It’s easy to find the best places to hire a limousine in Australia if you know where to look. Many limousines rental services offer their services at affordable rates. With a simple Google search, you can come across thousands of websites, but which ones are the actually best?

Discover 18 top limousine hire locations in Australia for special events like proms, parties, or weddings. A limousine ride can be very enjoyable, especially when you’re with the right friends.

Explore Australia’s limousine options, rental prices, and recommended locations for hiring and exploring the country’s limousine options. After done reading, you will be able to make an informed decision about what type of limousine you should rent.

Types Of Limousines Available In Australia

Australian limousine options are available for citizens and special. Enjoy comfortable rides and stunning coastal regions in various destinations for parties or travel.

Request a Pullman or a stretch limousine for private events with limited attendees. This way, you can be sure that you will have an impressive entry at any private nightclub here.

On the other hand, if it’s your wedding day, you can call for a classic vintage limo. Since prom nights are young and fun, you can opt for a convertible limousine too. Keep in mind that Lincoln limousines are for more serious events or closing business deals.

Events And Occasions To Hire A Limousine

To start with, limousines are not the same as luxury cars. Attending special events in limousines demonstrates respect and hard work. Therefore, rent a limousine when you deserve a ride or want to go someplace special.

The special events and occasions to hire a limousine can be weddings, baptisms, and prom nights. Of course, if you can afford and want to go to any other sort of party in a limo, you can. Just keep in mind that the trip can be expensive, depending on your taste.

Inform the limousine rental company about your journey when making a reservation. Ensure a safe trip and attend events without headaches by avoiding unnecessary stress during your trip. In the meantime, why not sip champagne with your friends in the back of the limousine?

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Limousine Rental Company

There are a few factors you should take into consideration when renting a limousine. Have a look below to see which are these factors:

Safety First

The most important factor is of course safety. Hence, ask the car rental company about their fleet of cars and how often they perform service check-up routines. It would be a good idea to stay away from shady companies that have vehicles in very bad shape.

Online Reviews

Check online to see what other people said about the limousine rental company you are about to contact. In the meantime, keep in mind that people don’t think the same, so their opinions might differ. Rent from a company that has mostly positive reviews and this way, you won’t end up disappointed.

Fleet Size

A limousine rental company with a big fleet is more trustworthy. Not to mention the fact it can offer you affordable rates. After all, the most important thing is that you have many choices.

Choose the limo of your dreams, expecting it to be just like you expect it.

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Limousine Rental Prices In Australia

Limousine rental prices in Australia vary according to the type of limo you are looking to hire. For example, if you want a modern stretch limo, you could pay anywhere between $290 to $590 per hour. On the other hand, an SUV limo may cost you less, as it’s only $275-$390 per hour.

Hummer limo hires for making impressive entrances at garden parties could cost you somewhere between $390 and $690 per hour. Whereas small party bus hires are $250 to $500 per hour. A sedan limousine is $89 per hour, and you must rent it for a 1-hour minimum.

In Australia, the highest amount of money for a luxurious ride is $590 per hour. It’s not that much, if you want to close a big business contract that could bring you a lot of money.

Limousine Rental Insurance

When paying the prices above, you also pay for insurance. Therefore, the limousine rental company of your choice won’t charge you extra to insure your ride. This is something to appreciate, as insurance on a limo can be very expensive.

In other words, limousine rental companies in Australia have your back.

How To Book A Limousine Rental?

It’s very easy to rent a limousine in Australia. All you need is a valid credit card and a strong internet connection to secure your transaction. You can also book your ride by making a phone call but note that most companies prefer the online method.

Find the official website of the company you have decided to rent your limousine from and ask them for a quote. If you find their offer to be attractive, choose your ride and close the transaction online. This process requires you to fill in your credit card details.

If you contact the limousine rental service by phone, they will ask you for your credit card details to complete the booking. Therefore, you usually can’t make a reservation if you have only cash. Some companies might offer cash deals, but this doesn’t happen that often.

5 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Limousine Rental

When hiring a limousine, you should consider all the steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure the company has a good reputation. A smooth journey for businesspersons, wedding attendees, or VIPs ensures a smooth event planning on their way to their destination.
  • Choose your vehicle and route accordingly. You must know the exact location of the event you’re going to attend if you don’t want to confuse your chauffeur.
  • Make sure chauffeurs have all their licenses. In Australia, only chauffeurs can drive limousines for corporate and private events, tours, and airport transfers.
  • Above all, check how the traffic is on the day of your event. You could book your ride for 1 hour, but your journey may take longer because of traffic.
  • Check the services packages your company provides. Companies have different prices, depending on what type of vehicle you book and the type of event you want to attend.
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3 Best Places To Hire A Limousine In Sydney

Sydney, Australia’s largest city and national architectural treasure, offers excellent limousine rental options in the city’s central areas:

Unity Executive Services

This famous limousine company has a fleet of 1.3 million limousines. You can find your perfect ride without even scrolling too much through their deal offers.

