Some people say luxury car sharing is a new trend for style travel. Many people enjoy luxury rides, but not everyone desires to travel in an expensive car frequently.

Luxury car sharing is indeed a new trend for traveling in style for those who must attend special events. For instance, you wouldn’t want to take an old cab to a wedding or a trendy party. Making an appearance at special events should be available to anyone, and this is now possible.

Learn more about what luxury car sharing means and how you could hire a luxury car for a ride. You will get to know more about the best luxury car platforms in countries such as the USA, Australia, and Canada.

What Is Luxury Car Sharing? Defining Luxury Car Sharing

Luxury car sharing is a way of traveling in style. If you want to go someplace in an expensive vehicle, you can do so without any problem nowadays. Just ask a luxury car rental company to make you an offer on a vehicle.

You will have the luxury rental at your door in no time. Moreover, you will make a classy appearance at the event you are supposed to attend. What’s also great about luxury car sharing is that you and the other travelers will pay together for the ride.

In other words, when renting a luxury vehicle to travel with others, you won’t go broke. Not only you but also the others pay the fare.

Of course, this is if you don’t want to be the one who pays for the ride yourself. The good news could be that one of your friends wants to pay.

How Does It Differ From Regular Car Sharing? 

Luxury car sharing differs from regular car sharing because it involves renting an expensive vehicle. Regular car sharing is all about renting a car that’s cheaper to make and thus, doesn’t cost that much to rent. Luxury car sharing is also about paying to rent a vehicle like Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguar, Aston Martin, and other impressive models.

When renting a regular car, you take less money out of your pocket. At the same time, you don’t get to enjoy the comfort and the advanced technological features of a luxury ride. For a brief moment of luxury and classiness, rent a luxury car for yourself and your friends or family.

It doesn’t matter if you rent a luxury or regular car, maintenance and insurance costs are included in the price. This is one of how regular car sharing doesn’t differ from luxury car sharing. Differences get to be noticed only when it comes to driving and traveling styles.

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How Does Luxury Car Sharing Differ From Traditional Car Hiring Rentals?

Luxury car rental fleets have only the most expensive vehicles, whereas traditional car rentals are just affordable rides.

Traditional car rentals are rides for those who need to get to a destination without spending too much money. But the differences between luxury and traditional car sharing are also about the impression you want to make.

Don’t stress that when renting a luxury car, you seem you want to stand out from the crowd that much. Many people out there afford to rent expensive vehicles if they need them. If you can do the same, be proud of yourself.

You can’t take a regular car to an event where there’s a dress code, for example. If you go to a wedding or participate in a VIP event, you need to make your apparition in an expensive car.

Limousine rentals are an option. Also, you can rent a luxurious sedan if you don’t want to make that much noise.

Luxury Car Sharing Providers In Australia – Offerings And Variety Of Choices

The luxury car rental market in Australia has many choices and offerings. You can rent many vehicle models, from BMW to McLaren and even Lamborghini.

But let’s see which are the luxury car providers in Australia. You should know that their price ranges are between $158 to $800 per hour.

1. Ultimate Rentals

This company has a fleet that includes Porsche Boxter and Ferrari California. You can also rent a Lamborghini Huracan Spider or a BMW M3 if you want to.

Ultimate Rentals’ official website doesn’t mention prices, but you can ask for a quote. If you want reduced prices, get an Ultimate Rentals membership.

2. Hughes

Another big name in the market of luxury car rental sharing in Australia, Hughes is very famous here. It has vehicles like Mercedes E Class, BMW 7 Series, and luxury minibuses in its fleet.

The company’s website also doesn’t mention anything about prices. So, ask for a quote if you want to know how much you will spend on your ride.

3. Rent A Prestige Rentals

At Prestige Rentals, you can pay for a ride in almost any type of vehicle.

This company has a great reputation in Australia. It offers complete and flawless services to anyone ready to drive the most stylish cars in the world.

Luxury Car Sharing Platforms In The USA – Offerings And Variety Of Choices

Now let’s move on to the luxury car-sharing platforms in the USA. Companies here offer prices between $75 to $900 a day, depending on what car model you want to rent.

Keep in mind that vehicle insurance in the USA can be a bit more expensive. So, you may need to pay more for the vehicles you rent here.

