In this article, we talk about luxury cars, exotic cars and prestige cars. I also elaborate on the difference and similarities between them here.

The key questions we cover in this article are;

  • What is a Luxury Car?
  • What is a Prestige Car?
  • What is an Exotic Car?
  • What are The Similarities?
  • What are The Differences?
  • Which Type of Car Should You Choose For Renting?

If you do not have a concept about those 3 high-end types of cars, it would be difficult for you to choose the best one from them. Don’t worry because we have got you covered here, and you will find all the answers if you read this article till the end.

I hope after reading this article, you will be able to understand the basic differences between all of the variants of these ‘luxury’ cars. In this article, some customer reviews are also written for your aid, and we also have other articles exploring some leading car luxury car brands too.

There is a need for preeminence when you quest a car. The ride should be comfortable and make an impression when it reaches its destination. This is a welcome bonus, so you have a good wheel to show off.

But the question that was immediately raised in your mind is which vehicle should I go for within high-end cars.

Let’s get started…

What Composes A Luxury Car?

It is very nice to describe the luxury car as deluxe, but the feelings that one feels after sitting behind the wheel is one of picturesqueness that I can’t explain.

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What Type Of A Vehicle Is A Luxury Car?

A luxury car is a style of a vehicle which are specially designed to render a sense of the level of alleviation, instrumentality, social status, performance, and convenience in comparison to other veritable cars.

Luxury cars are utile for every situation. A luxury vehicle is a marketing term for a vehicle that provides a sense of lavishness.

The word luxury means higher quality, better performance, and technologically innovative. When it’s come to luxury cars, it is, however, perceptual, conditional, and subjectively able to comprehend differently by different people.

Features Of A Luxury Car

Luxury cars are a status symbol of blatant consumption.

We may find a variant of options in a luxury car such as:

  • Heated seats made of animal skin
  • Mini-fridges
  • Amusement system blubber
  • Adaptive controller options
  • Many more…

Every car will not have the same features. For example, many manufacturers will not have numbers as they want. They have set a difference between automotive luxury and another regular vehicle to enlighten the features of the luxury car but yet want to prioritise different features and focus on their clientele.

Technology has elevated the platforms, which enables the manufacturer to possess varsity of a customised alternative that imparts comfort and is easy to employ into the vehicles.

Modifications In The Structure Of Luxury Car – The Trends

  • It is known that Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes are going to initiate the implementation of larger seat sizes to accommodate purchasers with a bigger stature and body frame.

No need to mention, automotive firms are increasing these seat sizes to form the driving expertise more leisurely for heavier set drivers still as proving a lot of comfort area for everybody else.

  • Furthermore, hefty doors are also beginning to implement in the structure of the luxury car to provide a sense of strength.
  • For passengers who are comparatively of great density, a lot of hefts and heavy-duty door handles are put in the structure of luxury cars and drivers.
  • The situation of leaving a car or taking in-car could be a systematic way that’s typically not perceived within the structure of cars that are being announced in the future, and luxury cars try to deal with this difficulty.
  • The main aim of future styles of luxury cars is to provide comfort and applied science seating and door movements to their customers so that they may feel a sense of consolation during their ride.

A few examples of luxury cars are as follows;

  • Lexus brand cars
  • BMW 5-series
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Mercedes Benz-E class

Pros Of Luxury Cars

  1. The performance of these cars is better than others.
  2. One of the interesting advantages of having a luxury car is that you feel safe riding. Most luxury cars have additional airbags for enhancing manpower against mishaps.

Cons Of Luxury Cars

  1. Using a luxury car will result in high maintenance and running costs. Although a variety of features you avail of from luxury vehicles, you have to pay more when you do almost everything with it.
  2. Secondly, you have to pay a significant amount for vehicle insurance. On Average, $500/y are paid extra by owners of a luxury car.
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Luxury Car vs Prestige Car – What is The Difference?

With the increase in use, the demand of customers also increases. The answer to the question “what is the reason behind the invention of new technologies in the car industry is that people want to be different, so they ask for new technology.

Customers always ask for something that makes them stand out. And, the demand is for car companies to come up with new products that have all the qualities and styles that the customer demands.

On behalf of these demands, the luxury car is no longer area of interest for companies. The widening of boundaries manifests the fact that as compared to a luxury car, the prestige car offers more comfort and consolation to customers.

There are subtle differences between luxury and prestige cars. I can best explain it by defining prestige cars as I did earlier for luxury cars.

What Is A Prestige Car?

The meaning of prestige is defined as something high standing achieved through megabucks. Factors such as comfort and a smooth ride are important while we buy or rent a car, but other than these factors, the interior structure is a factor that is of big concern.

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Satisfyingly it is for westerners who explore these changes which the customer demand in the structure of the luxury car to provide a new thing that consists of different features.

