Are you confused about choosing Chauffeur vs Rideshare Premium Services? Don’t fret. We have your back.

In this blog, you will gain deep knowledge about chauffeur service and rideshare premium services. You will learn which one you should choose for a particular situation or event. So, let’s start.

What Is A Chauffeur Service? 

Chauffeurs are professional drivers meant to handle VIP people in luxury cars. There is a set of protocols and responsibilities that chauffeurs must bear ardently to attend to and serve high-end clients.

The Origin Of The Word “Chauffeur” 

The word “Chauffeur”, meaning “stroker” in French, emerged with the invention of the automobile. The stroker is the person who powers the boat engine.

Now, you must be wondering whether chauffeur and driver are the same or different things. Let’s clear your doubt here. The sole purpose of the driver is to handle the automobile.

Whereas the chauffeur is responsible for handling the needs of the passenger as well as the automobile.

Have a look at some of the features that distinguish chauffeur from driver:

1.     Training

A chauffeur has undergone extensive training in how to behave ethically and properly. To drive responsibly and solve any issues or concerns that may arise during his/her duty. They must undertake defensive and safety training and knowledge of mechanical emergencies.

2.     Respect, Trust, And Honesty

A chauffeur must exhibit calm and pleasing behavior. There should not be signs of rage, cursing, and dominance in the chauffeur. A good chauffeur knows how to respect boundaries and shouldn’t ask a client about his or her personal life.

3.     Open To Learning And Knowledge

A good chauffeur never says no to learning new languages, discovering new roads, and comprehending car mechanics and other latest technologies.

Moving on to Rideshare Premium Services!

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What Is A Rideshare Premium Service? 

To understand Rideshare Premium Services, let’s first know what ridesharing is. Ridesharing is an arrangement where car owners are willing to offer rides to passengers. The perfect examples of Rideshare services are Ola and Uber.

How To Avail Yourself Of Rideshare Services? 

It’s easy-followed the below-mentioned steps:

1. Open The Uber/Ola App

Click on the “Search Destination”. You will be taken to the page where you will see two text areas. The first text area will show your current location.

The second one will show you the destination where you want to go. You must simply fill in the destination text area.

2. Follow Recommendations

You will see recommendations, including “Book any”, “Mini”, “Bike”, “Prime Sedan”, “Prime SUV”, and “Auto”. You can reserve the car model you desire.

3. Different Platform Services

Apart from the choice of cars, such Ridesharing platforms also offer services, such as “book cab by the hours”. It means 1 hr 10km, 2hr 20 km, 3hr 30 km, etc.

4. Choose Your Package

After you have chosen the desired car or package, a car will appear at your location within a few minutes.

Other examples of Rideshare services, include Didi, 13 Cabs, Go Catch, Bolt, Sehbah, etc.

Till now, you might have gained a full understanding of Ridesharing services. Now, it’s time to talk about Rideshare Premium Services. As the name suggests, premium services imply services of exceptional quality and greater value.

To further explain Rideshare Premium Services, consider an example of Uber Premium. The main purpose of Uber Premium is to improve your comfort and accessibility. Also, it can provide you with customization options so that you can have the best riding experience ever.

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Let’s see what services you will get under Uber Premium:

Other Service Features

  • Style Statement

Book a luxury car to make a style statement, for any type of event.

  • Control

With Uber Premium, you can have control over the way you ride. There are also too many personalization options, including a calm ride, cool temperatures, etc.

  • Benefit Of Extended Pickups

With this feature, your driver can wait for 10 minutes till you arrive. This feature is extremely beneficial in case you get late to reach your Uber car due to some unexpected reasons.

You can notice that Rideshare premium services give you additional benefits like luxury car rides, controlling your riding experience, and extended pickups. As much as these rides are high-end, you will have to pay a heavy amount to enjoy them.

Another Instance Of Rideshare Premium Services: Uber Black

Just like Uber Premium, Uber Black offers top-notch luxury rides and services. You can easily reserve a ride in advance. All you must do is to choose your location and destination as well as the date and time.

Why Should You Choose Rideshare Premium Services Over Normal Cab Services? 

  • Trust

The rider can have peace of mind that both the operator and driver meet government safety and compliance standards. The luxury car you will ride in will have the right vehicle registration, and the driver will have proper qualifications. The main intent of rideshare companies introducing premium services is the rider’s comfort and a thrilling journey.

  • Affordable And Transparent Rates

Every rider wants premium services at affordable rates. Some rideshare companies don’t charge a heavy amount for traffic delays.

  • Awesome Personal Customer Service

Companies offer extraordinary travel experiences for those who have opted for premium services. They take responsibility for comfort, time, and efficiency and have invested in technology for customer experience. For instance, companies have apps that contain options for filtering travel choices, including vehicle type, quiet ride, cooler temperatures, protection from sunlight, etc.

  • Flexible Pickups

The future is full of uncertainties. Sometimes you may not be able to reach your taxi on time. Rideshares companies lend you extra minutes to get to your car.

In case you don’t reach the car after those minutes, you must pay for the driver cancellation fee.