Strong Points Benefits
Free Journey If your chauffeur is 1 minute late, you have a free ride guaranteed
Security Personnel You can also ask for a team of trained bodyguards to keep you safe
You can also rent luxury cars UES also offers more affordable luxury car rental services

OZ Limo Hire Sydney

At OZ Limo Hire Sydney, you can rent only wedding limousines. The company also has a fleet of luxury cars if you prefer Maserati, Bentley, Jaguar, and even Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Strong Points Benefits
Large fleet OZ Limo Hire Sydney can get you a wedding limousine fast
Attractive website The company’s pictures inspire you to dream about an authentic Australian wedding
Efficient customer support service You can talk with friendly people who are always ready to help you

Sydney Limousine Services

This limousine service is open 24/7. If you want to hire them, book a vehicle online or call them. Sydney Limousine Service has a team of qualified and appreciated chauffeurs.

Strong Points Benefits
Reputable services You always get a limo on time and very serious services
Experienced staff People at Sydney Limousine Services have worked here for years so they know what they’re doing
Vehicles in very good condition Your ride is comfortable and thus, more enjoyable

3 Best Places To Hire A Limousine In Melbourne

Now let’s move to Melbourne, another of Australia’s impressive and sunny cities. If you want to get married or attend a party here, you can hire one of the limousine services below.

Limo Hire Melbourne

This company offers limousine packages for any occasion, including debutante balls, wine tours, bucks/hens’ nights, weddings, and christenings. You can also call them for airport transfers.

Strong Points Benefits
Multiple packages You can book them for any sort of event, they’re not selective
A large limousine fleet It’s easy to pick the ride of your dreams, as there are many vehicles to choose from
Elegance and class You can arrive at your destination in style and comfortably

Amazing Limousines

Open 24/7, Amazing Limousines has been in the business for over 15 years. The staff is always friendly, and you can book a limo fast with them.

Strong Points Benefits
Neat website You can book a limousine online in only a few minutes
Positive client testimonials Amazing Limousines services have impressed many people, so they can impress you too
New vehicles Comfortable rides in the newest limousines in Melbourne

Maya’s Hummer

Maya’s Hummer has gained a loyal clientele for five years, offering cool parties for school leave and birthdays. They are attracting young clients who appreciate a cool experience.

Strong Points Benefits
Colorful limos Fun experiences in limousines that reveal you can shine any moment of the day and night
Young vibe Maya’s Hummer staff is always happy and ready to service you
Exquisite fleet Regardless of your taste, your ride is sure to be very classy
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3 Best Places To Hire A Limousine In Brisbane

Moving to Brisbane, where the weather is either warm or hot for the entire year.

Let’s see the 3 best places to hire a limousine:

Brisbane Premier Limo Service

As their name suggests, Brisbane Premier Limo Service is a luxury limo company. It is dedicated for people who are busy all the time or need to sign important documents. You can ask them for a quote via their website.

Strong Points Benefits
Class and elegance You can enjoy the most luxurious rides of your life, regardless of the event you’re attending
New and comfortable vehicles The Brisbane Premier Limo Service fleet is for passengers who want to relax and have a safe journey
Limo hire services You can also book airport and corporate transfers

Brisbane Limos

This company has been in business for over 20 years. Reliable limousines are available 24/7 for organizing weddings, hen’s parties, school formals, or tours, ensuring 24/7 availability for any occasion.

Strong Points Benefits
Honesty and transparency You can never go wrong with the Brisbane Limos staff; their services are impeccable
Elegance The Brisbane Limos fleet is almost brand-new, and the limos are well maintained
Refund policy You can get your money back if you have a serious reason to be unhappy with their services

Stretch Limo Hire Brisbane

This company has top-quality vehicles and offers services for all types of events. Starting with stylish dinners to casino limousine trips, party limos, bachelor parties, and even sporting events. You can also book them for a Hummer limo.

Strong Points Benefits
Comfort The limousines are almost new and very clean
Affordable rides Stretch Limo Hire Brisbane offers the best deals on the market
Incredible experiences You are sure to make great memories if you use this company’s services

3 Best Places To Hire A Limousine In Perth

Perth is a destination for your dream holiday and Western Australia’s capital. You can find opera companies and the state ballet here, but let’s see where you could call for a limousine.

Lavish Limousines

This company has limousines for any special occasion you may be interested in attending. For example, you could rent a limo to propose, get married, go to a concert, birthday party, or anniversary.