For example, one of the most peerless inventions in a class of prestige car industry is the Mercedes Benz-S-class. It is one of the most elegant and well-heeled cars.

The function performed S-class is quite different from others, even within the Mercedes range. Such as, we can configure the backend and figurehead seat into a monotone bed for the passenger.

Here are some features you can find in prestige cars.

  • In different versions, there is the availability of a camera system to dictate the road signal ahead, revealing the suspension system that’s arrived in front, so one can beware of bumps.
  • It works so effectively that one can see the policeman that is in a state of sleep.

These sophisticated features are not provided in luxury cars.

  • Prestige cars are also so refined that one can’t be disturbed by any unwanted noises made by other cars.

Other examples of prestige cars are following;

  • Lexus range
  • Range rover range of Land Rover
  • Rolls Royce Wraith
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Bentley flying spur, and
  • Many more…

Now let’s turn on to Exotic Cars.

What Is An Exotic Car?

An exotic car is one of the cars about which functions everyone feels curious. Somehow it is a very expensive car; not all common people can afford it. But it is impossible to find a single pedestrian who can’t turn their head back to examine such a car navigating by.

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When we ride in the exotic car along with the feeling of respect and admiration, we also feel a sense of power, comfort, and speed. Such models of cars are not in the approach of all peoples.

The companies designed such luxurious exotic cars in limited numbers. It is not easy for everyone to buy or rent an exotic car as they are expensive.

The idea is that two exotic luxury cars of the same model are unable to be found on the same road regardless of how rich the suburb is.

The finest representative of automobiles on earth are luxury cars, but the exotic car is an automotive vehicle that flies.

If you are looking for a model of car that has sharp piercing speed and can fly, it means you aim at exotic cars.

Exotic car shows the advanced function and has larger seats, an effective engine, and custom parts that make it distinctive from others.

When someone drives an exotic car, it will render you an overwhelmed sense of riding as, like aerodynamics technology with a sense of flash.

We can say that exotic cars may be referred to as a subset of luxury cars. All limits for speed in other models are broken in a model of exotic.

Sometimes the word exotic is also used for a high-end sports car.

Some models of exotic cars are;

  • Porsche Cayman R and S black, these can run at 340 horsepower.
  • Lexus LFA can streak at the horsepower of 526.
  • Jaguar XKR-S can streak at a horsepower of 550.

The company claimed that the fastest vehicle in the car industry is a Jaguar.

Pros Of Exotic Cars

  • High speed and better performance
  • Sheer prestige
  • When you buy an exotic car you are able to join limited membership of an elite owners club.
  • Fantastic investment (in some cases)

Cons Of Exotic Cars

  • The most dazzling drawback of an exotic car is the price of the car itself.
  • If some mishap occurs with the structure of an exotic car, you can’t just take your car to a mechanic. Instead, you have to uncover a specialist.

Even for simple things such as oil change, you may need to go through trouble in finding a specialist, which can be very expensive.

  • Another con of exotic cars is their fuel economy.

Many people don’t know about this factor about the exotic car, but generally, most people have money to buy an exotic car not interested in saving hundreds (but 100 thousand).

Similarities Between Luxury Car, Prestige Car And Exotic Cars

  • The technology and safety features are almost the same in all these car frameworks.
  • Large touch screens, arrays of cameras, and prophylactic safety technology are common features.
  • Another common factor here is the high price tag for quality and brand.

Differences Between Luxury, Prestige And Exotic Car

Luxury car Prestige car Exotic car
Luxury cars provide a sense of comfort to the user with a variety of features. A prestige car is more luxurious than a luxury car. It consists of innovative features that all models do not have. The performance comprehends by exotic cars make them ideal with custom parts, superior aerodynamics and much more.
You feel the luxury. You fee the high-end luxury and superiority. When you get a ride in an exotic car, you may feel as you fly. This feeling is quite different from the notion we experience in other car models.
Comparably common Somehow uncommon. The uncommon model even within the car industry.
Luxury cars are expensive but can be in the approach of different social classes, for example, by upper-middle class. They are more expensive than luxury cars. Sharp piercing finance is required to buy an exotic car.

Only the richest of rich can afford it.

The production of luxury cars is comparatively high than the other two car types. Satisfying production The production of exotic cars is very low.

For example, Mercedes may sell more than one in dat to week. On the other hand, Ferrari is selling is no more 10 within a whole year.

Auto repair easy available Auto repair is somehow available Need a specialist even for the purpose of an oil change.


In the above discussion, I hope now you understand how to select between luxury, prestige and exotic cars to choose the best car for rental or buying purposes.

Although every model of the car industry has innovative features, they are quite different from each other in the sense of comfort, refinement, and speed factor.