List Of Rideshare Premium Vehicles

The vehicles you might be expecting to ride in with Rideshare Premium Transport are listed beneath:

  • BMW Car Models M3, M5, X3, X4, X5, X6, with all 3-series, 4-series, 5-series, 6-series, and 7-series
  • Genesis: G90
  • Cadillac Car Models Escalade, XTS, ATS, CTS, SRS, and STS
  • Jaguar S-type, X-type, XF, and XJ
  • Audi Car Models A4, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, S4, S5, S6, S8, SQ5, Q3, S3
  • GMC Car Models: Yukon, Yukon Denali, Yukon XL, Yukon XL Denali
  • Mercedes-Benz Car Models C, CL, CLA, CLS, G, GL, GLA, GLK, and ML
  • Volvo Car Models S60, S80, S90, XC60, and XC90
  • Nissan Maxima and Armada
  • Porsche Macan, Panamera, and Cayenne
  • Tesla Model Car Model X, Model S, and Model 3
  • Lincoln: Continental, MKT, Navigator
  • Lexus Car Models ES, GS, GX, IS, LS, RX, LX
  • Hyundai Equus, Genesis
  • Infiniti Car Model EX, FX, G Sedan, JX, M, Q, QX
  • Maserati: Quattroporte

And the list goes on. Briefly, it is worth hiring premium rideshare and beautifying your travel experiences. You can even reserve your ride in advance, like 30 days prior to travel.

When Are Chauffeur Services Better Than Premium Rideshare Services? 

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Are you wondering what to opt for chauffeur vs rideshare premium services? In this section, you will learn the benefits of chauffeur services over rideshare.

1) Save Your Pockets

Rideshare services are often deemed less expensive than a chauffeur. You are a little misinformed here. Chauffeur services are not costly as you imagine.

Many ridesharing companies increase the ride prices during popular times of travel, such as Spring, Autumn, festival seasons, etc. Chauffeurs, on the flip side, are transparent and stable with their prices.

2) Ineligible For Fringe Benefits Tax Exemption

Fringe Benefits Tax is the amount that employers pay on benefits paid to an employee in addition to their salary or wages. If you use Uber or ridesharing services you may not enjoy the benefits of Fringe Benefits Tax Exemption. However, chauffeur services will benefit you a lot.

3) Safety

Safety is the basic need of humans. Everybody wants to feel safe. The issue with ridesharing premium services is that you won’t get any medical benefits in case your taxi meets with an accident.

It means if you are traveling in Uber, you are carrying a lot of risks with you.

On top of that, you will never know whether a rideshare driver is experienced or not. Whereas chauffeurs are fully trained for sure.

4) Rigid Hygiene Practices

With rideshare premium services, you never know how many germs a seat must be carried in a day. Of course, drivers don’t clean the car every time a passenger leaves. On the other hand, companies that offer chauffeur services make sure that the car is properly sanitized and clean.

5) Fast And Reliable:

When it comes to chauffeur services, you don’t have to fret about your phone battery dying, your app crashing, or failure to hail a taxi. Moreover, many rideshare drivers will quickly drive away if you are not present at the location.

Analyzing all the benefits, one can clearly deduce that it is beneficial to avail of chauffeur services in the following cases:

1) Corporate purposes

2) Airport transfer 

3) Reaching the wedding destination on time

4) Important event which requires you to reach on time

In all other cases, you can go for Rideshare premium services.

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Alternative Luxury Transport Options

Apart from hiring luxury cars, you can also opt for one of the following modes of transport:

1) Luxury Mini-buses:

Mini-buses come in handy when you want to go on a local trip with many people. They offer you a myriad of benefits, including ample space for storage and accommodation, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and comfort.

You can even enjoy DVDs and TV serials on the minibus. The events for you which can hire a minibus are wedding seasons, day trips, sporting events, holidays, concerts, and festivals.

2) Vans

Vans? You must be wondering what the use of vans is. Vans come in handy when you want to shift to a new apartment or house.

In such cases, if you hire movers and packers near you, they may charge you heavy costs. Whereas you won’t have to face such issues while hiring a van.

Oh wait, have you ever heard about freelancing? Some smart people use vans as freelancing tools to earn extra money.

They hire a van and offer their own chauffeur or rideshare services. Isn’t it cool? You can rent a van for several purposes.

3) Bike

Be it a vacation trip or a leisure day, you can rent a bike. Some companies offer you benefits, including unlimited kilometers, comprehensive insurance, roadside, and assistance drop. They also provide pick-up service, helmets, tech options (like GPS, and Bluetooth), luggage and storage options, etc.

The most common bikes are Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Triumph, Ducati, etc. Furthermore, not only for the road, you can even hire special electric bikes for mountains. It depends from company to company as to what types of bikes are available in their repository.

4) Truck

You can hire a taxi truck for all your commercial and private general delivery requirements. There are numerous types of trucks available for hire. Such as trucks for furniture or piano removals, Spa removals, tailgates, crane trucks, couriers, and trucks to warehouse and logistics.

People usually go for trucks over vans if they have a big quantity of furniture. The benefit of hiring a truck includes:

a) Control

With a truck, you will have complete control over your belongings.

b) Decide Your Travel Stops

You can pack the way you want. You don’t have to follow the rigid instructions of someone else.

c) Low Efficiency

Trucks are budget friendly. Moving companies ask for a lot of bucks for simple transportation and truck rental companies won’t loot your pocket.

5) Boat

Organize your next part on a boat or yacht. The cool breeze, the sound of mesmerizing waves, your bosom buddies, and the classy boat will make your day or night.

You can swim, dance, have food, and do a lot of fun things with your near and dear ones. Boats are not only for kith and kin, but also for corporate people.

And if you are a corporate leader, let me tell you a secret. Organizing a corporate party on the boat will improve your employees’ productivity.

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Chauffeur services are more sophisticated and should be used for events such as corporate meetings or weddings.

On the other hand, rideshare premium services are better suited for leisure days. Apart from cars, there are several modes of transportation that you can explore. Thank you for reading!