This comprehensive guide “Carshare vs. Rideshare – The Best Companies in Australia” will assist those who live or visit Australia. These individuals are searching to rent a car solution for short-term or long-term purposes.

Furthermore, this article addresses some critical issues, such as what is carshare and rideshare. Then, we will talk about their similarities and differences. And finally, we will discuss some of Australia’s best car and rideshare companies.

So, let’s get started.

There are many ways to get around these days, like riding a bike, taking a bus, or simply walking. You must consider carshare and rideshare if you prefer a more comfortable way to get around in different Australian cities. Carshare and rideshare are the two buzzwords that sound similar. Nevertheless, there are some key distinctions between the two ideas.

With increasing congestion in big cities, more and more people are turning to carshare and rideshare. Carshare or carsharing is the communal use of cars where multiple people share one vehicle.

On the contrary, rideshare or ridesharing is a concept where numerous people share one route. They are riding in the exact vehicle at the same time.

Still, it would be best if you had more clarity, so let’s first discuss what carsharing and ridesharing are.

What Is Carshare?

Carsharing or carshare is just like car rental. It is a short-term car rental where you rent a car for a specified time. Then, you own that car for that time.

There are few trips where people don’t want to take public transport—for instance. Doing extensive grocery shopping and moving furniture around a city. Similarly, going on weekend trips, most individuals prefer carsharing.

Carsharing is the best option for those who travel fewer than 10,000 km per year. It is a much cheaper and better option than owning a private car. One can also access more cars instead of acknowledging them alone. Therefore, one can have vans, BMWs, hatchbacks, SUVs, convertibles, etc.

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How Does Carsharing Work?

There are carshare apps available to individuals. The apps owned the cars and geolocated them on a map. Moreover, the verification of drivers is the responsibility of the carsharing app company.

You can download the app, verify yourself as a driver, and get going. You can pick a car based on its availability and proximity to you. Now you have two options: you can book the car on the spot or in advance.

There is a keyless system on the app through which you can unlock and get inside the car. You can return it to the designated area that is one of the parking places around a city. Depending on the level of the app, at the end of the trip, you may or may not need to top up the fuel in the car.

The Benefits Of Carshare

Below are some essential carshare benefits.

  • Flexibility

You can use the car when you are willing to drive.

  • Easy

Easy and convenient to use.

  • Available To All Drivers

It gives vehicle access to those people who don’t own cars.

  • Fewer Restrictions

They have fewer restrictions than car rentals.

  • Latest Car Technologies

More use of electric vehicles.

  • Traffic Fluidization

It reduces the use of vehicles on the road.

  • Environmentally Friendly

You will save the environment by using carshare.

What Is Rideshare?

A form of shared mobility is ridesharing. It is one of the most on-demand transportation options. In ridesharing, multiple riders can go where they want by sharing a single vehicle.

The car stops and picks up and drops off passengers along the route. Therefore, it helps reduce the need for multiple cars on the road.

You can jump into the car with strangers in ridesharing who are going the same route as you. If you feel that you are not in a hurry and can travel at any time, this is the best option for both within and between cities.

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How Does Ridesharing Work?

You can enter your desired destination after downloading the app. The app then uses your location and checks whether anyone wants to share the same route.

A driver then picks you up and drops you off, with other travellers in the car with you as well. However, the best thing about ridesharing is that all the riders will share the fuel and other costly expenses.

The Benefits Of Rideshare

Ridesharing is popular because of its convenience and the prices they offer. Below are some of the crucial advantages of rideshare.

  • Efficiency

More accurate and efficient.

  • Eco Cars

Ridesharing saves fuel for the car.

  • Traffic Flexibility

It helps in reducing the congestion on the roads.

  • Cost Efficiency

All riders share the cost.

  • Parking

In cities, it helps the problems of parking and pollution.

  • Quick

Rideshare is safe, quick, and affordable.

  • Environmentally Friendly

It is best as it reduces the number of trips a car makes.

Carshare Vs. Rideshare – The Similarities

Carshare and rideshare show some similarities as well as differences. Carsharing is an on-demand temporary use of cars. On the contrary, ridesharing shares the same route instead of the vehicle.

