Going on a ride often involves making very important decisions. For instance, you need to select the right rental to accompany you on your adventures. There are many things people like and don’t like about Fox Rent A Car, but the company still makes an impact.

For instance, Fox Rent A Car is renowned for being affordable and having a diverse fleet. However, like any service, there are some details you should consider. To learn about these details, look into the 24 things people appreciate and don’t appreciate about Fox Rent A Car.

This article discusses the 24 things people like and don’t like about Fox Rent A Car, so read it. It will help you select this company or another similar one. I will discuss not only pricing, likes, and dislikes but also hidden fees.

What Is Fox Rent A Car?

Fox Rent A Car is a car rental company that provides vehicle rental services to customers in various locations. It is known for offering a wide range of vehicles, including economy, SUVs, and luxury cars, at competitive prices. Fox Rent A Car operates in multiple cities and airports, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

As with any car rental service, customers can typically choose their vehicle, rental duration, and pick-up/drop-off locations online. Fox Rent A Car emphasizes affordability and aims to provide options for customers with varying budget considerations. I chose this company many times for these reasons.

It’s important to note that, like other rental agencies, Fox Rent A Car may have specific terms and conditions. There are also fees and policies that customers should be aware of before renting a vehicle. Understanding these details can help customers make informed decisions and ensure a smooth rental experience.

Why Is Fox Rent A Car So Cheap On The Surface?

Fox Rent A Car is a budget-friendly car rental company that offers lower base rental rates compared to competitors. The company’s fleet consists of economy and compact vehicles, which generally have lower rental costs compared to luxury or premium vehicles. To maintain affordability, Fox Rent A Car may implement cost-cutting measures.

The Fox Rent A Car budget measures are efficient management practices, streamlined processes, and strategic partnerships. Online booking discounts are also available to customers who reserve their vehicles online, resulting in cost savings for the company. However, people should be aware of potential additional costs, such as hidden fees or charges.

Charges and hidden fees can impact the overall cost of renting a vehicle. Reading reviews and understanding the terms and conditions before making a reservation can help customers make well-informed decisions. Choosing Fox Rent A Car for their rental needs might no longer be that tough after all.

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14 Things People Like About Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent A Car impressed through customer satisfaction, drawing praise for numerous aspects that enhance the overall rental experience. As I navigate through the many customer reviews and feedback, I can find out more about its services.

Here are the 12 standout features that customers genuinely appreciate about Fox Rent A Car.

1. Affordability

One of the standout features appreciated by customers is the competitive pricing offered by Fox Rent A Car. As mentioned, this service is an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. If you haven’t heard about it yet, don’t hesitate to check rates and make the best rental decision.

2. Diverse Vehicle Selection

Customers often commend the company for providing a diverse range of vehicles. Fox Rent A Car offers economy cars, SUVs, and even luxury cars. It allows you to choose a vehicle that suits your preferences without any hassle.

3. Convenient Pickup/Drop-off Locations

People also appreciate Fox Rent A Car for its widespread presence in various cities and airports. The service provides customers with convenient pickup and drop-off locations, contributing to a seamless rental experience. In other words, the company won’t give you any headaches.

4. User-Friendly Online Booking

The online booking platform is often cited as user-friendly, allowing customers to easily navigate through options. It’s also very easy for them to select their desired vehicle and complete the reservation process efficiently. You can access the platform from any device, including a smartphone or a tablet.

5. Responsive Customer Service

Fox Rent A Car’s customer service team also received positive feedback for their responsiveness and assistance. According to customers, they address queries, concerns, and issues promptly. I was impressed because I had a question to ask them once, and they offered me an answer very fast.

6. Flexible Rental Options

Customers appreciate the flexibility in rental durations offered by Fox Rent A Car. They are allowed to choose rental periods that align with their travel plans, regardless of how complicated these might be. To put it more simply, the company doesn’t ask for details about your destination and stops made on the road.

