Car sharing is an easy and flexible way of hiring a car. In Australia, different types of CarSharing businesses provide a good experience. Therefore, here we’ll compare Flexicar vs. Uber CarShare vs. GoGet to answer what is best for a luxury experience.
We will further explore their similarities, differences, and pros and cons in detail. Also, when does CarSharing not work, and when luxury rent-a-car service is better than CarSharing?
Keep reading to learn more about the differences between Flexicar vs. Uber CarShare vs. GoGet, and more…

When Is CarSharing The Right Option For You?

Car-sharing business is becoming quite popular these days as it’s different from typical car hire. It provides you with all the advantages of having a car, and that too without the cost of car ownership.
So, if your city has challenging driving conditions and expensive parking charges, CarSharing can save you a lot of money.
But is CarSharing the right option for you? The answer is simple; it is suitable primarily for those people who drive less than 5,000km a year. They live in one of the capital cities’ inner areas and mostly use alternative modes of transport.

Some Popular CarShare Companies In Australia

Some of the popular CarShare companies in Australia are below.

  • Flexicar– Melbourne (owned by Hertz).
  • Car Next Door– Inner city areas, suburbs in Australia’s main cities, and popular regional areas.
  • GoGet– Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc.

Most CarShare companies have ongoing membership fees, which you should consider when signing up.

Some also provide electronic swipe cards that enable them to lock and unlock the car. The keys are present in the vehicle that they have booked.

What Is Flexicar?

Flexicar, a private company in Melbourne, Victoria, has been active since 2004. It is one of the top competitors of Uber Carshare (formally Car Next Door) and GoGet.
In December 2010, Hertz Australia purchased Flexicar and expanded its operation across Australia. Some locations where people can find Flexicar services include Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, and Hobart.
It is the best alternative to car ownership and can save you hundreds of dollars annually. You can book the car nationally as their vehicles are in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, etc. Thus, you either book the car by the hour or by the day according to your requirement.
You can book Flexicar by following the below steps.

1. Choose Plan Carefully

It would be best to look at multiple plans to get the car that meets your requirements. There are various plans available at Flexicar online. You can select the one that best suits your conditions.

2. Background Check

The check is only done on your driving background, so your record must be clear.

3. Book Your Car

After booking a car of your choice, you need to pick it up from one of the nearby locations. Remember that the company will provide a PIN code to unlock Flexicar.

4. Drive And Return

Choose the plan, drive the car safely, and return it to the pick-up location. You need to enter the PIN code again to lock the car. This is the way your Flexicar booking ends.

What Is Uber CarShare (Formally Car Next Door)?

Car Next Door, acquired by UBER in January 2022, is a peer-to-peer CarSharing platform in Australia. After being acquired, it was rebranded to UBER CarShare.
Today it has the broadest reach compared to any CarShare business across the capital cities and their suburbs.
Uber CarShare has more vehicles with different choices of models and styles compared to GoGet. Therefore, with Uber CarShare, you can book a car for any and every occasion.

Uber CarShare has more vehicles with different choices of models and styles compared to GoGet. Therefore, with Uber CarShare, you can book a car for any and every occasion.

What Is GoGet?

GoGet is one of Australia’s leading CarShare networks. The main aim of GoGet is to provide reliable and affordable transport services to its customers.

GoGet also wants to decrease car usage and remove private cars from local streets. GoGet provides a choice of vehicles according to customer needs. They have people movers, small hatches, SUVs and vans, etc.

Now let’s look at the similarities between the companies.

Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShareVs. GoGet – The Similarities

sharing is becoming quite popular in the capital cities of Australia. One apparent similarity between these 3 companies (Flexicar vs. Uber CarShare vs. GoGet) is that their cars are highly in demand.

  • Flexicar, Uber CarShare (formally Car Next Door), and GoGet companies have apps through which customers can easily book a car.
  • Available in almost all cities of Australia.
  • The service of Flexicar, Uber CarShare, and GoGet is available 24/7.
  • They are perfect for short, everyday trips.
  • All of their bookings are online or through an app.
  • All three companies provide different membership plans.
  • You can book the car by the hour or day through the three companies.