However, both carsharing and ridesharing save fuel and travel expenses. They both are efficient and sustainable. These two options are the best ways to reduce the number of cars on the road while saving a good amount of money.

The methods of carsharing and ridesharing are also suitable for commuting and business travel. One of the best things about carshare and rideshare is that they both reduce negative environmental and economic impacts. Apart from that, they both are quick, safe, and affordable.

In short, carsharing and ridesharing are popular because they are cheaper than car rentals and taxis.

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Carshare Vs. Rideshare – The Differences

Do you need a car but get confused by all the options? Do you require the vehicle for a specific event, such as days, weeks, or hours? Hence, asking yourself some of these questions will help you choose the best option.

Likewise, if unsure which is the right choice, you must check out the difference between carsharing and ridesharing below.


Carsharing is different from ridesharing in many ways. Carsharing or carshare is flexible, and the carshare companies rent cars for a shorter time. The arrangement between a vehicle owner and a person who enters a pickup location and destination through the app or website is rideshare.

We can see a fine line between the two terms carsharing and ridesharing. Hence, both of them are uniquely different in their operations. Carsharing is more convenient than public transportation as there are no schedules.

Thus, the drivers make their schedules. It is best for visiting a doctor, amusement park, furniture or grocery store, etc.

People can choose carsharing if the below criteria exist like

  • You Don’t Qwn A Car

They don’t have a car.

  • Car Unavailable

The car is in the shop.

  • Package Transport

You have some packages that make use of the bus complex.

  • Travel To Other Locations

Carsharing gives you the freedom to return the car to many convenient locations.

  • Group Travel

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make new friends as you pick different people daily. Similarly, you can also travel with the same group every day.


Ridesharing does not provide customers with a car but a ride. Individuals also rideshare, and it is suitable for them as well. The concept of rideshare is similar to carpooling. In short, it is like people going simultaneously to the exact location.

Moreover, they are also sharing the car as well as bearing all the expenses. It is better to choose ridesharing if

  • Short-time Business

You don’t want to drive a car but need it for some purpose.

  • Short-time Activity

There is no need for the car for the whole day but for a short time.

  • Group Travel

You must share the ride with other people.

  • Crowded Areas

There is no parking.

  • Travel Purpose

Some people don’t know or are not sure where they are going.

The following table shows the difference between carsharing and ridesharing.

Carshare Rideshare
  • Carsharing is for those who need a car for less than 24 hours.
  • A single car needs to be used among multiple drivers.
  • People who are going somewhere and using the car all day.
  • It is a kind of rental car.
  • Carsharing is a method in which you can create an account using your email address and credit card.

You also have to provide your driver’s license number for a driving record screening.

  • Ridesharing is for those who need a car but don’t want to drive.
  • Riders in ridesharing share a route, not a vehicle.
  • Going somewhere once for a short time and not using the car all day.
  • It is not a form of car rental.
  • Ridesharing is a process in which you can create an account using your email address and credit card.


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6 Best Carshare Companies In Australia

The future of traveling in a car and its access is changing. There are so many websites and apps that allow people to connect with vehicles. Different from ridesharing, carsharing helps drivers to communicate with individual car owners.

Similarly, they can connect with rent-a-car companies and dedicated auto fleets for a few hours, weeks, etc. Below are some of the best carshare companies in Australia and its different cities.

1. Uber Carshare

Uber Carshare is a carsharing company that provides cars in all major Australian cities, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, and Cairns. You can book the car for an hour or by the day with all types of damage cover and roadside assistance.

However, there will be no monthly fee so you can pay only when you need a car. Moreover, you can choose a car with instant keys. There will be an intelligent lockbox so you can get the keys; thus, it has on-demand access.


KINTO is an Australian company through which you can access cars that suits your needs and lifestyle. Carsharing of KINTO allows you to access cars when you need to without any hassle of car ownership. People can use the smartphone app and book the vehicle of their choice, for a business trip or a whirlwind shopping trip.

3. GoGet (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide)

One of the most popular carshares companies in Australia is GoGet. It is the best all-inclusive carsharing service. Their services are available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Users of GoGet have to pay a joining fee and pay a monthly service.