7. Promotional Discounts

The availability of promotional discounts and offers, especially for online bookings, is a liked feature among customers. Besides, Fox Rent A Car provides additional cost savings for customers who continue to use their services. Keep in mind that not too many companies offer discounts too often.

8. Transparent Policies

Fox Rent A Car is praised for maintaining transparent policies, including terms and conditions. For this reason, customers understand the rental process and associated costs very clearly. It’s easier to see what Fox Rent A Car is all about than any other service.

9. Clean And Well-Maintained Vehicles

Positive remarks are often made about the cleanliness and maintenance of the rental vehicles. This contributes to a positive overall experience for customers, who seem very satisfied with the cars. In some locations, I had problems with the cleanliness of my rentals too.

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10. Easy Reservation Modification

Customers appreciate the ease of modifying reservations, such as changing pickup/drop-off times or adjusting rental duration. Customers have more flexibility in their travel plans this way. You can change anything you want about your reservation, just by giving them a call.

11. Quick Check-in And Check-out Processes

Efficient check-in and check-out processes contribute to a seamless rental experience. Customers often highlight the speed and convenience of these procedures with Fox Rent A Car. I have chosen their services for this exact reason, after reading online what other people say about them.

12. Reward Programs

Some customers may express satisfaction with any loyalty or reward programs offered by Fox Rent A Car. There are additional incentives for repeat business and customer loyalty. Being their client for many years, I am more than happy with the offers they send me when I need their services the most.

13. Convenient Airport Locations

Customers often praise Fox Rent A Car for its strategic placement of rental facilities near major airports. This convenience simplifies the process of picking up and dropping off rental vehicles, especially for travelers with tight schedules. If you hurry to a business meeting after landing at your destination, you can be sure they will deliver.

14. Clear Fuel Policies

Positive feedback is often given for Fox Rent A Car’s transparent fuel policies. The company is clear when it comes to communication regarding fuel charges and options. You can get a car with pre-paid fuel or have the choice to return the vehicle with a full tank.

14 Things People Don’t Like About Fox Rent A Car

While Fox Rent A Car has garnered positive attention for various aspects, let’s see the potential challenges reported by customers.

In the section below, we analyze the 12 aspects people don’t like about Fox Rent A Car. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the subject.

1. Hidden Fees And Charges

Some customers express dissatisfaction with unexpected fees not communicated during the reservation process. Therefore, they have had surprises at the checkout. I never had such a problem with them before, but you never know.

2. Vehicle Condition Concerns

Some negative reviews, yet not most of them, revolve around the condition of rented vehicles. According to some customers, the cars weren’t clean or had mechanical problems. These problems weren’t apparent at the initial inspection, so customers didn’t hesitate to mention this online for others to know.

3. Mixed Customer Service Experiences

While some customers appreciate responsive customer service, others report inconsistent experiences. They cite delays, lack of assistance, or difficulty in resolving issues. Luckily, there are more positive reviews on customer service than positive ones, so you should get your answers.

4. Booking And Billing Issues

Complaints also arise regarding reservation discrepancies, billing errors, or issues with refunds. Some people indicate there are potential challenges in the booking and payment processes. I think you shouldn’t worry about such problems if you pay attention when reserving a vehicle and paying.

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5. Limited Coverage Of Luxury Vehicle Fleet

Customers seeking premium rental options may be disappointed with the perceived limited availability of luxury vehicles. When compared to other competitors, Fox Rent A Car’s fleet has only a few luxury models. In other words, you may not find your dream ride whenever you feel like it.

6. Long Waiting Times

Some highlighted areas where Fox Rent A Car could improve for a more efficient customer experience include delays. These delays are in both pickup and drop-off processes. Some customers say they had to wait before getting their vehicle at the pickup location and this frustrated them.

7. Inconsistent Vehicle Availability

Some customers report discrepancies between the reserved vehicle model and the one provided. Hence, they point to potential challenges in maintaining accurate inventory information. I, for example, wouldn’t want to get a vehicle I didn’t book and deal with the unexpected.