Now let’s turn on to the differences…

Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet – The Differences

Indeed, all the Car-sharing businesses in Australia work differently, whether Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet. There are many differences, such as the location of their vehicles, rates, plans, and types of cars.
This table shows the major differences between the three companies.

Flexicar Uber CarShare GoGet
Flexicar is a fleet CarShare service in Melbourne and other Australian cities. These cars are parked on the street in designated car parks (or ‘pods’). Cars are located in inner city areas, regional areas, and suburbs in Australia’s main cities. Cars are in designated car parks in Australia’s main cities and inner suburbs.
It includes a membership fee. It has no ongoing membership fees. Daily and hourly rates depend on the membership plans.
They have three customer membership plans:

Ø  Flexi Business

Ø  Personal, and

Ø  Student.

There is no level of membership. They have three customer membership plans:

Ø  Go starter

Ø  Occasional, and

Ø  Frequent.

There isn’t any joining fee, but an annual fee. Car Next Door’s booking fee is $6.99. GoGet has no booking fee.
They have a $0, $49, and $35 annual fee with an $8.50 p/h rate based on their three membership levels. One of their cars is $5/hour ($25 per day).


The hourly rate of their car is $11.30, $9.90, and $6.70 ($91, $86, and $76 per day) based on their three membership levels.
Flexicar’s insurance excess is $1200. Uber CarShare’sinsurance excess is $2000. GoGet’s insurance excess is $2000.

Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet – The Pros

Most people think that CarSharing is a short-term rental service. That’s only the case when you are incompletely utilizing the service.
CarSharing enables you to drive a specific car. The cost-saving benefit you get in Australia is worth exploring.
Remember, these (Flexicar vs. Uber CarShare vs. GoGet) are just the three main companies that provide their users with significant benefits with a larger footprint. A few other players operating in Australia are restricted to only one or a few cities.

Flexicar Benefits

When you become a Flexicar member, you get the freedom of a car without any cost. Similarly, owning a vehicle is no hassle. Moreover, you also become part of a community that cares for its environment.
Some other pros of Flexicar are:

  • Regular special offers and monthly discounts for customers.
  • The fleets are less than three years old, professionally maintained, and easily accessible.
  • The only CarShare Company in Australia where customers earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on every completed booking.
  • Flexicar provides many vehicles like SUVs, hatchbacks, vans, and prestige cars.
  • Customers can book the car quickly through Android and iOS apps.
  • Vehicles can be accessed with a cardless PIN pad.
  • The best thing is that there are unlimited KMs customers can avail of on the hourly bookings.
  • Most importantly, fuel is available with all bookings.

Uber CarShare (Formally Car Next Door) Benefits

  • It is a peer-to-peer car platform and one of Australia’s cheapest p2p car rental services.
  • Melbourne has over 1,600 vehicles.
  • You can get a car around Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc.
  • People can book the car by the day or an hour only.
  • Uber CarShare has a free membership option and a straightforward registration step. Arguably, this is the best company for anyone with a valid identity and who knows how to drive.
  • Their flexible pricing lets customers choose the time and distance they need.
  • They provide 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • The trips include direct damage and loss cover of any kind.

GoGet Benefits

  • Three membership levels are Go Starter, Occasional, and Frequent.
  • The hourly and daily rates vary based on a customer’s membership.
  • GoGet allows people to have a more active lifestyle.
  • The best thing is that they increase patronage for public transport.
  • People have the option through GoGet to live car-free.
  • It is 50 % cheaper than any other taxi and rideshare.
  • A simple billing procedure is the best benefit as it provides clear visibility. Not only that, but it also reduces staff time.
  • There are no expensive fixed costs, and people can easily access a large pool fleet.
  • Offer discount policies for seniors.

Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet – The Cons

The CarSharing business is on the rise. Companies like Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet – all offer genuine cost savings and traffic reductions. But there are some downsides since the services are only suitable for people sometimes.

Flexicar Cons

  • Some customers think the cars need to be up to 100 % standards regarding cleanliness.
  • The application process is slow.
  • Membership plans of Flexicar are costly.

Uber CarShare (Formally Car Next Door) Cons

  • There is no guarantee of the vehicle as it belongs to someone else.
  • Cars might have some technical faults.

GoGet Cons

  • Sometimes delay in approving the driver’s license.
  • According to some people, their customer support is not up to the mark.