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1) Mph Club

If you are in Miami don’t hesitate to contact Mph Club, and rent a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, or McLaren. Only your taste will matter when doing so, as the company offers many options. What’s also great about Mph is that it also offers flawless customer service support.

2) Parkway Limousine

When in New York, visit Parkway Limousine’s website and rent your Cadillac, Mercedes S Class, or Lincoln Continental. This company offers luxury rentals at the best prices, but they don’t reveal how much a ride costs on the website.

3) Apex Limo Service

With Apex Limo Service, you can get a ride not only in luxury sedans and sports cars but also limousines. SUVs are for up to 6 passengers, whereas Apex Limo Service limousines can take up to 8 passengers. The company charges extra for airport services so make sure you have enough money on your credit card.

Luxury Car Sharing Platforms In Canada – Offerings And Variety Of Choices

Last on the list of the best car-sharing platforms in Canada. There are many car rental services here.

You can take your family or friends on a luxurious car ride across the country without any problem. Prices are like in the USA, so you can pay a maximum of CAD 1,000 for one of the most luxurious rides.

1. Black Tie Car Service

This company is classy and has a big fleet that includes car models like Cadillac, Lincoln, and Chrysler. As you can see, most rentals are American vehicles, but you can also rent Mercedes luxury vans if you want. Call Black Tie Car Service to ask for a quote and reserve your luxury ride.

2. Auto Europe

Even if its name doesn’t suggest so, this company offers its services across the world, including in Canada. You can rent any vehicle from them, including BMWs, Cadillacs, and Chryslers. There are many other models to choose from, such as SUVs and exotic vehicles.

3. Affinity Car Rentals

When in Toronto, Canada, contact Affinity Car Rentals and get to your destination in style. Rent a Porsche Boxster, Mercedes S Class, or Tesla Model S for only $300 a day or $2,400 a week.

Affinity Car Rentals has one of the most user-friendly and clean websites in the luxury car rental industry. So, don’t hesitate to rent your luxury vehicle online securely and fast.

9 Benefits Of Luxury Car Sharing

There are many reasons why people should rent luxury cars and share rides with their family or friends. Everyone works hard nowadays, so taking sweet rides in luxury cars sometimes is almost a must.

If you are stressed and tired, you can contact one of the companies above and rent a luxury car for your enjoyment. But let’s see what the benefits of this experience are.

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1) There Are Many Models To Choose From

Luxury car rental companies have big fleets, so people can have fun in Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even Rolls Royce. Some companies also have SUVs such as Hummers, but they are not that many. The most popular luxury car models are available at lower prices, depending on their manufacturing year and insurance costs.

2) Luxury Car Rides Are Fun

Driving a luxury car can be very fun, especially if you know a lot about the automotive industry. If you are passionate about cars, rent a luxury vehicle online and spend a few hours on the road. As luxury car manufacturers promise, you will have the most enjoyable driving experience.

3) Convenience And Comfort

Luxury cars are indeed very comfortable. It doesn’t matter how many hours you need to spend on the road when driving them, you will feel extraordinary.

I am not discussing here about turning on the air conditioning and feeling comfortable. I am also talking about advanced tech and the most precise GPS navigation systems.

4) Guaranteed Safety

Luxury car rentals are safer than regular car rentals because manufacturers spend a lot of money on this feature. I am talking here about having to deal with problems such as tire explosions or suffering an injury after a collision. To put it more simply, luxury cars provide safety at the highest level.

5) No Paperwork

When renting a luxury car, you don’t have to go through the hassle of signing too many papers. You will only have to close a written deal with the car rental company and then sign a simple contract. No one will ask you for more, as all the clauses, including insurance costs, will be mentioned here.

6) Exclusive Vehicles

Luxury car rental companies also have the most exclusive cars in their fleets. You can drive a Lamborghini or Bentley whenever you feel like.

Prices may vary and the competition is fierce. Therefore, you can enjoy one of the most interesting rides of your life at an affordable price.

7) Best Prices

Car rental companies offer great prices to anyone who can afford to rent their vehicles. It doesn’t matter why you would want a luxury road ride; you can enjoy your journey exclusively. Since the market has a lot to offer, you also have many options for prices.

8) Perfect For Special Occasions

As mentioned, luxury car rentals should be your first choice when you want to impress someone or perhaps more people. Therefore, if you have a special occasion to attend to, rent a luxury vehicle and drive it to your destination. Some companies also offer chauffeur services so that you can enjoy a classier ride.