8. Difficulty In Contacting Local Branches

Communication issues with local branches, including challenges in reaching staff or obtaining responses, contribute to negative experiences for certain customers. These people say they either couldn’t find the phone numbers for these branches or had problems locating them.

9. Quality Of Online Booking System

While praised for being user-friendly, the online booking system is criticized by some for glitches and inaccuracies. Other customers say there are difficulties in navigating through options. Therefore, Fox Rent A Car could invest a bit in perfecting their online booking platform.

10. Refund Process Complexity

Customers facing cancellations or changes often express frustration with what they perceive as a complex and lengthy refund process. They’re not happy because they don’t get their money back on time when they have asked for a refund. The ideal situation would be the one where you don’t ask for a refund.

11. Limited Vehicle Amenities

Some renters find the amenities provided with the vehicles to be lacking. They expect more features or better-equipped options, especially when renting for longer durations. If you want your car to have more amenities, it would be a good idea to opt for another service.

12. Varied Pickup/Drop-off Experiences

The consistency of experiences across different pickup and drop-off locations is a concern too for some customers. Some locations were reported to offer smoother processes compared to others. To clarify, Fox Rent A Car operates differently depending on the pickup and drop-off locations.

13. Age Restrictions For Renters

Fox Rent A Car, like many rental agencies, has age restrictions for certain vehicle categories. Younger renters under the age of 25 may encounter additional fees or restrictions. Hence, a specific demographic is quite upset with how this company is running things.

14. Limited Additional Services

Certain customers express disappointment with the limited availability of additional services offered by Fox Rent A Car. This might include options such as car seats, GPS devices, or other add-ons. These options are either not available or not well-maintained, impacting the overall rental experience.

Things People Like And Don’t Like About Fox Rent A Car – Pros And Cons

As a frequent traveler, Fox Rent A Car has been my go-to option for its commendable features. The affordability is unmatched, offering competitive rates that align perfectly with my budget. The diverse selection of vehicles ensures I can find the perfect car for any journey.

However, it’s crucial to consider potential drawbacks too. Hidden fees, although not always apparent during reservation, can catch you off guard. While the vehicle fleet is diverse, I’ve encountered instances of unexpected conditions.

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Here’s a concise table to summarize my experience with Fox Rent A Car:

Pros Cons
Affordable Pricing Hidden Fees and Charges
Diverse Vehicle Selection Mixed Customer Service Experiences
User-Friendly Online Booking Reservation and Billing Issues
Convenient Pick-Up Locations Vehicle Condition Concerns

Fox Rent A Car Hidden Fees

Fox Rent A Car is a popular car rental company and has been known for its affordability. However, it has faced criticism for its lack of clear communication during the reservation process. Some common hidden fees include airport fees, toll charges, fuel charges, additional driver fees, and insurance costs.

These fees can be unexpected and may not be disclosed during the booking process. Airport fees may not be prominently disclosed, while toll charges may be unavoidable. Sometimes, the company charges administrative fees for processing tolls on behalf of the customer.

Fuel charges may arise from returning the vehicle without a full tank or pre-paid fuel options. Additional driver fees may also be charged, and insurance costs may not be presented during the initial booking. To avoid these surprises, you should ask about any hidden fees.


Fox Rent A Car is a budget-friendly car rental company offering a diverse fleet of vehicles at competitive prices. The company operates in multiple cities and airports, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

Customers should be aware of specific terms and conditions, hidden fees, and efficient management practices to maintain affordability.

Fox Rent A Car is a popular rental service known for its affordability, diverse vehicle selection, and user-friendly online booking. Some people praise it for responsive customer service, flexible rental options, promotional discounts, and transparent policies. They appreciate most the company’s competitive pricing.

On the other hand, Fox Rent A Car has faced criticism for its hidden fees and mixed customer service experiences. Some customers complain about booking and billing issues, limited luxury vehicle fleets, or long waiting times.

In conclusion, Fox Rent A Car should work for you only if you accept the company’s drawbacks too.