Learning more about luxury car availability in Uber Carshare and traditional rentals can help people make informed rental choices. As you probably already know, there’s not only the traditional rental option out there. Anyone can also opt for Uber Carshare, but which one’s best?

Most people prefer Uber Carshare to traditional rentals, but should the decision to rent a car be based on just preferences? I would say no, as when renting a vehicle, you should consider what this involves. In other words, research the availability of cars, fleets, flexibility, and prices.

Give this article a read to find out more about luxury car availability in Uber Carshare and traditional rentals. Learn what both services offer, their range and availability of luxury cars, fleet sizes, and much more. After you are done reading, you can make the best decision on what services to use.

Luxury Car Availability In Uber Carshare And Traditional Rentals

Most people love Uber Carshare for their variety and range of luxury cars available. After all, this service is all about car owners sharing their vehicles, so there are many options to choose from. However, this doesn’t mean Uber Carshare has many luxury ride options.

On the other hand, traditional luxury rentals have the most luxurious fleets and usually offer newer cars for rent. When contacting car rental companies online, via their app, or by calling them, you are presented only with luxury vehicles. What you choose is only up to your taste and preferences.

When it comes to the availability of luxury vehicles, don’t expect Uber Carshare to impress. The service is very busy all the time, so you may not find the luxury ride you want in time. You can opt for traditional luxury rentals, as car rental companies are very serious about vehicle availability.

Prestigious Fleets And Dedication To The Luxury Cars

Uber Carshare doesn’t worry that much about how prestigious their local and regional fleets are. They have many vehicles, and their focus is mainly on profits. While I can’t deny that car rental companies worry about profits too, they invest their money to have prestigious fleets.

Luxury car rental companies dedicate their activity to luxury cars because this is their business purpose. As opposed to Uber Carshare, which focuses on offering everyone a ride at competitive prices, they manage their vehicles. In other words, they make sure these are well-maintained and run flawlessly.

If you want to enjoy the smoothest ride and impress everyone with your ride, rely on car rental companies. You will likely find the luxury car of your dreams when browsing through their fleets. Moreover, you will be able to rent the vehicle weekly or monthly.

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Fleet Sizes, Exclusive Models, And Brands

Luxury car rental companies may not have the biggest fleets or most exclusive brands and models depending on location. Likewise, Uber Carshare is not available in all regions and areas, especially not in unpopulated places. If you travel to a big city, Uber Carshare may occasionally have available exclusive luxury car models.

For instance, there are Uber YouTube and media videos that present Lamborghinis and other supercar models. Of course, luxury car rental companies may have such models in their fleets too, but only in highly populated areas. To clarify, you can rent your most exclusive luxury ride only in the city.

Since it rents people’s cars, the Uber Carshare fleet is the biggest in the world. However, it’s not at all exclusive, so you may not find a ride to impress with when contacting them.

Traditional car rental companies are all about exclusivity and making an impression at competitive prices.

Geographic Availability – Australia, Canada, USA, UK

I couldn’t be precise about luxury car availability in Uber Carshare and traditional rentals without mentioning geographical availability. Both services are available across the UK, in the USA, Canada, and Australia, but in what measure? From what I have seen, this is how things are across these countries.


Uber Carshare is very popular in Australia, operating in most cities and urban areas. It has listed more than 9,000 cars, so you can find your luxury ride with them if you travel here.

There are also many car rental companies in the country but decide which services to choose according to this table:

Uber Carshare Traditional Luxury Rentals
Not that many luxury vehicles in the Australian fleets Most car rental companies here rent out luxury SUVs and Sedans
Almost impossible to find a ride when there’s a party, which happens often Car rental companies seem to never run out of vehicles for any taste
Exclusive car models are available only in big cities You can rent an exclusive ride such as Porsche or Tesla in smaller cities too
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This country doesn’t have that big of an Uber Carshare fleet. Traditional car rental companies are more popular here because people prefer a rather formal approach to everything, car rental included.

But let’s see below what each service offers in the country:

Uber Carshare Traditional Luxury Rentals
Not available in all cities across the country, but about to launch in most of them Many car rental companies, even in areas that are not that populated
People don’t trust enrolling in the Uber Carshare platform Luxury car rental companies have different models for rent for any taste
Luxury rides are not only rarely available but also at very high prices Many car rental companies to choose from, so competitive prices


As you are probably used to or know so far, you can find anything you want in the USA. Here, the competition is tight no matter if I speak about Uber Carshare or traditional luxury car rental companies.