When Does Car-sharing Not Work?

There are many benefits of car sharing in Australia. Not only do you get a car in time of need, but you don’t have to worry about anything. The vehicle’s gas, maintenance, and insurance are taken care of by the CarSharing Company.

However, according to experts, CarSharing, one of the growing markets, can reach beyond $11 billion by 2024. Despite all this massive growth, some significant challenges remain within the CarSharing business related to safety and business ethics. All the platforms must address these issues to be successful in the market.

Flexicar vs. Uber CarShare vs. GoGet – Factors That Affect The Efficiency Of Car-sharing

If CarSharing is done right, it becomes a very profitable business. But only if it’s done carefully!

For instance, focusing on low-frequency users who only drive out-of-the-way locations once a month is not profitable.

Thus, it is not a good practice for CarSharing’s business success. For CarSharing to work and succeed, the technology and its business model must be aligned.

Another problem where CarSharing needs to be fixed is the incorrect utilization of the fleet. The customers must get the car in time with minimal delays. In high-density areas, cars are mostly in demand, but if the car goes to an outlying suburb, it is stranded.

It gets difficult for a new driver to come along for a while, making fleet utilization inefficient. Due to these problems, users’ experience is on the line.

Another important thing is that the CarSharing locations must meet the community’s needs; otherwise, being successful is challenging.

Now let’s turn on to the luxury car rental and car sharing market…

When Luxury Car Rental Services Better Than Car Sharing?

These days, it has become easier to reserve a car when you need to travel. With the help of computers, laptops, and smartphones, vehicles are available at a click of a button. Personal cars for trips, business, and vacations are possible through luxury car rental services or peer-to-peer car rental, i.e., car sharing.

That’s all true for regular cars, hand down! However, it may not be if you are after a luxury car.

Best to explain by understanding the differences between luxury rent-a-cars and car-sharing markets.

Difference Between Luxury Car Rental And Car-sharing

Car rental and Car-haring differ from each other in many different ways. The main difference is the diverse regulations between both and the restricted availability of luxury cars.

Car rentals are available globally in every city, airport, and town, with many luxury cars to rent. However, only a handful of car-sharing companies are available within Australia, especially with a luxury car fleet.

CarSharing, a new peer-to-peer car rental concept, is becoming more popular, though. But it comes with many risks, especially if something goes wrong with your journey or reservations, especially in an expensive luxury car.

Flexicar vs. Uber CarShare vs. GoGet – Which Service Is Convenient?

The car rental and car-sharing market are growing fast. Undoubtedly, there are some points in which luxury car rental is much better than car sharing.

The following table shows how car rental is more convenient than car sharing.

Sanitized Vehicle Gas Included Contactless Pick-up Subscription Fees Insurance
Luxury Car Rental Guaranteed sanitized vehicles Yes Yes No Insurance is optional


Sanitized vehicles depend on the will of the owner. Yes/No If you have subscriptions, it is available in limited markets. Yes, subscription fees may be applied. Optional insurance

Car sharing becomes a headache for some people as the cars are sometimes worn out. Thus, the maintenance of the vehicle depends on the owner.

On the contrary, car rental is a much better option as one can rent clean, new luxury cars.


Car-sharing is an established transport option in major Australian cities. There are many popular services in Australia currently, including the 3 main companies (Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet).

Flexicar came in 2004 when Aussies were catching up with the CarSharing trend. It can be found in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Uber CarShare, formally Car Next Door, is a peer-to-peer CarSharing network in Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Sydney, etc. It supports private vehicle owners who rent cars to others.

GoGet is in Australia’s most extensive CarSharing network and operates in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra. It has many cars fleet available for rent.

There are many different membership plans available from all three companies, which the customer selects according to their convenience.

Ultimately, it would help if you decided which CarSharing network is the best for a luxury experience. The best network would be the one that works well for you according to your needs, requirements, and budget. Flexicar Vs. Uber CarShare Vs. GoGet – all offer competitive market rates with unique plans for everyone.

However, in our experience to date, rent-a-car works better for many customers when it comes to luxury or prestige cars.

In short, car-sharing companies save you lots of money, especially if you live in an expensive Australian city and don’t want to own a car.

Thanks for reading!