9) Quiet And Smooth Rides

Riding in a luxury car can be the most thrilling experience when it comes to speed. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that your travels should be noisy, as this is the case with sports cars. On the contrary, luxury sedans are quiet and ideal for the smoothest rides.

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7 Challenges Of Luxury Car Sharing

Just like in any other situation, luxury car sharing has its challenges too. You and your friends may experience some problems while riding in your exclusive rental.

Luckily, car rental companies deal with any of these problems before they even appear. Or you can easily solve them on your own.

1. Fuel Costs

Luxury cars are also very performant. Consequently, they have engines that consume a lot of fuel.

To travel to a distant destination, you will need to spend a significant amount of money. Some people pay for the fuel when driving a luxury rental as much as they have paid for renting the vehicle.

2. High Insurance Prices

Insurance for a luxury rental is more expensive than insurance for a regular car. It costs more to maintain and repair a luxury vehicle.

Therefore, insurance costs are included in the price of luxury rentals. It will cost you quite a lot to drive an insured luxury rental.

3. Competition

The luxury car rental industry is in fierce competition now. There are many companies trying to make it, and electric cars are coming from behind.

You have many options to choose from, but you may not like that you have too many choices. The decision to rent is difficult to make.

4. Inspecting The Vehicle

When trying to rent a luxury car, you must first check it for damage and faulty systems. This may prove to be difficult, as not everyone has automotive knowledge.

You can seek assistance from an industry professional to identify any issues with the product.

5. Not Knowing How To Drive The Car

Luxury cars are equipped with advanced technology so that people can drive them easily. But the sad news is that some people don’t enjoy being behind the wheel of such a vehicle.

Moreover, they may not understand how to drive it. To conclude this section of the article, not everyone knows how to drive luxury cars.

6. Environmental Affliction

Some luxury car models pollute the environment because they run on gas and diesel. For this reason, some people may blame you for driving them. It’s very important to rent a car that doesn’t destroy the surroundings when its engine is operating.

7. High Maintenance Costs

All car rental companies cover the costs of your rental insurance and taxes. However, you may still need to pay yourself for some maintenance operations.

For example, you will have to cover tire and motor oil changes. On a luxury car, these are very expensive.

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Case Studies: Traveler Experiences

The best idea is to understand how great of an experience it is to rent and drive a luxury car. If you want to find out, let’s see what people say about their experiences behind the wheel. People can learn a lot from others if they want to have an unforgettable driving experience.

The example

A woman from Texas says she wouldn’t pay too much money for a luxury vehicle that doesn’t drive nicely. In other words, she most likely doesn’t want something special. The ideal car rental company should also offer customers classic rides for the most interesting road adventures.

Another important thing to mention about luxury car companies is that they should also offer excellent customer service. The travel experience would be incomplete without someone to contact for any issues with your luxury rental.

Looking at the online reviews for car rental companies, I found something that an older lady from California said. She mentioned how she enjoyed her luxury car rental driving experience because the vehicle’s seats were very comfortable. To put it more simply, car rentals should have great seats.

Trends: Market Analysis And The Future

The car rental market analysis looks promising. More people are interested in luxury car sharing because they want to make their family and friends happy.

Expensive rides can make anyone happy, especially those who are knowledgeable about cars. Therefore, the future of car rental companies looks quite promising now.

Moreover, car manufacturers launch the most advanced and interesting car models. Therefore, they have whom to sell to, and car rental companies can buy the vehicles to rent them further. Besides, not everyone can afford to buy a luxurious car, so renting remains their only option.

According to customer reviews, most car rental companies have only interesting models to present to the market. The cars they offer for rent are very interesting to drive, but also expensive because driving them is a stylish experience. Many people online mention that they want to drive the classiest rides.

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You can rent luxury cars online but note that not all offer great services. Some of them don’t even have such big fleets, not to mention that the models they’re offering are rather old. If you want a special and luxurious car for the most interesting driving experience, choose a company with a great reputation.

The car rental company looks promising so far, so you can go ahead and rent your luxury ride. Make sure that you can cover not only renting prices but also maintenance costs.

You can make payments with your card through the companies’ official websites, but some companies conduct business on the phone.