But let’s see what both versions can offer you when you travel to New York, California, or other states.

Uber Carshare Traditional Luxury Rentals
You are sure to find a luxury ride, even if you are in a smaller town Car rental companies are everywhere, and there are many car models to choose from
Prices are competitive, as many people enroll in the Uber Carshare program You pay fair prices for your rides and value for the money is guaranteed
You can’t know whose car you’re renting, as there have been some violence reports When renting from a luxury car rental company, you don’t have to worry about social interaction


The British market covers all economical aspects of vehicle renting and sharing. In the UK, both Uber Carshare and traditional car rental companies struggle to make it.

Therefore, you may not like prices for luxury vehicles when traveling to London or other British cities and towns.

Uber Carshare Traditional Luxury Rentals
Very popular, but mostly in London and not in other parts of the country Most car rental companies have an exclusive feeling about them and their services
Vehicle owners may be pretentious and say you have caused some damage No one will ever ask you about the rented vehicle’s technical state
You can easily make new friends if you use the Uber Carshare app With car rental companies, everything is formal, and you get to travel in style
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Effect Of Peak Seasons And Demand

One thing is for sure with both Uber Carshare and car rental companies across the world. During peak seasons or when there’s an important event in the area, you may not find a luxury ride. But this fact is truer for Uber Carshare, as traditional car rental companies usually have something available.

Demand is higher for Uber Carshare because most people don’t want luxury car renting to be something too serious. While the renting process at traditional car rental companies is still fast and easy, there are some formalities involved. During peak seasons, this may not be what you want because everyone hurries.

Let’s say you are in New York for Christmas and late to an office party. Everyone is in the same situation, so be sure it will take hours to find a luxury Uber Carshare ride.

In this situation, look online for traditional luxury car rental companies, as they will service you as fast as possible.

Availability For Long-Term Vs. Short-Term Usage

With Uber Carshare, you can rent luxury vehicles hourly to ride them to any destination. But this service is not the best option for long-term traveling, not to mention you may not like prices. Contact a traditional car rental service if you want to rent a luxury ride weekly or monthly.

To clarify, Uber Carshare remains the best service for renting a luxury ride for the short term. Availability depends only on location, how populated the area is, and if any important events are going on. The Uber Carshare short-term renting process can be quite demanding on your nerves, so remain calm.

Then again, when you try renting either short- or long-term from a car rental service, you don’t worry much. Either you use a company’s app or give them a call, you are sure to find the ride you prefer. Also, customer service is available 24/7 to answer any of your queries.

Advanced Reservations And Last-Minute Rentals

You can book in advance with both Uber Carshare and traditional car rental companies. If truth be told, I noticed most car rental services encourage customers to reserve rentals in advance. But if you are always on the run and your schedule changes, you also have the last-minute renting option.

If renting at the last minute is your way to go, it’s better to stick with traditional luxury rentals. This way, you are sure to find a luxury ride you like whenever you need it. People with hectic lifestyles may not like Uber Carshare because there always seems to be something wrong with them.

I tried renting an Uber luxury vehicle when in California once. It took the app hours to find the ride I was looking for. Until it did, I was already on the road in a Lincoln MKZ that a traditional car rental company provided.

User Reviews And Experiences About Luxury Car Availability

TrustPilot and other similar websites feature reviews from real people for services like Uber Carshare and car rental companies. Check them out if you want to read people’s experiences and determine for yourself where to rent from. On the other hand, note that other people’s experiences don’t necessarily have to be yours too.

For instance, Che from Australia calls Uber Carshare an “absolute disgrace of a company”. When using the app once, he says he had to wait for weeks to get results. From what I know, you wouldn’t have such an experience with a car rental company.

Most reviews on experiences with traditional luxury car rental companies are positive. In general, people are satisfied with these types of services because they get what they want or need timely. Some are very happy with the fact that car rental companies have very big fleets.

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Hopefully, this article on luxury car availability in Uber carshare and traditional rentals was useful. I have analyzed how prestigious both services’ fleets are for you to be able to understand more about the vehicles available. After, I analyzed geographic availability across countries.

What you should understand is that Uber Carshare doesn’t excel when it comes to availability. Their fleets may be big, but too many people are interested in their services.

In other words, luxury car rental availability depends on prices, reputation, and competitiveness.