Today our article is to provide a guideline for you when an important day comes in your life and you want to choose a rental car for that special day. We’ll help you navigate the mistakes some may make while choosing a luxury car. Then you’ll be able to know what to do and ultimately answer if you should rent a luxury car for your wedding and going away? Don’t worry, it’s easy to rent a luxury car for a wedding.

Why Is Your Wedding So Special?

This is a day of celebration and is something that is meant to be as memorable as possible. As the years go by you don’t want to ask yourself what if when it comes to your wedding, but that you had the best and most luxurious wedding event possible.

People dress up for the occasion as do the couple getting married, meaning arriving in style is a must-have. Maybe you also want to then use the luxury car for the honeymoon as well, if it’s local. Just look how beautiful and luxurious your wedding day can be.

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Just like your wedding day only happens once, so does the type of luxury car that you’ll want to use on that day. It’s a special occasion that you want to share with friends and loved ones and is not something that should be decided lightly.

Should You Rent A Luxury Car For Your Wedding?

The question you should be asking yourself is what type of luxury car should you rent for your wedding? You can arrive in your dream car that you never thought you’d set foot in, driven by a professional chauffeur that will not only help you get to your destination safely but make the two of you feel like royalty. An excellent option to consider in case you already have decision fatigue would be one of our luxury Lexus Sedans.

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How Does It All Work?

When you decide to rent a luxury car for your wedding, you’ll want to do so in advance so that you’re able to get the car that you specifically want. That means the right colors and interiors, as well as the right features. When you are with professional luxury car rental companies, then you wont have to go through the hassle of wondering what type of luxury car to go for.

Whether you’re looking for a Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, or some other quality manufacturer, working with the right partner, will ensure that you end up with the right car model.

You’ll at the minimum, be renting one out for several hours, and it can also be used as a mode of transportation for the wedding party, especially if it’s a destination wedding and you want to help with transport. Your wedding party will definitely appreciate the luxurious transport they receive and will help to make the wedding feel more luxurious than could be thought possible. It’s also a much better option than using rideshare.

No matter what though, especially if the wedding venue is a bit out of the way, you’re going to want to ensure that you have secured proper transport, and that could mean consideration for hiring multiple luxury cars for the big day.

What to Look For In A Luxury Car?

These are cars that you’re not driving every day back and forth to work. You want to ensure that when you’re looking for a luxury car it’s effortless when it comes to being in one. This means even if you’re a passenger in the backseat, you shouldn’t have any issues with space and should be able to easily adjust to your preferred settings, without feeling as if you’re inside a tin can.

Then you want additional amenities and features, from the right type of displays and entertainment as well as high-quality construction and materials used for the seats themselves. You don’t want to arrive at the wedding venue feeling uncomfortable and annoyed when it could all be avoided when you rent a luxury car for a wedding.

The final note you want to look for in a luxury car is its safety and performance. You want to ensure safety for your guests, but you also want to have fun with it, and these luxury cars come with performance and speed in mind. Nothing like being able to feel as if you’re in the smoothest ride of your life, no matter how many winding roads there may be.

Again remember there are different levels of luxury cars, and there’s one for everyone’s budget, so that means there’s no excuse for you not to rent a luxury car for a wedding. It can be a great nice to have, and help to alleviate stress with the entire event. Keep in mind we’re talking about luxury cars as a class, as there are also prestige and exotic cars too.

Best Rent-A-Car Luxury Brands For A Wedding

Lexus is a standard when it comes to luxury, especially with some of their models being at the pinnacle of luxury.

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These luxury sedans are all about feeling as if you’re at your home that’s comfortably transporting you where you need to go. They have roomy seats that are separated in the back so both the bride and groom can have their own personal space to prepare for the big day.

Lexus is all about detail and these models typically come with high-end leather seats, that can come in a variety of colors to match with your wedding color tones, as well as come with highlights on the seats to boast the luxurious components. They are extremely comfortable as well, combined with the ability to adjust the seats to your individual preference, which means a comforting ride every time.

The aesthetics of the car itself will help provide that WoW! Factor many look for on their wedding day that goes beyond the beautiful leather seating, but also the wood trims and panels that offer that air of luxury and class. Even the steering wheel itself is leather trimmed to match with the rest of the interior

There’s built-in Bluetooth and USB smartphone connection to charge your phones with LCD panels to help manage navigation and entertainment.

Safety First

Weddings can be quite chaotic and there’s no need to be concerned about safety when you rent a luxury car for a wedding. Lexus itself boasts a complete safety system, that covers multiple aspects to prevent accidents from occurring. This starts with their pre-collision detection system to alert drivers the possibility of a collision to occur and allow them to adjust.

From there these luxurious cars come with dashboard road sign assistance and lane assistance so there are no distractions when it comes to trying to figure out what the upcoming road sign says. As the wedding heads into the evening, Lexus safety also includes high beams that will adjust based on if there are other vehicles on the road or not, so you have the best visibility possible.

Use Of A Luxury Rent A Car During Your Wedding

There are a slew of other benefits and innovations that will come with your Lexus when you’re looking to rent a luxury car for a wedding. This comes from the manufacturer themselves which comes from a culture that is known for its quality and that the best standards to them are only the bare minimum.

When you can yourself into a luxury Lexus sedan, that’s going to be at the cutting edge and blend of technology and innovation. With a professional driver to help chauffeur for the day will only enable the best experience that Lexus has to offer.

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Want To Rent A Luxury Car For A Wedding

Here are some mistakes to avoid when it comes to your luxury car and your wedding day

1. Using Family Members As The Chauffeur

For those that are looking for an elegant wedding inclusive of your luxury Lexus Sedan, you’re going to want to also include a professional chauffeur that knows exactly how to handle the car, and understands all the features the bride and groom will be able to enjoy. For those that are wondering here’s a difference between a chauffeur and a private driver.

2. Ignoring Industry Recommendations

Don’t just work with any vendor when it comes to renting a luxury car for your wedding. You’ll want to work with professionals that have an inventory of luxury cars ready for your wedding day. Simply going to a car rental agency and looking for one will not provide you with the right models that are truly luxurious.

3. Focusing Too Much On The Budget

This is the wedding day and the overall budget should already include the cost of a luxury car rental, especially if everything else about the wedding is going to be luxurious. Don’t overthink too much with the cost to rent a luxury car for a wedding. Also, the cost of renting a luxurious car for the big day, or even for a few days as the wedding guests arrive, will not be as expensive as many people believe.

Here’s a list of some of the best cost-effective options, including Lexus. In fact, while you will want a Lexus Sedan for the bride and groom, you can use a larger option from Lexus to ferry people back and forth to where the guests need to go.

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In The End

Remember, there are a lot of moving parts that come with planning a wedding. When you rent a luxury car for a wedding, it should be a smooth process, and in fact, enjoyable, so you’re able to arrive in style and have your guests enjoy it as well. We always make sure to provide vehicles that are up to standards and regulations and come completely clean and prepared for your perfect wedding day. Whenever you’re ready to complete and upscale your wedding day, feel free to reach out to us to rent a luxury car for a wedding. Make sure to also look at this checklist when it comes to renting a luxury car.