Strong Points Benefits
Classy rides The Lavish Limousines fleet comprises only Chryslers
Honesty The company’s website features the price list
Variety You can book your ride for any sort of event

Wicked Limousines

This company offers the most “wicked” packages, including kids’ parties and wine tours. Contact them on their official website for a quote.

Strong Points Benefits
On many occasions to party You can have great fun at karaoke shows and red-carpet entrances using VIP passes
Various limousine models The Wicked Limousines fleet is made of many limo models, out of which mostly are SUVs
Great customer support The Wicked Limousines customer support team is friendly and helpful

Showtime Limousines

As its name suggests, this experienced company is ready to make you feel like a VIP in Perth. Hire them for any special occasion.

Strong Points Benefits
Neat and organized You can book any type of limousine, regardless of the event you’re planning or attending
“Clean” website You can book online your ride with Showtime Limousines in minutes
For all tastes You are sure to find a limousine here, no matter what colors or themes you like
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3 Best Places To Hire A Limousine In Adelaide

Visit Adelaide if you want a taste of history and indigenous Australian art. If you want to host or attend a special event, here are the best places to hire a limousine:

All Occasion Limousines SA

This Adelaide limousine rental company can make you feel like a star with its almost new limos and various packages. You can book them online or on the phone.

Strong Points Benefits
Satisfied customers The company’s official website features many positive testimonials, so you will surely be happy with their services too
Services for all occasions You can hire All Occasion Limousines SA for any kind of event or just a ride
Fast booking Allan or Sue will make sure to book you a limo as fast as you need it

Dream Limousines SA

In business for over 7 years now, Dream Limousines SA is a company that offers its services for all occasions. Book your Porsche limousine in Adelaide with them if you want a classy adventure on the road.

Strong Points Benefits
Dreamy experience Regardless of where you are going, Dream Limousines SA offers the most relaxing and comfortable limo journey
Select fleet Their limos, even if not that many, make you feel special because they are rare models
Affordable You don’t have to spend a fortune for a ride in town

Adelaide Limousines And Hire Cars

This company doesn’t ask too many questions and offers the most comfortable limo trips in Adelaide or the town’s surroundings. Their official website has a live chat feature.

Strong Points Benefits
Objectivity You pay affordable rates for high-quality services and value
VIP and wine tours services You can feel special discreetly on your way to your destination
Precision You will be sure to get picked up on time and arrive at your destination when you have promised

3 Best Places To Hire A Limousine On Gold Coast

Last, let’s see which of the best places to hire a limousine in Gold Coast. This destination will make you feel as if all your dreams can come true, so choose wisely.

All Occasions Limousine GC

Whether you need school, wedding, or airport and corporate transfers, All Occasions Limousine GC has got you covered. Contact them online for a quote or call the number on their official website.

Strong Points Benefits
Complete services All Occasions Limousine GC offers you everything you may ask for
User-friendly website You can easily navigate through their website’s interface
Transparency There’s even an All Occasions Limousine GC website if you want to find out more

Redlandsgo Hummer Hire

This company has been activating in the Gold Coast for over 10 years and has a very good reputation. They cater to all types of events.

Strong Points Benefits
Enjoyable journeys This limo service offers a refreshing breath of fresh air during stressful journeys or under pressure.
Prompt customer service You can contact the Redslandsgo customer support service via online chat
Available 24/7 This limo service makes you feel as if they work all the time for you only

Limousines In Paradise

Arrange a journey in Paradise with a 10-Seater White Disco Chrysler 3000 Stretch Limousine or Hummer SUV limousine. Your ride will be the classiest if you do, so don’t hesitate to book it.

Strong Points Benefits
Select ride This company offers simple rides for the happiest moments in your life
Prompt response You can book last-minute specials if you are in a hurry or eloping
Family tours The limos are ideal for joyful trips with your family
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Average Cost Of Hiring A Limousine In Australia

As you have probably understood from the section above, the average cost of hiring a limousine in Australia is approximately $350 per hour. It is not much if you don’t need the vehicle for an entire night.

If you need more than one limousine, you can negotiate rates. But in this situation, make sure to contact one of the big companies mentioned in this article. Large companies such as Unity Executive Services and Amazing Limousines have many vehicles in their fleets.

All these 18 best places to hire a limousine in Australia can offer you the vehicle of your dreams at an average rate. Contact the ones you think are most suitable for your needs and taste to get a quote. Make an informed decision, as you probably don’t want to spend all your money on a limo ride.


Discover top limousine hire locations in Australia for special occasions and stylish travel, ensuring a memorable experience.

Hopefully, this article gives you the information you need for picking up the limo ride you have always dreamed of.

Discover more about the companies mentioned by calling or emailing them with questions.