They have membership rates for everyone, including businesses, students, and seniors. Members can book a car online through the website or via an app. The fleet of GoGet includes commercial vans as well as convertible BMWs.

GoGet carshare is recently available for Adelaide airport as well.

4. Popcar (Sydney, Melbourne)

Popular is a famous carshare company in Sydney that brings a new way of car ownership. They also provide cars outside Sydney, like in Melbourne, Canberra, Victoria, etc.

You can pick the right plan. And the company will receive your application and verify your driving license and credit card details. After completing all the procedures, you can reserve the vehicle using the Bluetooth app feature.

When you complete your trip, you can return Popcar from where you picked it up and lock it again via the app. Most importantly, the best thing about this company is that they are on a mission to provide Australians with sustainable transport.

5. MoJo Carshare (Perth)

MoJo carshare is a company in Perth, Western Australia. Their carshare facility provided many facilities to individuals, students, businesses, and fleet managers. As Perth is a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis, Mojo provides shared mobility, including such initiatives as carsharing, which gives many benefits.

Therefore, some of the benefits of using carshare include cost savings, flexibility, convenience, etc.

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6. RIIDE (Gold Coast)

RIIDE, a famous carshare company in Gold Coast, Australia, provides affordable cars. The best thing about this company is that in their package. Fuel, insurance, and kilometers are all there with no subscription or sign-up fees.

Additionally, the cars that they provide are all environmentally friendly.

6 Best Rideshare Companies In Australia

Ridesharing is essential as it provides many benefits to people. For instance, it can reduce carbon footprint as well as traffic congestion. Apart from that, one can also save money on parking and gas.

Below are some of the best ridesharing companies in Australia and its different cities.

1. MooVr

MooVr is an Australian rideshare company designed by industry drivers. Hence, these drivers created a uniquely Australian rideshare experience for drivers and passengers with innovative app options. They also provide a female-friendly opportunity where women can deal with other women.

The cars they provide come in many sizes, from small to large.

2. Uber

Uber rideshare is widely available across Australia. It aims to provide the best and wide variety of vehicles. Whether a business trip or a holiday getaway, you can get the best ridesharing service at an affordable price.

Drivers who use the app of Uber come from different backgrounds and industries. It offers opportunities in all major Australian cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Sydney, etc.

3. Shebah

Shebah is an Australian women’s rideshare company. It provides safe transport and economic freedom to women. In certain circumstances, males can also get a lift. There is no sign-up fee.

Most rideshare companies offer 75% fare or less to their drivers. But, at Shebah, all the drivers get 85% of every trip.

4. Redy2GO (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast)

Redy2Go provides affordable ridesharing services across Sydney. They are famous for their airport shuttles and bring the same experience to rideshare car services for customers. There will be no surge pricing, so the price at the time of booking is the only one the customer will pay.

The rideshare cars can take people to hotels and different destinations throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold coast, etc.

5. Ola Rideshare (Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne)

Ola is a rideshare company that provides 24/7 support to its customers. The payments are 100% contactless through the app with no handling of cash or cards. They provide convenient, transparent, and quick service.

Nonetheless, they provide the best cars like Prime Sedans and SUVs.

6. Bolt (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney)

Bolt is a ridesharing company with an app currently available in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. However, Bolt also claims they provide the best service in every city.

Still, they impose different rates between states as the local regulations and rideshare services differ in all areas. Which is why the costs are also additional.

Unlike other ridesharing services, Bolt has only one type of vehicle to choose from, which can fit only four people.

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Carsharing and ridesharing are cheaper than taxis and car rentals. These two terms are gaining popularity due to their prices and convenience. Although both are more expensive than public transport, they provide door-to-door or conveniently located access points.

In addition, they also help in reducing the number of cars on the road.

In conclusion, car sharing is best for people willing to pay for the convenience and need occasional access to a car. On the contrary, ridesharing suits those who need a ride but don’t mind sharing it with others.

After reading all this, you must try each of them and then form your opinion. It would be best to tell others why you prefer carsharing or ridesharing and why you choose them.

Thanks for reading!