Renault Master are just a few of your alternatives for luxury transportation.

For large families, a group of people who are carrying a lot of luggage, their Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is an ideal option.

  • East Coast Tours

This company offers a variety of buses, minibuses, minivans, luxury coaches, and other vehicles. They have access to transportation that can handle very sizable crowds.

Their team will create a personalised schedule that is tailored to your transportation needs, whether you have a group of 5 or 200 people.

Again, they are an ideal option if your group is large.

3 Best Luxury Airport Transfers For Small Groups In Gold Coast, QLD

  • Specialised Transport Australia (STA)

Specialised Transport Australia is a reputable provider of individualised transportation, offering outstanding travel encounters all across Australia.

Whether you need Red Zone Approved Quarantine Transfers, NDIS or medical transfers, a luxurious experience, limousine services, or affordable private or group transportation, they can help.

  • Coach Hire

This is a comprehensive service provided by Coachhire online platform. Their goal is to provide you with the lowest costs and some of the nicest vehicles on the road, along with making it simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated for you to plan your transportation activities as a large group.

When you get in touch with them, their highly equipped team will be ready to provide you with support quickly and in a friendly manner.

As noted, their service is ideal for large groups.

  • Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast

Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast has transformed the transportation sector with more than 20 years of experience by offering individualised and luxurious transportation for any event imaginable.

They offer the best service possible to ensure that every single customer receives VIP treatment, from their corporate car rentals and theme park tours to wedding vehicle rentals.

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3 Best Luxury Airport Transfers For Small Groups In Melbourne, VIC

  • MG Chauffeurs

MG Chauffeurs offers a luxurious fleet of chauffeur-driven vehicles for airport transfers, corporate events, winery tours, special events, wedding transfers, and much more.

They are the source of executive, luxury, and prestige chauffeur-driven cars in Melbourne.

  • Hughes

Immaculately dressed, top-notch chauffeurs who work for Hughes operate the company’s luxury and premium vehicles.

They will meet you at the baggage carousel and help you transfer your belongings to the waiting luxury vehicle.

  • Luxcar

The airport transfer service from Luxcar is ideal for single travellers, couples, and even large families of travellers.

All you have to do is unwind after a long flight since your private chauffeur will meet and greet you at the terminal, take care of your luggage, and make sure you reach your destination on time and in luxury.

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3 Best Luxury Airport Transfers For Small Groups In Perth, WA

  • Platinum Transfer

Platinum Transfer adheres to a precise set of operating procedures, allowing them to continually uphold their commitment to offering the best possible transportation in Perth.

  • MAK Luxury Charters

In order to make your vacation as enjoyable and peaceful as possible, MAK premium Charters provides the ideal balance of quality, elegance, and price. They have a strong commitment to excellence.

Their commitment to excellence and years of experience ensure your safety and the enjoyment of your fellow passengers.

  • Luxury Transfers

This business offers charter service, picking up customers wherever they desire and taking them on a customised itinerary.

They specialise in providing luxurious transportation for small parties of up to 7 passengers while using experienced drivers.

Weddings, airport transfers, funerals, school dances, business lunches, theatrical plays, athletic events, race days, casino outings, wildflower excursions, and a long list of other events and functions are all things they can cater to.

3 Best Luxury Airport Transfers For Small Groups In Sydney, NSW

  • Sydney Airport Transfers

Sydney Airport Transfers offers chauffeur service within Sydney and to most interstate cities.

In addition to having its own fleet, Sydney Airport Transfers also employs more than one hundred licenced subcontractors as chauffeurs.

  • Silver Taxi Sydney

Their professional drivers are highly-skilled and professional individuals that offer 100% customer-oriented airport transfer, corporate meetings, parcel delivery, and city tour services.

  • Fast Maxi

Fast Maxi offers reasonably priced and dependable Sydney Airport taxis service.

They have a wide selection of vehicles to help you find the one best suits your needs.


Here we covered the best luxury airport transfers for small groups within Australia’s major cities. Feel free to explore them and share your experience with us below.

Thanks for reading.